Crossed Views EP#5 – Martin Fourcade: en quête d’absolu
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Crossed Views EP#5 – Martin Fourcade: en quête d’absolu

November 20, 2019

Martin is a 2.0 athlete. Almost perfect. Incredible. Clearly extraordinary. With exceptional physical qualities. Proud, but in the good sense of the word. Passionate is too weak a word. He merits another term that’s even stronger. Mentally, he’s unbelievable. An incredible ability to concentrate, with immense motivation and desire. He’s always looking for that little thing, that little bit of time over others. Unbelievable strength of calculation. He has that ability to intellectualize the process he needs to go through to get the right performance despite the pressure. He’s an easy guy to get along with. He has great values from a tight family unit but also his bunch of buddies. As a brother, I wouldn’t have said this a few years ago, but now I’d say he’s a really great listener. He’s always smiling. He always has a kind word. But deep down, he always has this extreme desire to simply exist. I find it difficult to understand how he still has this thing that motivates him further and further, when he has nothing more to prove to anyone. This search for the absolute. This hatred of losing that continues to be present in every single area of his life every single day. I don’t know anyone else like him. To the point of arguing with his partner over a dumb board game on Christmas Day. That really is what it’s like! It’s the fact that he can’t accept losing that made him, and continues to make him, so crazy. He takes his failures and digs really deep within himself to learn from them. That is perhaps his greatest talent.

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