Cross Country Stories to Watch at PyeongChang 2018 | Olympic Winter Games
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Cross Country Stories to Watch at PyeongChang 2018 | Olympic Winter Games

November 16, 2019

Pyeongchang 2018 – stories to watch. Cross-country skiing. Cross-country skiing was part
of the inaugural Olympic Winter Games
in Chamonix, 1924. Its epic contests of stamina leave enduring images of beards
draped in growing icicles and sinewy limbs
growing more rubbery as they hum through the
elements and biting fatigue. (EVENTS AT PYEONGCHANG 2018) In Pyeongchang,
there will be six events each for men and women. Both genders will compete
in four individual races, a relay,
and a team sprint event. Cross-country has two main
propulsion techniques – freestyle and classical. Men’s races will run between
15 and 50 kilometers, while women’s races will last
between 10 and 30 kilometers. In Pyeongchang,
events will take place at the Alpensia
Cross-Country Centre. Ski-jumping and Nordic
combined events will also take place
at the Centre. With crowds flocking to
the venue, the noise and atmosphere
will be spectacular. The course width is 8m and the
altitude difference is 54m. Norway is regarded as
the birthplace of skiing. Its unique landscape
contributed to this, but also made it the perfect
scene for this. In which town, famous
for cross country skiers, was Empire Strikes Back
partially filmed? (FIND OUT AT THE END) At age 37, Marit will be
skiing for a piece of history in Pyeongchang. She is currently tied with two
other cross-country skiers, Russia’s Raisa Smetanina
and Italy’s Stefania Belmondo, for the all-time lead in medals
by a female Winter Olympian, all of them with ten. Marit lives with
Fred Borre Lundberg, an Olympic champion in Nordic
Combined in the ’90s. Marit grew up on a farm
in Midtre Gauldal, Norway. She will be after the record and one to watch
in Pyeongchang. Magnus Kim.
Though Norwegian athletes have collected the most
cross-country medals and Korean athletes have yet to
break through at the Olympics, a 19-year old Korean
with Norwegian blood could be one of the best
stories in Pyeongchang. Born to a Norwegian father
and Korean mother, Magnus Kim is a citizen
of both countries, but will compete for
his native Republic of Korea. He won three medals at the Youth Olympics in Norway
in 2016. Kim was just four
when he appeared on stage at the opening ceremony
with other children at the FIFA World Cup in 2002. Kim has won national junior
titles in biathlon and short-track speedskating. He also biked 330 kilometers
between his native Busan and Seoul,
the national capital, when he was in fifth grade. (OLYMPIC MEDALS) In the all-time medal table Russia has 13 gold
and a total of 29. Finns come in fourth
with 76 total. The Soviet Union has
a total of 68 medals. Sweden is next with 74. Not surprisingly,
Norway tops the all-time list in both gold medals with 40
and total medals with 107. At Sochi 2014, Poland
came in fifth with one gold. Finland with a total of three
medals, one of which was gold. Switzerland and Sweden both
finished with two golds apiece. On top was Norway
with five gold medals, and a total of eleven. Kalla won the 10-kilometer
individual event at the 2010 Olympics
in Vancouver despite a near fall
on the final turn. Four years later
in Sochi, Kalla made up nearly a 26-second deficit
on the final leg of the 4×5-kilometer relay to propel the Swedes
from third to first. It was Sweden’s first gold in
the women’s relay since 1960. She says she does not
feel like herself without two workouts a day. (DID YOU KNOW?) Some nations employ computers to help decide the ideal skis
and wax for each race based on conditions. Also if a skier
is about to be passed, he or she must give way as soon as the passing skier
calls out “Track!” With three overall
world cup titles, 33-year-old Martin Sundby
is one of the greatest athletes never to have won
an Olympic gold medal, although he did win
an individual silver and bronze in 2014, and
another silver in 2010. His two world titles, in 2011
and 2017, came in relay races, so he is still looking for
his first individual title at a major competition. He’s a fan of mixed
martial arts and says there is no food
he will not try. Heidi Weng comes off
a superb 2016-17 season in which she was ranked
first in the world and took home three medals at
the World Nordic Championships. She competes in fell running,
a type of mountain running on unmarked courses
along rocky trails. She was also
a national junior champion in cross-country running. After major competitions, she splurges on French fries
and tacos. So where does
she get her energy? She also sleeps
roughly 12 hours a day. She took her first
steps on skis when she was 16 months old and she went on her first
ski run with her older sister when she was just three. (EMPIRE STRIKES BACK WAS
PARTIALLY FILMED WHERE?) OK, did you guess our answer to
what planet was shown using Norway as the backdrop? Filmed near Finse,
a village in the south popular for cross-country
skiing. Cross-country skiing runs most of the Olympic
competition days. The shorter distances
award medals the first week, with the relays
beginning on the 17th and 18th. Team sprints pick up next, with the final two days
of the competition featuring
the longest distances – 50K for men, 30K for women. The Olympic Winter Games
in Pyeongchang, set to begin February 9th. Fill your knowledge tank
by watching other episodes on Olympic Channel.

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