Cristiano Ronaldo vs Pele
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Cristiano Ronaldo vs Pele

October 8, 2019

do it is was locked out here beautiful
sunny Culver City California restaurant with you Gary Lineker was a hunted down
by paparazzi TMZ as a matter fact we have a video clip
for you in a moment now you would think four a guy that is an analyst now has 10
goals in the amount of World Cup Finals that he
has played in his accumulated and scored 10 goals total he has played
for Barcelona he has played for Everton is played for many a solid clubs and you would think
to value his opinion however he was asked by the paparazzi
who he thinks a is better then pale a his answer might surprise you between bailey and
christiane over now though here’s what he said via TMZ ice know
this is you know who this is taxes rather than we get a good photo Donald summary of
the going got so much to everyone for me right 330 so this is a moderate say to a girl Rinaldo letter B as the seems like a
lady think idea getting a twenty years now that the same in all those Taylor over dollars bed nice it but they said thank you so you hear him say that and my initial
reaction I’m not sure but yours was however we’re gonna get to your Twitter answers on this question
that was asked to Gary Lineker and his response in just a moment I wasn’t sure how
exactly to think about this it’s different generations I love fantastic footy you got the modern-day star striker in christiane
over now they’ll and then you have the past star
goalscorer to an incredible incredible amount a
goal scored for the national team he won three World Cups the one thing
that could go against christiana Bernalillo and this is just opening up another the Pandora’s box up
debates on the beautiful game is how much do you value when you talk
about the greatest forty players ever them not winning a World Cup
everyone on all the messy videos we have done has said messy hasn’t won a World Cup is now
better than Taylor they’ve also said the same luck christiane although that he hasn’t won a World Cup yet so
that’s the one thing that I think goes into many I’ll the greats obviously except
for Gary Lineker but many up the greats thoughts on this entire argument who’s the best it
it seems like it’s always almost at least again except for Gary
Lineker gonna be paley so I ask you guys to chime in on Twitter
here’s what you said Mohammed are what I need for tablets from I totally disagree when it was pale is
generation there was a few good players but 10 cr7 generation isn’t this year
although obviously there was lots a good players soccer was
in the same up a waste time it was easy it was way easier if you
want to know who’s better need to get them in the same generation
I same age jazz celadon whichever from there’s no doubt that he
really was a great player but cr7 is another breed a player his typed strength and speed is hard to
compare Kamal all the two tablets from I don’t think
we can judge just yet we haven’t yet seen cr7 full body of work pay lays
greatest of all time and some eyes what would make a while that may
christiane although Jose a Rodriguez truth ever from it’s
two different eras a football you can’t compare the football now to the one back then families pay like
christiano is Christiana fun scissor cut three times from he was
talking about the Brazilian although not christiane another tMZ got it all wrong okay so just for the sake of this
argument and this clip were going to say it was christiane
another even if they did get rocked we continue mister buckets at left TV to
Devonshire on you can never compare since the game is so
much different the way it’s played and physicality are just two different both legends his said this tweet ever
from yes but I because he has proven himself in
Portugal England and now Spain and then cut the Volusia
of I’d say yes because football back then was
arguably easier of a footballer’s these days are better
athletes with superior Dyfed okay so look pale I started his
career at Santos at sixteen-years-old any leads the
league that his first year incredible now reno those started at 17 with sporting the big thing for me
personally and elected adversity govern all those career and where where
he went from and how he had a heart condition and now he is you know one of the top
two players if not the best in in the world my thing that’s going
against pale a is that the government for bid him
except when he went to the cosmos they forbid him from going in
transferring to more prestigious clubs then Santos in
Brazil because he was seen as a national treasure so that’s the one thing but if there’s
anything if there’s anything that you hold and i’d I guess you could say I do this the one
argument comes to mind when you consider pay like to not be the
best it’s the fact that as wanna as one of our Twitter followers are tried in the level competition was just not as
great a christiano is facing to spacing all the top guys in the
Premier League these guys are bigger and stronger than ever and the space in the top guys and while
the ghetto granted lovely guy is not as good as the Premier League and not not as diverse if I do with as
many good players %uh that showing the Aloft that he sick
he can succeed at to with the most prestigious clubs in
the world I am NOT drawing the line between the
two I’m just giving my two cents and I’m also not going to tell you i
think is the best they’re both up there I can’t come up with the conclusion I’m
sorry I’m puttin up so what do you guys think leave it on the comment section below
the pale a is a Cristiano or is it you know number 10 guy from
Argentina plays for Barcelona leave it on the comment section below
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  1. pele is well beter than Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is good messi is beter than ronaldo is a show of.Messi is got more balloon dor,s than ronaldo

  2. There are however several theories pertaining to the argument that Pele remains untouched by either LionelMessi or his own rival for the title of the world's current best, Cristiano Ronaldo.Football is thought to have been a tougher game during the 1950s and 1960s, when Pele played the majority of his career. Teams were more evenly balanced, both on the pitch as well as in the account books, meaning contests could begin on a more even keel.Advances in sporting equipmenthave supposedly made the game easier, notably in relation to the ball. Nowadays balls are far lighter, making them considerably easier to head.

  3. I bet Pele is going to win hahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahaHahahahahahhaahahahaahahaahahah

  4. I am CR7 fan and I have seen Pele play , I think Pele is better he has scored 300 more goals, but CR7 has not finished his career.

  5. Well you knew pele is very good in football.CR7 is also good in football .Pele maybe the best cause he played with no good players in that time exept for legends.CR7 is not realy good as pele cause he face a lot better players than what pele faced

  6. To me.. 1. maradona, & messi TIe.
    2. pele,
    3. ronaldo el phenomeno,
    4. then comes cr7 .
    actually this argument is quite tough to have conclusion. But in pele's tym there was less strictness in refereeing as well as there were no offsides. the competitiveness were much more less & media speculations werent that much.
    the fitness level were less too.
    so now a days te footballers have to play in more claustrophobic atmosphere.
    But cr7 is NOT as great as pele..

  7. Messi or Cristiano they are not even top ten. sorry to say that they will be forgotten and the future will prove it. football is about cups and if you can't bring your national team the world cup then you can not be the best player for the whole world. you will be just best player in your country.

  8. 1)Cristiano Ronaldo
    3)Luis saurez
    4)Neymar jr
    10)Gareth bale
    In my opinion

  9. Que falta de respeto comparar a un dios del futbol como pele. con c ronaldo. el mejor futbol esta en sudamerica. argentina y brasil.

  10. Pelé better cause he won 3 more World Cups? HHAHA . According to that Schurle is a better winger tham Ronaldo cause he won the WC in 2014 with Germany. Obviously if Pelé went to more prestigious league he would still be great but definitely no longer concidered the G.O.A.T.
    Same to CR or Messi playing in Dutch league. They would bang an average of 1 goal per game pretty easly there. Pelé was great and he would be concidered a legend regardless of what league he peformed in, only he wasn't better than CR or Messi are right now. Hell no.

  11. Pele for now, but I'll have to wait for Ronaldo and Messi to finish their careers to make a true comparison.

  12. ronaldooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the best in the world better pele

  13. Pelé was just way more complete, more agile, just as fast, better dribbling, and Pelé was a number 10, not an striker, but he has WAY more goals than Cristiano, and way better acomplishments.
    To me this is a no brainer.
    Cristiano is awesome tho.

  14. If u were In world cup and u ask me would you take pele or Ronaldo I'm going take pele over Ronaldo

  15. Its your choice who you think is better but Ronaldo fakes some of his penaltys where Pele never faked any not a single on.

  16. Goals: Pele > CR7
    Assists: Pele > CR7
    Passes: Pele > CR7
    Chances created: Pele > CR7
    Shots: Pele = CR7
    Dribble: Pele > CR7
    Tackles: Pele > CR7
    Conclusion: Pele 7 Cristiano Ronaldo 1
    Pele was better than Cristiano Ronaldio.
    P.D. If anyone doubts a point, I cordially invite you to discuss it

  17. i think the first is Pele. the second is messi and the third player is ronaldo. this is my think not your think this is subjectve i think

  18. Arthur Friedenreich scored 1329 goals brazalian
    pale scored 1281 goals brazalian
    josef bican 805 goals austrain
    ramario 743 goals brazilian
    Ronaldo and messi does not come in top 7 goal scorer list,so dont compare pale with ronaldo.
    if ronaldo went in 1960 that u will see that he can make top 5 list.Nowadays there are not good football players so ronaldo is domination others coz he is not facing pro players from history.
    pale is legend
    Ronaldo scored 600 goals so compare yourself who is better

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