Cross country skiing with Olympic champion – Red Bull Under My Wing w/ Petter Northug
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Cross country skiing with Olympic champion – Red Bull Under My Wing w/ Petter Northug

January 16, 2020

Above all, I’m going to contribute with my knowledge, and it’s important that
we get to know each other and that we create a good atmosphere among us so that we can have a good time. And we are going to address a lot of different subjects apart from training, and there’s a lot of interesting short and simple orations I think that you can put to good use from here on. It’s not easy to chose between two pairs that’s very similar, it’s not too steep, so it’s about trying to chose the right pair of skis. It was real nice when I had a good pair of skis, you felt that the right skis was important. I got a real kick out of it. Is it many of you who wax your own skis in competitions? Only one?! It’s good now, it’s been snowing for some time now, but it’s really good conditions. Soon the B-finale for the boys will take place, and the highlight: The A-finale at last. This is going to be really exciting. I took a real beating in the first upward slope, and it’s the toughest heat this year. I had a lot of strength left in the last upward slope, and I just gave it all I had, so it seemed like I got a small gap. Even though he knew he’s the best at what he does, he’s still grounded and it’s really awesome for us to be with him because he teaches us something. And he isn’t stuck up, he’s just a really cool guy.

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  1. it's so impressive. I always wonder to see cross country sponsored by red bull.
    they have to start sponsoring chess.

  2. While I respect their hard work and determination, super skinny skis trying to go uphill doesn't sound like any fun to me. Give me some fatty skis and a powder day, that is where it is at. I see why they do it though, cause apparently hot girls grow on trees up there.

  3. REDBULL, please make a video with the crosscountry-skier Andrew Newell, he doing awesome tricks with cross-country-skis!

  4. @1cerebrum1 pretty embarrassing to say that when u r from Norway.. You should know better.. Denmark is part of scandinavia

  5. @agbugger wider inspection also icludes Finland and even more wider inspection includes iceland and greenland

  6. Jeg tror 80% av jenter som aktivt går på langrenn er naturlig pene, denne filmen beviser dette.
    Lykke til i fremtiden, jenter! 🙂 ( Og gutter da)

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