Cricket World Cup Kitty Party Card Game
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Cricket World Cup Kitty Party Card Game

October 9, 2019

Hello friends.
Welcome to my channel, Gems of Games. Today, the air is filled with the aroma of cricket,
We can say, it is the official cricket season. Where we are playing the World Cup And everybody is going gaga about it. Let us all get involved in this cricket madness. let us play a game in our parties related to the same theme. Hence, i have brought to you a fresh and enjoyable cricket theme game. You do not need any preparation for this prior to the party The only thing you need is either 1 or 2 pack of playing cards which is easily available at most households. It is flexible as you can play this game with a single pack of cards or combine 2 for more enjoyment. but let me tell you first what does each card signify Ace signifies 1 run 2 signifies 2 runs 4 signifies a boundary 6 is a sixer The Jack is considered a No Ball And the King is considered a Wide And the Jokers in the deck will be taken as OUT! So to get some variation,
We can write on the Jokers LBW (Leg Before Wicket) the types of a batsman getting out! Run Out, Bowled, etc Other than these cards shown the rest of all the cards present in the deck all those cards would mean ZERO runs Now let me show you a demo Now I will gather all the cards to form a deck I have just taken some cards and not a full deck just for a demo Now the host will shuffle the cards properly everytime As we all know each over has 6 balls Each player will be given a chance to play 1 over each And we have to see how many runs they score now the first player comes and they have to open 6 cards disguised as 6 balls of the over Now the player has scored 2 runs in the first ball Scored a boundary in the second And wow he scored a sixer in the third ball. And uh oh!!
He’s OUT! No we will count the runs they have scored before being out. 6+4+2=12 Now we have to write the score of this player And infront of each member’s name we have to write their score to tally later And in the end, The player who scores the maximum runs
Is declared as the winner of the game And you can add titles like Man Of The match etc I hope you liked the game And you will enjoy it When you play it Let me know your feedback in the comments section. Like, Share and Subscribe to my Channel
Thank You!

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  1. बढ़िया गेम मतलब k ,j, को नो बॉल या वाइड बोल करार देने है तो क्रिकेट के नियम के हिसाब से एक एक रन तो मिलेंगे ही साथ ही एक एक पत्ते और निकलने का चांस भी मिलेगा क्या ? ☺️

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