CSUN Sport Clubs: Episode 3 – Archery Club
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CSUN Sport Clubs: Episode 3 – Archery Club

August 11, 2019

Hi my name is Claire Plauzoles and I am the current President of CSUN Archery. [music] I love archery because it’s one of the ways that I can relax after a really stressful day and being able to have that environment at CSUN and still get to know people and meet new people, make new friends it’s the best of both worlds in my opinion. The equipment that we use is recurve equipment that’s the style you’ll see at the Olympics mainly we’re trying to get compound but it’s not quite there yet. [music] My name is Ben, I am the current secretary and risk manager of the Archery Club. The biggest challenge I’d have to say is definitely the practice portion of itself making sure that when I am shooting my form is correct keeping my eyes on the target yeah, just watching everything, watching every little step The thing that’s so wonderful about archery is that it’s a perfectionist sport. So it’s one of those types of sports where you need to watch every little movement you do in order to make sure your shot counts to the best of your ability. [music] When hunger games came out there was a huge influx of people and so everyone was making Katniss jokes and eventually it hit me too because I was one of the people on the team that year that was doing pretty well they called me Can’t Miss Evershot it was ridiculous, I had to start braiding my hair and wearing leather jackets for Halloween just as a joke. But then people started talking about it more and so more people came and then Avengers came out and Hawkeye hit popularity, and the guy’s started coming over more often. so we have a pretty good mix of people because of it. [music] Typically at the end of the semester any tests that we don’t like whether it’s a scantron or Green Book we post up on the big barells and we shred em’. [music]

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