September 8, 2019

Hello guys it is barry here welcome (says
hello in various languages) and hi welcome oh I say you have been practicing your lingo,
I have been brushing up on my lingo, what is this with the drum roll I do not know it
is just like an introduction, this is my Mum if you do not know who my mum is she has been
in other videos with me and I often reference how I fell out of her once and stuff like
that she is always up for a challenge are you mum. *awkward laugh*
When I said fell out I meant when you gave birth to me I thought you meant fell out no
well apparently when my mum gave birth to me I did shoot out of her but I did not want
to go into that much detail did I too much information you have the marks to show for
it where they caught you is that why I have a mark in my head, did I land on the table,
oh he is alright no it was a nurses nail what lets clear this up it was a nurses nail embedded
in my head not embedded she just caught you because it could have been a lot worse but
they do not want to know about that. The health and safety in the eighties was
a bit random, before we get started actually my mum wants to start her own youtube channel
about being an agony aunt, so if any of you guys like the idea of that and would like
her to answer any embarrassing questions let me know down below because she has taken early
retirement and can only live off the fact she was born on the same day and year as Michael
Jackson for so long. You will not let that one go will you, hee hee nope going to get
her a sequin glove for her 60th you are already 60 are you not. Disclaimer she does look good
for 60, I am not 60 thankyou. You round it up I was taught in maths you round it up,
everyone is going to google how old is Michael Jackson now no women do not round up their
age is that correct ladies, we round down girls don�t we let us know if you are a
girl. If you are a bloke you round up so you could have a drink and stuff when you were
younger anyhow the purpose of my mum being here you know I went to America recently I
went in this crazy shop where I found all these amazing things right mum told you about
it I have jerky, scorpion and tarantula down there which I will probably get Ashens involved
in. So we have got 3 items we are going to pick
from today my mum is going to pick aren�t you did I just catch you doing the oooh face
I just do not want to get the crickets, I do not fancy them, we have got bacon and cheese
flavour crickets, we have got earthworm jerky so if you remember earthworm jim the video
game or cartoon it is kind of like they turned him into jerky and not fried but dehydrated
so you get that maximum earthworm flavour right mum the last item is rattlesnake, this
is a tin of rattlesnake chunks, smoked, so there is a bit of flavour in there and I think
it may be in some sort of gravy, what my mum does not know is that in my head and on the
screen right now there are already numbers allocated to these items, just give me a number
between one to three the element of surprise isn�t it, whoah like that, I quite like
going even, so two, two, maybe 3, crickets, no!
Got ourselves a little plate for our crickets and it is sat there ready to be consumed,
bacon and cheese flavour crickets amazing packaging on the back apart from this diagram
where you can see the rump and the flank and the wings and the breast you know like the
diagram of the cows and pigs they have it does not really contain any nutritional stuff
at all it is one serving per person you take a shot of it so we are being quite good, 9
calories so if you are on a cricket only diary you can have loads of these. Two thousand
calories a day you can have loads, they are in a bag, get a shot of that so you can see
that there, I will zoom in, there you go, I opened the pack and there was an instant
smell of bugness hmm tasty. Bugs are supposed to be like the new thing are they not oh no,
one of them is not coming out, oh no, we just emptied the bag and there is like, it moved,
it did not move if I just kind of do that I love how there is random wings and legs,
look there is a head, yeah I think we should get this done and dusted mum would you like
me to serve this to you on a fork, come on we need to do this sophisticated, I do not
do wings, you do not do them flying without wings, we are going to go for, look at this
one, this is a good one right here, no do not give me that one, come on, you are prolonging
it, you need to get in that zone mum, can I have that one, please, yeah ok you can.
It has not got any wings on it, urgh are you ready right you hold that this is your new
friend what are you going to call him, I am going to call mine terry I am going to go
for this one here, oh no, lovely so should be able to see that there hopefully, are you
ready mum, shall we do it romantically lets have a smell very buggy and woody earthy,
yeah earthy hmmm, hate you why could I not have had a girl, yeah she had two girls they
both look like me by the way anyhow ready three two one �. Urgh where is the bacon
and cheese in that laughs. Oh I got a head, haha oh you got a head, oh my nearly choking
on a leg like a random bug limb, you ok, where is the bacon and cheese in that they just
put that on the packet to sell it, yeah there is no bacon and cheese in that that tasted
like eating wood, I have a leg, later on my mum is going to a show, oh anne you have something
in your teeth oh it is just a bug leg. Would you like another one, there is a real
big one right here look at that he has like prongs coming out of it hmmm oh barry you
can taste wood can you summarise I do not like it I hate you it is just very, no I cannot
just very bitty, bitty I want bitty some of you may get that reference it is ok, bugs
done bacon and cheese not in there very wingy dry dusty like eating dried wood or chipboard
that is the best way of describing it, come on mum one more, before we end, lets finish
with one more, come on lets finish that, come on now, ok there is the head, there is the
head, I do not like the head, do not like it, right I am just going to leave my mum
with a bug in her mouth *mum screams* right I think that is the end of the video so there
is plenty more unique treats to taste either with my mum or ashens coming up really soon
between the giant foods and all that stuff that is it then guys do not forget to let
me know what you think of my mum having her own channel and good luck with that lets get
rid of the leg out of my teeth hee hee not a fan

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