Cumberlands Archery coach invited to coach Team USA
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Cumberlands Archery coach invited to coach Team USA

August 13, 2019

CUMBERLANDS ARCHERY TEAM … AS THEY ARE COMING OFF THEIR MOST SUCCESSFUL SEASON YET .. IN JUST THEIR THIRD YEAR OF EXISTENCE THEY WON THE 2015 U-S-C-A INTERCOLLIEGATE OUTDOOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP … AND NOW THEIR HEAD COACH WILL BE REPRESENTING ” TEAM U-S-A” ON THEIR COACHING STAFF AS THEY HEAD TO THE 2015 WORLD UNIVERSITY GAMES IN SOUTH KOREA THIS SUMMER… HEAD COACH OF THE PATRIOTS KRIS STREBECK SAYS IT’S BEEN FUN WATCHING THE SPORT GET MORE AND MORE POPULAR ” Well, It all started back in 2000 with the National Archery in the Schools program and it’s filtered into 48 states, 5 countries across the world then now you have the scholastic 3-d which has just come on board in the last 2 years with shooting animals in the woods and being able to incorporate some hunting. Then on the college side it’s with everything going on board, Archery is probably one of the boomingest sports in the united states. And then you tie in the factor of avengers and brave and the hunger games and it’s even bigger :3.8″ IT’S WIN OR GO HOME TIME FOR

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