CSUN Gaming – Episode 5: The Archery Club
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CSUN Gaming – Episode 5: The Archery Club

August 13, 2019

My goal is to make CSUN archery club a
powerhouse in archery. My name is David Torres and I’m the CSUN archery club president. David : I first started in archery in Boy Scouts but I didn’t learned the actual NTS shot style yet. once I joined CSUN archery that’s where
I was instructed on NTS and there’s something attractive about shooting an
arrow out from your bow. I’ve been shooting ever since. Raquel: My name is Raquel I
am a junior at CSUN. I will be starting my senior year next fall..well this up
for fall and I am the CSUN archery secretary. I took an interest an interest in archery
because my favorite game is Zelda and link uses a bow so that’s what sparked
it. We’re trying to really make the club like come together feel like a family so
it’s doing pretty.. we’re kind of succeeding at that. Jason: What amazes me about CSUN archery is that all the archers here are really dedicated. You don’t see this lot include
archery a lot of them are just there to shoot with people hang out and of course
these guys are here for that too but everyone wants to compete. When you love a sport, you just want to spread it. So I really want to see everyone enjoy archery to the most potential they can. So if people want to learn archery, I’m more than happy to teach it. Raquel: If you don’t know how to shoot, if
you don’t have any experience with archery you can still join the club. It’s open to everyone. We have lots of fun shooting and you’ll learn a lot. And you’ll meet new people. Reynaldo: I’ve been shooting for the past..I would say fifteen years. I participated in different state, national tournaments. I just hope that some of the CSUN students will come out and see how they practice. This is a sport where…it is open to everyone
and it’s a lifelong sport. And I can guarantee you..that will enjoy archery for a lifetime

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