Cricket highlights – biggest sixes by cricket players

September 20, 2019

snapped or kept till this time
there well as he got there that is enormous solutely enormous I
think that is on the roof look at us the elevation was shot just
perfect oMG I think I’m sick did you hit the net that is that it’s just messy I
know he’s been a good for martin Guptill but that’s that’s the icing on the cake
that lost ball at a create ground to give another five for that it’s the six of the roof from martin
Guptill and we’ve seen some extreme hitting but that has been the biggest by
far from Ryan tenders Carter he is absolutely moose that out of the
park we go very honest I mean the team for
Saturday motors and we’ve seen some extreme hitting but that has been the
biggest by far from Ryan tenders Carter he is absolute tough chances Chris games
now trying to reassert his dominance particularly on big six this ground test
match we saw it on the roof here right above us and this one here into the
backyard and people that is a huge hit yeah they don’t give it back like this
one for history because it’s the new Graham Road stand if it had a beam there
and of course it would now that really has been go down the rickety guys this is Heidi
and it’s going all the way don’t worry about trashing onto the roof of the newsstand
that’s a lovely shot from Ganguly it’s been playing second fiddle out here
but that’s almost as good as they come well it certainly has gone a long way
sir I’ve done ruling set it in the part that it doesn’t look as if he’s hitting
the ball very hard here’s another look at that six way over the top and ended
up landing on the roof oh ho it’s Anna ground that’s gone it’s
downtown it’s on my car don’t believe it the downside of getting a pack so close
oh no did you pay insurance I do believe it I think it’s mine another report the first one usually
it’s a it’s the same color it’s a round about the same place I know I packed at
the air about five hours ago oh geez please I don’t think I was that
far down but this is one of the greater sixes this ground has ever seen huggy V
greats I think this sale and this stand had
just been built and he put it over over the stand I think it went through the
gap in the sale or bounced off it into the net area at the back and cataract
ermine and his daughter were walking in nearly nearly got hit nearly wore the
Kookaburra but there won’t be the sound off the bars and writing and I guess
it’s the consistency of this Gabba pitch 143 meters it was a monster monster almost almost led the two roads outside
that’s the long boundary and it’s out of the zone that’s from the crease bigots he’s got all of them let me tell
you it’s half way up the trees and these are not small trees at Queens Sports
Club we’ve just said about falling in the rod areas this is knowledge of
delivery from Masakazu massive hit the sounded made from the vet told you and
that has gone way over the boundary that’s just pour boiling by Shinji
massacred so what is the roof again always loves that room he
loves hats balls that’s going to be called Dan
girlies roof the shares in the company that made that
rule in certainly giving them a lot of advertising so damn cool
he caught this one on the phone didn’t bother to wait on it to create the pitch the way it goes and that is hit the windscreen just fan
the wok trigger bolt in the front seats and that is a big here that is the
biggest six of the die what a way to finish the either here’s six of the tournament probably
the biggest six of the year net has come straight off the middle didn’t worry
about the stands went straight out of the ground that’s gone many amount now
wonderful let me get that ball back I’ll have to come back with a bus ticket on
it or a hit and that is hit the windscreen just
Fanta walk trigger Bowl in the front seats just giving himself a little bit of room
for the art and let his cum dead set off the middle it’s almost like a golfers
follow-through didn’t move who knows it’s gone that is going to deliver water short
I’m positive for the meatballs 26 of five teams in tourism we just held
this position and squattin it and then it’s cleared the standard alien told us
into the place it’s gone into the road outside the grandstand he’s deathly Claudette sort of thing this
time Tanner gets in he gets in a long long way under the roof this is more like it versus Ross Tyler’s
gonna do slander anything that is remotely in a zone that’s them my
millions out of that shot literally made millions of dollars over wide midwicket
of the front foot enters go to at the stage such right out of the lower-middle – added to
the leverage of the shot they go for you’ve got to go to Paula’s my set to
look for the shortage delivery and after a long long time I must say I’m think
they look a bad like he used to looking to hit the ball in the air knew that
Andy character just as when he was there waiting for then I’m amazed that balls
come back to really really notice them and bang I’ve just got in here and they
tell of here he’s Hollister school that is a huge another four and Fang I just got in here an eternity
his highest test score that is a you did know them for and for
the second time he puts it on the roof Wow Andy if you didn’t know the pair of
this man you’re learning it very quickly just crunch talk they may be gone over the stain get
the measurements out there does matter for me

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