CS:GO – FN Souvenir Dragon Lore Unboxing
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CS:GO – FN Souvenir Dragon Lore Unboxing

August 22, 2019

yo what is going on guys welcome to another video and I was looking at my channel and I have realized that I haven’t unboxed any cases recently on csgo so today we’re gonna be opening up I think 25 or 20 times the brothel case as well as I think 30 times maybe more of the spectrum knife case as well as we are gonna be opening up the cobblestone packages and we have about ten of those I hope you guys are excited for the spirit I hope you guys do enjoy alright guys welcome to this csgo unboxing video we have a bunch of stuff here I still have to get some more keys but we have spectrum knives then we also have the brothel case and we also have the lantern now apparently I mispronounced Bravo I don’t know but we have a raw dog on the call here and we’re actually sharing screens so hopefully in this video those turned out okay gaben deserves some money it’s like alright we’re gonna open some spectrum and then we have the wooden these called bravo bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo cases alright and we have the auto souvenir dragonlore are we gonna be the ones getting this probably not sorry first case Victor what uh no how cool would it be first case first night in coming right now very good the ribbon we already know how this video is gonna go we’re fucked we are so fucked fun time fun time it is alright fast unboxing Papa black what how many of there’s like four or five of these that pass by it maybe like four but alright shy inventory the next one oh please we’re just inventory to blue leave it’s the big league yeah it’s a nice one you know it’s ping up in there dude big things happening I think the only Galil that I like is up one with the wolves on it no way shadow leggers marvel faint normal faint shadow Magus let’s go yeah yeah yeah we did it we did it did I break it did I hear you hello hello hello brother we broke it I got so excited I ripped this off I mean like I think we I think we used up the anomaly juice the last video we did we got the Sapphire right when we said anomaly I don’t know I don’t think I don’t know I think the anomaly juice is out of the way right now but you never know maybe no no come on fail all right thanks come on where it where is it bro come on one we got one knife I’m not complaining but we’re not breaking even yet because I spent $1,000 we got about like a $300 knife csgo gaben dot-com is ripping us right now with the ripple easy knife easy life okay not bad bless that’s the first pink we got all fucking video I would actually get disappointed if I get a knife from this case and not the fire serpent could you imagine or that or that I mean like factory-new usps overgrowth is pretty nice too maybe like the static one that would be cool but no we get the tool Berettas I saw the red but it wasn’t the right one – OH bright waters always looks minimal where it could be wrong made them aware they actually look yeah it looked like a it looked like it was back to you knew but every time I guess back to you it’s always the one below it fire circuit show me the shit land on the good come on we’re broke what the fuck is this case all blue case like alright we need to go to the the Galil page rifles and rub the the one with the wolf for good luck yeah like hell look how nice this looks though come on how you gonna say no to that all right now what we need to do is go to inventory go to next page six key ninth case yes of course and I’ve been it defaults that track every minute difference that track wolves are real fuck this lion we got wolves I’m buying a fucking wolf I am actually buying a wolf fucking decoy I I don’t even give a fuck oh my god oh my god oh no way no fucking way dude look one two one two one two two knives in one opening okay we maybe will get three dude I’m not even joking you know how that joke was like if you get two knives or three knives I’m like maybe we’ll get ten how did that work how did that work I mean like worst case scenario is we leave with two knives you know but like best-case scenario is the drug I mean like if you really think about it we’re still not in profit as sad as that fuck sounds you know we got lucky but we’re not in profit yet we ain’t going home until we get a dealer now I personally unbox like over a hundred of these BAM oh I missed okay lord gaben fuck okay sir no strong turned off strong with the storm just let the Dragon Lord pass by so I can get some views out here at YouTube come on gaben understand me red red red red red red red red red red red fuck okay we saw the purple you know it’s kind of understanding the concept of how I’m bossy all right I’d like to see some red where man royal blue right now oh no it’s kind of blue it’s you know if you like I mean like if you put a silencer on this kind of looks like a real blue really pass by at least dude let me see it with my eyes the green apple looks a lot better than nice not like I’m honestly kind of getting triggered I might have to buy more of these where we didn’t even see you pass by ones like they’re 34 dollars apiece USD like why would you go out of your way and spend like over $1,500 on these fucking cases like that’s just the dumbest thing to do right still no clue but I honestly it like people would not buy this case like it’s not worth buying oh wow I got some Atlanta cobblestone souvenir package as well that’s kind of cool like what are these sound effects Dwight okay I’m gonna inventory the next one yes sort of gotta forget the drag alarm I’m so fucking mad oh yes okay it worked what is it feel tested just like I predicted now is that made it on the night made it on the I meant beat it on the road blue come on man at least pass by for fuck sakes I need clicks on this video – nice isn’t enough for YouTube come on man I needed souvenir Dragon Lord for the video he said I’ll give you two knives basically it in his head cuz he can’t hear man guys fat as fuck bear pump pump pump pump did I at least get baited I mean like if anybody’s gonna rig it Sears gallardo right I’m broke after this dude you in inventory show the red rub it for good luck please fuck this you know how hard life is no I mean like we’re done with this shit like I don’t know why anyone would spend this much fucking money on a fucking case like this it’s just so expensive dude like I don’t understand no I got exposed oh fuck you oh my god this is so fucking rigged dude this is so fucking rigged give me an item that I can’t even take out it’s a sign he wants me to buy more dude I don’t even want to do the math all I know is my Opie balance just shrunk by it quite a bit of fucking shrinkage okay Opie balance hit ice cold temperatures we got a blue yeah we got a voce me oh yeah oh I’m so excited dude oh my god what is this wait let me guess five cents why why why am i buying one why am i fucking buying more please just give me fucking something dude I want no no I don’t want these face sticker on the scope I don’t think that’s worth much but and for those fucking assholes that are gonna say it’s fake I bought these awful be skins that’s why it’s tradable oh my god doom is gonna be so mad can you fucking understand what’s going on here we got a fucking dragonlore egg two knives in one fucking opening one say the meat for the non-believers there it is holy fucking owner did not buy it off Opie skins or nuttin now if it was through Opie skins it would show up because Opie skins takes clothes thank you so much for watching guys I hope you enjoyed this video now listen carefully I do have my merch on sale if you guys want to go check it out and there will be a link in the description as well as I really want to thank raw dog 2:09 for being in this video and being as awesome as I am even better actually so if you guys want to go check out some of Rods content make sure you guys go check it out and again we got extremely fucking lucky but affect review dragonlore souvenir and 2 knives 2 fucking knives in 1 unboxing oh that is it guys I hope you’ve actually enjoyed the video make sure you smash the like if you want to see more gaben unboxings let me know I don’t feel as bad now looking at my Opie skins balance because we literally just raped fucking csgo peace out guys I love you all if you want to see some more videos make sure you subscribe right there and click right there and I always normally do have giveaways in the description if you guys want to go enter them if they’re not there make sure you’re subscribed and you can check those out in my next video I always put them in the description peace out guys I love you all I’ll see you tomorrow and what do you got to say raw dog man or a fucking Savage GG boys oh man dude this is gonna be fucked up

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  1. Update: Have now sold the dragon lore.. got a super crazy offer I couldn't refuse!
    I am aware that i said Faze instead of Fnatic.. In my defence I was way too hyped to think straight… Lmao
    AND TO THOSE PEOPLE SAYING ITS FAKE… http://csgo.exchange/item/10295358311 <– (Plz do some research)
    What will you do with this Dragon Lore?
    I will most likely sell it soon to pay school debt, donate some to Westley, and probably help my mum out…
    The real value to skins is what you end up doing with them… Thanks everyone for watching and Sharing the video around <3
    Papa Bless…

  2. All I'm paying attention to is Danny Devito in the background he should be worth 25 Factory New Souvenir Dragon Lore With A Float Of 0.000000000001

  3. Whatsup bro i watched ur video just now 😂😂 and i have some equations 👌🏻🤷🏻‍♂️ what did u do this awp? 🤤

  4. it feels like u did the reaction after u have opened the cases bc every time u say anomaly or rub something and shit u get a knife or something insane so….

  5. i dont believe he's got the same exact % of chance to drop like me and you reading this commentary, i really dont.

  6. It's extremely rare to find a video without clickbait or something like this, good video.
    Regards from Germany ☺️

  7. 4:37 well it didnt work obviously its all a game and math and luck. When you buy a case and a key it automatically counts what item that container (or key idk which one of those) will give. So it didnt work but i would totally tell you that you are lucky that guessed the case or key that would give the knife

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