“Crocodile Hunter” – Gabriel Iglesias (from Hot & Fluffy comedy special)
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“Crocodile Hunter” – Gabriel Iglesias (from Hot & Fluffy comedy special)

November 18, 2019

Oh my God, yeah Ya know, but again the crocodile hunter I give… I give him a lot of love A lot of credit But ya know, people go It’s such a loss to the nature community you know He taught us so much about nature And I got mad when I heard this lady on TV saying that He taught us a lot about nature and it was
like No, he didn’t really teach a lot about nature If you want to learn about nature you
watch Discovery Channel or one of these You know, nature programs where they have a guy On Safari and he’s studying from afar Crocodile Hunter? No, come on Every episode Aye, how you doin’? Look over there right there Right there There’s a tiger That tiger weighs 800 pounds and it could kill a man in ten seconds I’m gonna touch it Hi tiger! Ah! He’s angry! He’s… He’s angry! Next episode Aye, there’s a king cobra the most venomous Snake in all the planet One bite and I’m dead I’m gonna pick it up He’s angry! If he really wanted people to think he
was out there man America we should have borrowed him And sent him to Iraq With no gun Just a camera crew Imagine how bad that would have freaked out the enemy You know you’re freaking a soldier
working for al-qaeda And you’re out there you know And he’s walking towards them wearing shorts And he’s walking up to em Aye, look over there There’s an al-qaeda member An Iraqi soldier One of the most dangerous creatures in all the planet One push of a button and i’m gone I’m gonna poke him with a stick He’s angry! He’s so angry… yeah yeah

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  1. Is this a rant on how terrible The Crocodile Hunter is?
    Is this also showing how Steve Irwin is autistic?
    And is this also sponsored by PETA?

  2. Watched this on Netflix when it came out, and just now was looking on YouTube. Saw the title, and never clicked faster in my life.

  3. Nah the crocodile Hunter was the most daring person who was daring enough to touch a dangerous animal and ran away from when it was angry. He was the most out there person that I have ever seen?

  4. Ok one thing ever come to Australia and dis the man the mith the legend Crocodile Hunter be warned you will even make the kids mad we will all be like " this creature weighs 190 kilograms , is deadly , so deadly it dissed The Crocodile Hunter… I'ma throw a brick at it"

  5. Steve did teach is a lot about animals and how they are when you treat them right; even though he physically interacted with them, he treated them with respect.

    That said, even Steve would find this funny because he acted the way he did to get people to react and watch just to see what "crazy" thing he would do next. He once said in an interview that the cameraman had instructions to keep filming if Steve was killed by an animal. He said he knew that there would people watching, saying, "I told you he'd get killed one day."

  6. oii look over there it’s a mother

    one wrong move she can throw a sandal like a missile

    Am gonna break her favorite vase

    (Throws sandal)


  7. Sad to see you SO DISRESPECT a person pursuing their LIFE GOALS, which unfortunately cost him his life.

  8. Used that joke the other day with a coworker "Aye, that o'ver there is a young crackhead. One handshake from me and he's dead. I'mma insult his hair… OHHHH HES ANGRY!" (to explain the background jokes, my handshakes are too much for his weak hands and I insult his hair style all the time)

  9. Seeing as Steve comes from Australia, the country with the Top THREE most venomous snakes on the planet, a ling cobra is a pussy.

  10. I really think fluffy is the best comedian ever. And he is down to earth… That makes him even better… Don't ever change man….

  11. This boy done bumped his head on the moon. Great job of the crocodile Hunter impression.

  12. Good one, but not your vowels, mate. Keep listening closely and you'll get it one day. Steve Irwin's broad aka country (uneducated) accent is the fourth hardest accent for Americans to do, as they always exaggerate it and get the vowels wrong. The third hardest is general (educated /middle class) Australian as spoken by most, very much like middle class southern English, and the second hardest is cultivated Australian, like upper middle to upper class English with sightly altered vowels. The hardest just has to be Kiwi as it's rarely done by yanks. It's like the Australian versions plus a slight Scottish vowel twang and different words and phrases, including some from Māori. Even the brilliant Meryl Streep made a disaster of it when the dengow got her baiybee!

  13. Fluffy your hilarious, loved this about Steve Irwin. But as an Australian I gotta say it……. your aussie accent sucked mate

  14. okay buddy got to say if you're talkin about Steve Irwin might want to cut back on that one my brother was a really big fan heck even wants to go and work at his zoo so please cut back on that just a little but other than that it's super funny.

  15. Aye how you doin’ look over there right there there’s a tai-ger that tai-ger weighs 800 pounds and can kill man in 10 seconds… I’m going to touch it

  16. "As long as he wouldn't use the stick between his legs he'd be fine, then again I 'DON'T' think anyone's THAT stupid!"

  17. Look over there. That's a group of Crips, the most dangerous and aggressive creatures on the planet. One shot from their gats and I'm dead.

    I'm gonna do a drive-by.

    starts shooting at the Crips and the Crips fire back

    HE'S ANGRY!!!!!! HE'S ANGRY!!!!!!!

  18. This guy is a life saver. I’m a recovering addict. Whenever I feel an urge, craving, I turn on one of his specials. Gets me past the urge because of I’m laughing too hard to care. I wish I could tell him how happy my niece is that he saved a life without knowing it

  19. I saw an Aussie comedian once who said that in America we don’t get a very balanced or detailed view of Australia.He said there’s a 20 second clip of the Sydney Opera house then it cuts straight to a madman molesting reptiles in the bush. ?

  20. Yeah…… he really didn't teach us anything other than how to piss off random man eating animals…..

    Still a massive shame that he was shanked to death by a stingray…… the ONE TIME that he wasn't irritating the wild life……

  21. I watch you when I am in a mixed emotions and you help me tone my emotions thanks so much
    You make my day everyday no matter what – fellow fan

  22. I once read this article writing a whole screenplay where aliens conquer earth's armies and then try to invade the jungles, where they're slowly realizing the horrors of earth's wildlife. One of my favorite bits is when an australian guide tells the aliens not to bother the kangaroo and the alien just decides it's docile before trying to attack it. At this point, I was like, "Who would hurt a kangaroo?!" Then one punch to the kangaroo, and one kick from the kangaroo, the alien was dead. I can only imagine The Crocodile Hunter's reaction to something like that.

  23. the  way  I  see  it-  it  is  not  a  joke  but  a  tribute  to  a man  that  knew  no  fear- if  we  had  his  courage   and  love    we  would  be  in  a  better  world- He  was  a  very  loving  and  decent  honest  man  and  left  us  his  beautiful  children God  bless  them – to  all  that  love  and  admired  him.

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