CS:GO – Gloves! (Major Update)
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CS:GO – Gloves! (Major Update)

August 24, 2019

Hey guys! We have a new major update with a new legendary
comsetic item, and this time, it’s gloves. I was going to make a video on how to create
custom gloves and I also covered the HD looking gloves from January 2016 and then this got
released. I’m really happy Valve chose to implement this, and I’m kinda hyped as it allows for more customization and makes the game more fun and more personal. This is cooler than graffities and stickers
in my opinion. The gloves are the new legendary items in the
glove case of skins so the chances of actually getting a pair of gloves is very rare, just
like knives. I don’t know what this means for team-gloves
in the future, since they are rare items already and will probably stay that way and be worth
a lot, I think this may have been a missed opportunity from Valve, cause I have a hard time seeing a pair of NiP gloves worth €200 or more in the market. Then again, (it’s Valve). The new skins look really good tho, my favorites
are the scout, the USP and the m4a4. You can now view and join lobbies created
by members of the Steam Groups you belong to. This is a nice feature for teams and smaller
communities, it has been requested for a very long time but I’m glad it’s finally out. They also changed and fixed things on Dust2
and Train, where the biggest change is the removal of the barrels of death outside B! And on Train they finally fixed the ladders. There’s some other small fixes and changes
like for example, players who get kicked from a lobby will not be able to rejoin for three
minutes, which is great for lobby creators. So what gloves are your favorite and what do you think about the update? Stay awesome & Go Bananas!

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  1. Wow! Nice new Tf2 cosm…!

    Oh. It's actually CS:GO

    Anybody knows that TF2 is becoming CSGO and CSGO it,s being kinda TF2?

  2. Can you inspect the gloves. Just wondering if some dumbass people will play without any guns just to inspect them

  3. I'm really disappointed of how excited you sound BananaGaming of this "major update" was it just bants or are you seriously happy for more cash grabs.

  4. But why? Why does it exists why its so expensive? Why they dont want to add old gloves? Are they really THAT lazy? wtf

  5. Worst update to date…..Valve devs really need to pull their finger out of their bumholes and at least give us some map overhauls. Obviously they focus on the money rather than the gameplay and community. Is Valve the new EA??

  6. gloves are great but they fucked up the Mac gamers and yes they are some,I used to have 90 fps in tunnels in dd2 now I have 15 fps

  7. I think gloves are a good thing, considering that skins are one of the things that got csgo popular this will make a breakthrough aswell

  8. Hey, i have some issuses on My new smurf acc, when i try to connect to mm or deathmatch or anything, it just says matchmaking unavalible… Do you know what the problem is? Btw Love your videos

  9. fast valve är ju som dom är, dom kommer ju göra gloves case, gloves 2, 3, 4 och 5 eller något, så du kommer nog få dina nip gloves

  10. no 128 tick competitive servers GLOVES is what csgo needs ;'D and why ? because they earn cash as f with this dumb unecessary release

  11. omg thnx valve for fixing the kick system and not attaching it to a cooldown omfg thnx im soo sick of being kicked 1 time and getting a 7 day cooldown cause it got attached to my tk kicks

  12. Hey guys!

    Are you looking for people to play matchmaking with? I made this public steamgroup "CS:GO – Matchmaking" for people want just that! Because solo-queing is just not.. euh.. yeah.. :/

    -> CS:GO – Matchmaking

    I hope this doesn't get treated as spam, because i just want to reach a big audience to join this group as I am desperate to play matchmaking with cool and smart people! 🙂

    Sorry Maxime!

  13. Hey Banana, I have a doubt, so I bought this keyboard (Razer Blackwidow Ultimate) and I was thinking to use the macro keys to help me in cs, like I want to change the arm that I'm playing and other stuff, I would like to know how to use the macro and put that command in it. Can you help me?

  14. this is the update finally heading the game in the right direction rehype on skins and major glitches that have been in the game way too long finally thx valve : )

  15. hello i wanted to ask about the Mouse HZ , when i choose my Dpi which is 400 , i need to select a HZ (125-250-500-100) what is the difference between those numbers ?

  16. I can see how people dislike this idea but those Pandora's box gloves are amazing. purple is a pimpin' color people.

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