Crochet an i-cord (right-handed version)
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Crochet an i-cord (right-handed version)

August 12, 2019

[music] Hi. This is June from PlanetJune and today
I’m going to show you how to crochet an i-cord. An i-cord is often used in knitting to make
a very thin tube, but if you look at it closely, you can see it actually looks like a crocheted
chain, a second crocheted chain, and a third crocheted chain, all linked together. So you can actually reproduce this quite easily
in crochet. Now I’m going to show you how to make a crocheted
i-cord. We’ll start off by forming a base for the
three chains that will make up the i-cord. So, we’ll chain 3. One, two three. Insert your hook into the second chain and
draw up a loop, insert your hook into the third chain and
draw up a loop. Now we have three loops on the hook and these
are going to form the base of the i-cord. We’re going to drop loops 2 and 3 off the
hook, and hold onto them so you don’t accidentally pull
them out in the next step. Now we’re going to start chaining, so: chain
1. Now put the 2nd loop on your hook, yarn over
and chain 1. Put the 3rd loop back on your hook, yarn over
and chain 1. And then we’re going to repeat that for every
row. So drop 2 and 3 off the hook. Hold onto them. Chain 1. Put loop 2 back on the hook and chain 1. Put loop 3 back on the hook and chain 1. Drop loops 2 and 3 off the hook so you just
have 1 loop left, and be sure to hold onto these other 2 loops
so you don’t lose them. Chain 1 with the loop on the hook. Put the 2nd loop back on the hook and chain
1. Put the 3rd loop back on the hook and chain
1. Now you can see that we’re starting to form… …an i-cord! You can keep going with this for as long as
you want. It makes a nice stretchy tube that’s very
thin and very useful for crochet projects.

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  1. I have tried this three times following the instructions to a T and I still am not getting a cord I'm getting a flat piece of thing

  2. Yours looks to be an enclosed tube but mine is just "curled" and can be flattened to look more like a strap. Is this right?

  3. Merhaba kanalımı yeni açtım tığ işi örgü modelleri iğne oyası vs yapıyorum kanalıma abone olarak bana destek olursanız çok sevinirim

  4. Excellent. I hv been looking for just this type of cord to make for my little crochet phone pouched. Thks heaps.

  5. that's pretty cool. what is an Icord? Or I guess I should ask: what can/do you use them for? Great video!???

  6. Looks like a pain in the butt to do. Good video though, think I'll stick to knitting mine. ?

  7. O cordão fica muito bonito! Mas para fazer tem de ter paciência…Vou salvar aqui seu link para eu fazer …

  8. Palnet june Your video is beautiful and your work is beautiful why? The answer may be simple because you are so beautiful

  9. Thank you so much! After mastering the granny square last year and producing a bedspread and pillow cover, I wanted to do something a little different, so now I'm following your directions to make a light belt for over a tunic-style blouse.

  10. Your video was great…but I'm wondering if anyone else is having a hard time with holding the two loop's…my fingers just can't do it.

  11. What if i want to make it more thicker…ill just add the foundation chain…example i want to used it for my bag…maybe i will chain 8 ..does it goes the same pattern..???

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