CSRI 2017: Sports Analytics Related to Youth Archery
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CSRI 2017: Sports Analytics Related to Youth Archery

August 11, 2019

You might find this mathematics
professor inside the classroom quite a bit, but Professor Tyler Skorczewski was
inspired by his most recent research outside the classroom. Every time I see
something I wonder if I can think about it mathematically. This summer, senior
Kasper Kittredge is getting in on the action. We’re looking at trying to model
archery performance, sort of tease out some information that might be
beneficial for coaches or for athletes themselves to help with their
performance. They’re using youth archery data from students across Iowa. Mount
Vernon, home to Cornell, historically has one of the state’s best teams. We are
currently looking for change points, which are points where somebody’s
performance, you know, very rapidly changes a level. So somebody might be
shooting like, you know, 210s, in that range for a while, but then suddenly they jump
up maybe to 230. And so we’re trying to find those and then what they might need.
While there is a big audience for sports analytics, Skorczewski says this is also
about digging deeper into how people learn, using math. Plus negative one, plus “R.” If we can
find out how students learn and use archery, maybe we can compare different
learning styles or different coaching styles to tease out what the best is.
With data and curiosity these two are right on target – right – to discover
something new for their Cornell Summer Research Institute project.
I’m loving this and so, like, this is definitely something I want to keep on
doing. You can find math all around. So there was a problem, it had questions, it had data. Let’s do it. This is just one of many research projects for CSRI. For
others, visit our website at CornellCollege.edu/research.

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