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Crystal Palace’s Joel Ward | Taxi To Training

October 9, 2019

My name is Lloyd Griffith.I’m a Grimsby Town fan
and a taxi driver
for Premier League footballers.
This is Taxi To Training.
Today, I’m picking up someone
that I’ve met a few times.
Absolutely lovely bloke,
and a cracking defender.
Ladies and gentleman, it’s Joel
Ward. How are you?
Good, mate.Good to see you, mate.And you.
Do you drive to training?
Mostly, yes.When you got your first
big pay packet,
what was the first, like, sexy car
you bought?
I had the…Remember the Megane with the big
Yeah.I had the Megane.That’s like a dad’s car.Yeah, you
I mean, very economical.Econ… Well…So economical.At that period as well,
I was doing a lot of miles.
So, you’ve been playing football
for a while now.
But you grew up in, like,
a missionary centre, is that right?
Yeah, I grew up in a church
on the south coast.
It’s a bit of a juxtaposition,
growing up in a church,
then being a professional
footballer. Like, how did it,
how did it come about?Did you, like, have a kick-around
in the church, like…?
Well…Candles for goalposts?Yeah.My dad used to run a holiday club
with the church,
so I kind of grew up around that.And they had a church team as well
that I was involved in.
A church team? So they used to play?They were in the local league,
Saturday league.
Oh, really?Yeah.Which was…Aggy Christians.THEY LAUGHBecause I grew up being a choirboy,
but wanted to be a footballer.
You’ve done my dream, really.Yeah.
well done for nicking that from me,
Sorry.So this isn’t all a nice little
schmoozy where we get to catch up
and see how we’ve been doing,
we’ve got some games to do.
Now, I’m just going to open here.
Pop that on there.
SIRENFANFAREPop that on there.OK.Are you ready?‘Hello, I’m Gary Lineker,
and welcome to Taxi Trivia.
‘This time, it’s Lloyd versus Joel
in a best-of-five head-to-head.
‘Question one. Exactly how many
people does Selhurst Park hold?’
FANFARE26,000 or something.‘The answer is 26,309.’Yes, you’ve got that, well done.
A bit keen.
Close.‘Question two.‘Who was the first Palace player to
score a Premier League hat-trick?
Uh…SIREN‘It was Yannick Bolasie.’Oh. No.No.‘Question three.‘What is the name of Palace’s
official live mascot?’
You must know that.
Is it Eddie the Eagle?
‘It is Kayla.’
Kayla!Oh, no. Right.
‘Which Palace legend scored 114
goals for the club over the course
‘of seven seasons?’FANFARE
I’m going to go for Mark Bright.
‘The answer, of course,
is Mark Bright.’
Well done.‘And finally, which line follows,
“You’ll have no sorrow”
‘in Glad All Over?’FANFAREHow would I know that?“Because
I’ll always be true,” I believe.
‘Because I’ll always be true.’Ah!
I mean, I was never going to get
It was a whitewash.3-0 to Joel Ward, well done.
Take them. I’ll just get
the leaderboard out there.
Now, put those on your hands.
This is Paddlefoot.
You’ve basically got to doas many keepie-ups with your hands
as possible.
You get three goes.
Troy Deeney is on 11. Joel Ward, go.
15! On the first one!Notice
I’m predominantly right-footed.
Right-handed as well.
Predominantly right-handed.
Try and use your left foot.
Right, lefty.
OK. Go.One. OK…THEY LAUGHRight, go.One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten, 11,
12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24…Oh!Around the world in there
as well!
Can you please tell me
you got that?
Please tell me you got that.
26, with an around the world.
Oh, my days.Do you know what I think it is?
I think it’s the boots.
It is the boots, yeah.
It’s the curvature.
Don’t give me grief about curvature.
Troy was saying that last time.
Look, they’re new boots,
I’m just getting them in. 26.
Put yourself above Troy.Just above.
Just up there, yes?
There you go.Poor old Troy. 11.What do you have in your glove box?
My glove box?
Yeah.What’s in there?
It’s The Unpredictable Glove.
In that glove, there are a number of
questions. It’s potluck.
Some of them are a bit risque,
some of them aren’t.
They’re about your team-mates.
Worst tattoo.Um…Oh!He’ll hate me for saying this,
but Damien Delaney.
What is it?I don’t know.LLOYD LAUGHS
Next one.Who shaves all their body?
There’s a couple.
Yeah?Damien Delaney. Especially his legs.
Legs. Why would you shave your legs?
It’s more streamlined.You don’t
need it on a football pitch!
If it’s good enough for swimming…
If you’re Chris Hoy, yes,
but not in Stoke on a Tuesday night.What kind of music do you listen to
on the way to training?
Ed Sheeran, Kings Of Leon and thenobviously sometimes
my Christian music.
I’ve got some choral music here.
You’ve got some of yours?
Mate.CHORAL MUSICWow.This is what I listen to, mate.Thomas Tallis. Arguably the greatest
composer that ever lived.
Are you giving me a live version?# Libera me Domine# In die illa tremenda# In die illa… #There you go. Thanks very much.
Thank you very much.
So, on Taxi To Training…Yeah.I ask people to show me
what’s in their wash bag.
And actually, I’ve got
a little something in it for you.
Oh!Because I know how much
you love them, and they are fresh.
Woohoo!A fresh pair of gloves.
Cheers, mate.
No worries.Look at those.Obviously…Box fresh.Usually I charge the lads,
but I mean, you’ve given me
a free pair of gloves,
so we’ll just call it quits.
Joel Ward, thank you very much,
Thank you very much.Bless you.We’ll see you soon.
See you soon.
I’ll be waiting outside the training
Perfect. See you later.Thank you very much, mate.
See you later.
Cheers.There we go. Joel Ward.
A lovely bloke.

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  1. Joel is literally my favorite. He has such a love for God and he's been blessed with a great talent. Proud to be a Palace fan with him representing the club ❤️?

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