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October 9, 2019

It’s not just a cup, but billions heartbeat It’s boundless; It’s personal; It’s entertainer par excellence It’s time to show our calibre to the world It’s going to be Our Cup It’s going to be our world cup Our eleven brave hearts storm on the ground Sure, to make our dreams real Gladiators of Cricket Gritty and determined Advance fearlessly They go boom boom Will emerge victorious Promise, they made! It’s high time! Delight for fans! We are their strength! Let our Batting Heroics dominate Let our Bowling Swings create panic Let our fielders be cheetahs on prowl Let’s hoist our tricolour on British Soil Cricket is Played from gully to Delhi All including kids and elders watch it Tension reaches very high
Nail biting exciting Constant enquires about scores Bunking schools or colleges to watch it Employees take off by fooling the boss Field setting is done while watching TV KapilDev’s team victory in 1983-a thriller that rewrote the history as world took note of us..! The 2007 triumph-Captain cool Dhoni inspired us to defeat arch rivals in T20 World cup..! Strategies and forces aligned in sync to script the 2011 triumph ..dedicated to “God of cricket” This 2019 …we are with the Kohli’s army, Will win the world cup, Make the nation proud Lions Roar Lions Roar Lions Roar Lions Roar

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  1. Nice ra mava super making nice attempt all videos clips all is good chala baga thisaru ra all the best darling

  2. Good song super lyrics really a great inspiration song..?? this song is really larger than life?????All the best for young team excellent work

  3. Very nice song.. excellent job guys.. This song is really giving a fantastic feeling.. hope India gets WorldCup this time..

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