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Cultural Stereotypes: Funny? Or [email protected]#?ed up? | Asian Tube

December 7, 2019

My friends are like,
“That’s all we see on TV. Either you Asian people
are shopkeepers or terrorists.” Asians in Birmingham
do not dress like that. People could relate that guy to me and I don’t want to be
associated with him! I’ve come across that a lot,
people say, “Oh, you Paki, “you probably done,
like, the 9/11 bombings. “Oh, your family
are from Al-Qaeda, yeah? “When’s your brother going to go
and join, like, the Taliban?” You can’t touch
sensitive topics like that and portray
an image that’s not true. If someone thought
that that’s how I lived then I’d be offended. Quick, quick, no time to cook them. They will plump in my stomach. HE BELCHES Whoo! Hello, beautiful. No ring, I see. So you are only arranged
to be married. Don’t worry, I’ll tell everybody
you were untouchable. I don’t think that’s
a fair portrayal of Asians, but…it is quite funny.
THEY LAUGH Throwing them in the water! Throw them in the water. He was all eating all the free food.
Yeah. Is that what Indian men do? Go to parties and
eat all the free food? But I don’t know. The same with
their accent all the time. I mean, I take it, it’s funny. In the olden days, they were
showing these as stereotypes. But it’s not entirely
representative. I mean, I’ve always had,
“Oh, Reianna, is your dad Apu? “Because I know your dad’s
got a shop.” I mean, it’s got much better. I remember, many years ago,
when we were… You know, it was the whole
“bud-bud-ding-ding” thing. It was related to the accent,
really. He was known as “bud-bud-ding-ding.” Was that a nickname?
Mum, do you remember that? Yes. Do you remember “bud-bud-ding-ding”? Look at this! On special discount
from cash-and-carry. Good, huh? This is too many. It’s not too many. We’re always running out because you lot use too much. What are you talking about? Chillax! I’m only joking. Luckily for you, you are married
to a Pakistani businessman, eh? I don’t know, I just don’t think
he’s that funny. He’s, like, just stupid. Asians in Birmingham
do not dress like that. Funny. You think that’s funny?
You think it’s funny. Yeah. People could relate that guy to me and I don’t want to be
associated with him. I know, I know where you’re
coming from. That’s what it is. I know where you’re coming from. I think the one thing
that does bother me, and I think especially with the
whole gender roles in Asian families is, “You’re married to
a Pakistani businessman.” Apparently that’s meant to solve
all of life’s issues. You’re not too offended that they’re showing
Pakistanis like that? You liked it?’ All right, Mum quite enjoyed it.
They’re joking. It’s a joke. It’s true, also, you know? I mean, I do, I go to Costco’s
to get toilet roll. THEY LAUGH
Because it’s cheaper in there! You say this to me. “Why do
you use so much toilet roll?” Yeah, yeah. Save the toilet
roll we’ve got. She says it to me actually
quite a lot at home. “Don’t use so much toilet roll!
You use so much.” I’m sorry. Is it a luxury? I’m not into all that
arranged marriage thing, though. I mean, I’m touched and that, that you two want me to consider
your daughters. I’ll consider it. I’ll consider it, innit? MAN CHUCKLES Our daughters?! Are you bloody joking? I’d rather she did
a suicide bombing. Oh, that’s a…
I would put the vest on her myself. Fucking hell. I didn’t like that comment
about the suicide bomb. You can have a laugh here and there,
you can display what we’re like, but now you’re just making us
look like…terrorists. There’s nothing I’d find humorous
about it, to be honest with you. I don’t think it’s acceptable,
really, to be just stereotyping
any Muslim as a suicide bomber, but then, in a lot of people’s eyes, they think actually that’s OK because it’s a Muslim
himself saying it. It actually makes me
a little bit more angry that it’s coming from a Pakistani. What’s there stopping the thought
that if a Muslim says it about themself,
why can’t we say it? Exactly. Like, this is the first thing
out of the majority of things that you’ve shown me that… This is, like, actually presenting
British Asians as normal people that fit into society, just by
the clothes that he is wearing. Like, he’s wearing, like,
a snapback with a bomber jacket. If there’s this world perception
that Muslims are so extreme in their views that they’re
prepared to go to such lengths, there’s always this danger
because I’m brown. Am I going to be seen as, you know,
in that negative light as well? Oh, my friends are like,
“That’s all we see on TV. Either you Asian people are
shopkeepers or terrorists.” Yeah, but that’s the thing, that’s
why you need to challenge it.

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  1. You should have asked about the stereotype of being racist towards black people? This is something that we might need to address once and for all. Unfortunately it’s still a taboo in our community.

  2. Haha so relatable. I'm from Bradford, no I'm not a drug dealer, my car is fully insured. I never met Isis, I don't hate whites and no I don't sound like the brown guy from Simpsons. Now excuse me while I have curry for breakfast.

  3. I have being around many people from south central Asia, in my experience they are extremely intolerant of other cultures and races especially blacks, they are also intolerant of the LGBT community. They love culturally isolating themselves as they live in enclaves.

  4. I am a Christian Woman and omg I love my Muslim friends. I always enjoy seeing what similarities or connections we can find within our seperate faiths. And I learn alot. However, here in America, shortly after 9/11 people use to harrass one of my Muslim friends (at the time they were the only Muslim families I had become friends with) and my friend was birn and raised in America. She grew up with her father being in the military. She converted her Religion and married her wonderful husband. Backstory done. ? shirtly after 9/11 kids, yes kids, told my friend to go back to her own country while we were sry the playground with our kids. We ended up having to leave because of all the harassment. Then she had other things happen they she tried to hide from me because she didn't want me to be angry. She is sick a peaceful person. Ppl also put a burning cross in her yard. Another friend of mine had terrorist and other hate speech spray painted on their shed. It's a bunch of crap. How ppl think because extremists caused 9/11 that all Muslims are like that

  5. I have so many questions about the Muslim culture and what they think about all the stuff going on, but I’m so afraid to ask because I just don’t want to come across as rude or judgmental. I really would like to here all about the culture and have discussions

  6. I know a fucked up stereotype. White people are school shooters. Fuck off BBC Three you were only good for Family Guy now fuck off

  7. Apu is supposed to REPRESENT and SYMBOLIZE the stereotype that middle eastern people go through. It’s satire. He’s supposed to be completely a joke, since he doesn’t exist, it’s okay to make fun of him. That’s the idea. He IS the stereotype, that is the joke. The joke is that not all middle eastern people are like that, and you’re supposed to be smart enough to realize that and not be offended and to just laugh. You don’t see me crying about White Chicks, do you? I’m glad most of them thought Apu was funny, even if they don’t really get the point.

  8. It is quite funny that to most folks in the video – being Asian merely seems to mean how they speak or look . I would advise living for a bit in a few Indian cities to figure out what really being an Indian means (not sure about Pak/Bangla). A few nuggets stand out from what i myself have seen of Indian culture : (1) atleast one kid in the family always learns a performing art (say Indian classical music – singing or a performing art e.g. Bharatnatyam if you were a girl and an instrument like a tabla – were you a boy). (2) Lots and lots of books at home – everyone loves to read. (3) Fun time with the grannies and grandpas, filled with loads of love. (4) lots of food! – think we Indians take every opportunity to eat 🙂 . (5) Craze about board games – typically ludo when you're a kid to chess when you're over 10 (nowadays even 5). (5) Math-ability / intellect ability being highly respected among school friends (somewhat different here in UK where sports or your language matters a lot more). (6)…..and yes, lots of movies with friends 🙂

  9. The Taliban are Pashtun who are relatively fair skinned and some even have blue/Green eyes, I don’t think they are dark and ugly like you Punjabi’s

  10. The Hindus know how irrational and unrelatable caste system is in the wider world context but thats how they want to fool their own people! The priviledge they are born with! Thats why you see them never grow culturally though they may be rich

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