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Crowd Funding – Home of Football

September 17, 2019

if you are one of the people that love football then you can make this the home of football it’s amazing to think that the biggest game in the world became that we all love started at the very place I’m stood on this green field in Sheffield support the world’s first because without Sheffield FC football as we know it simply would not exist in 1857 two gentlemen took a walk on this very field looking for a new game to keep themselves fit in the winter months that game became football they developed an original set of rules this rule book here explains about kick off from the middle first corner kick free kick team shall play in red cap or blue cap and later by 11 aside this was the start of the modern game of football that the world loves today we want you the global football supporter to join our crowdfunding campaign and help Sheffield FC move back to olive grove to level the playing field to build a small stadium where football began every little pound helps join us on IndieGoGo calm thank you

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