CREEPY ELEVATOR!!! (Annoying Orange Roblox)
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CREEPY ELEVATOR!!! (Annoying Orange Roblox)

August 24, 2019

(Orange babbling) (upbeat music) (Orange laughing) – [Orange] Hey yo it’s your girl back here with another gamer video! Look were at Roblox once again! That’s right, we are
playing the Creepy Elevator! (laughs) I wonder what makes it so creepy? I betcha’ it’s filled with broccoli. Eww! (laughs) Uh-oh, check out all
these crazy characters they have in this game! There’s Baldy, Hello Neighbor, there’s Bendy! Oh-hoh!
Five Nights at Freddy’s, oh Smile. (laughs) Things about to get creepy up in here! Uh oh. Granny! Where’s Granny? I don’t see her. Oh, okay. Well, I guess Granny’s gone. Wow! You planking, dude? Nice. I love me some mid-air planking! Some good stuff right there! Woo-hoo! We got a great crew here! We’re gonna’ get scared, right guys? (sudden ominous music) It’s a creepy elevator, of
course we’re gonna get scared! We done! I want a refund! (crazy laughter) Oh! It’s stopping on a floor. Oh, what is it? Look out! Okay. (laughs) All right, I just noped
right out of there. (babbling) What the heck was that? (screaming) Oh, that’s a lot of screaming. People are gettin’ sliced and diced! (giggling) Well, not gonna’ have any
fun just waitin’ around there so let’s go see what’s goin’ on! (excited babbling) Ooh, there’s– I think there’s screaming coming from in there. Whoa! Was that a skeleton? It is! Make no bones about it! Better run this way, I
don’t wanna get killed by Mister Bones. That’s a skele-ton of
death and destruction– Oh, what! How did he kill me? Whoa. He’s that fast.
He’s got speedy jeans. Oh, that’s who it is! SCP-O96. Twenty-butt-thousand. (laughs) Just kidding. I added
the twenty-butt thousand. But you guys already knew that. Whoa, somebody in here is sparkly. I like it! Lemme’ guess, buddy.
You stopped cold turkey. (laughs) Don’t trip. Oh boy! Wonder
what’s gonna’ be next! Okay, so now I know it shows up on the– Ooh, Eyeless Jack! Eww. Well he definitely must not be a teacher, ‘cuz he doesn’t any pupils! (giggling) Yeah! Uh-oh. Whoa! Oh, oh, oh, oh, no! Splicin’ dicin’! Now it’s completely allowed. Leave me alone, I got the jumpy-jumps! (gibbering) Okay, I think I outran
him! That was awesome! Let’s see, I wonder if I can get to that– the high ground. Um, I wanna’ get to– yeah, let’s do the roof. All right! Ooh, somebody’s
already up there. Come on! Yeah! Hangin’ out on the roof! Whoa. That guy just blew up like crazy! All right, the roof is
now the party pit! Sweet! Hey! What the– oh. (laughing) (eerie chimes) I got a little confused there. I was like, um, yeah, usually the room just doesn’t just disappear on a house. Unless you got one of those
cool, disappearing houses. That’d be pretty awesome. Uh-oh, something’s coming.
Something’s coming… It’s Duolingo! (eerie thudding) Hey, buddy! How are you up there? Someone’s hangin’ out up on the ceiling. That’s pretty awesome. Hey Duolingo! (loud screeching) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what was that? Okay, that’s a lot of screams, wow! Okay, okay, that’s a lot of screaming! Geez. Someone’s feeling owly-growly. (giggles) You love it. All right, I’m goin’ back in. (screeching intensifies) Yeah, just gonna’ wing it. Oh no, Duolingo, don’t kill me! (scared laughing) There’s a true pecking order and you’re in– the order
is not to kill me, okay? Leave me alone! (percussive music) Birds of a feather don’t
murder together, okay? (laughing) Okay, I think I escaped
him. I think we’re good. (sudden screaming) Woo, well, there’s a
lot of screaming, still. Oh-no, oh-no, he’s heading this way, no! Duolingo, no! (hooting laughter) Juke and jive! Almost got me! Oh-no, he’s still here! Aaahh! Get on the other side of the desks. (laughs) Tried to teach us a lesson. (spooky voices) Yeah! We survived! Well, I mean, actually we
died. Then we survived. After we died. And came back. You get it! (laughs) Hey, check it out. ♪ You light up my butt. ♪ (hoots) (fart sound) Oh wow. I just farted in a closed space with a million people! (laughs) That’s the scariest
thing in this game, yet. (giggles) Oh-no, it’s SCP-939. Ooh, it’s
a different one this time. (scary, thumping music) All about the SCPs this time. Let’s see, Whoa, wow! Whoa, holy moly! That’s some crazy demon creature! Demon creature, you can’t kill me! There’s a clause against that. (laughs) Get it, ‘cuz he’s got giant claws? He’s super scary! Where’d he go? Oh, there he is. I see him
creeping over by those boxes! Oh, I think he might be stuck. Yes, he’s stuck! Hey, demon creature! (laughs) You’re not very good at
being a demon creature! (mocking laughter) (creepy chimes and bells) Demon creature’s one weakness: boxes! (laughs) If your one weakness is boxes,
then you should probably get a different job. I mean, I don’t want to
tell you what to do but… (laughs) (haunting tone) Okay, what we got next? It’s comin’ up! Oh-no! Freddy Fazbear! (ominous music) Oh, boy. Oh wow! Check it out! It is! It’s just like Five Nights at Freddy’s! Yeah, here’s the night watchman room and then okay, yeah, here’s
all the hallways you come down, oh my goodness! (ominous music intensifies) Come on, we gotta’ explore. (background screaming) I hear some screamin’ over here! Whoa, what was that? Oh-no, Freddy! Ahhh! (screaming intensifies) (laughter) And you jump scared me on top of it. Why would you do that? Oh, boy. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. I think I see him. Yep, there he is! Freddy, whatcha’ doin’? Freddy, you’re stuck on walls, again! What the– What are you doin’? He’s
just staring in the window. Ugh, oh now he’s chasing
me. He’s chasing me! No, get away! Get away! Wow! (laughs) Woo! Saved, just in the nick of time! (spring boings) You know, I really don’t like that saying, I wanna’ change it. Change it
from Nick to let’s say, Steve. Just in the Steve of time. (laughs) Oh, boy. What’s next? Oh no, it’s another SCP-089. What does SCP stand for, anyway? Super Crunky Pajamas? Hey, that was my coin,
I was gonna’ grab that! Super Crunky Pajamas! (ominous music) Oi. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. I hear scary sounds. I don’t see anything, though. Yeah, I’ve just been
wandering around halls for like a minute, now. What’s goin’ on? (scary music) Okay, Super Crunky Pajamas
was not scary at all. (laughs) Yo spin it to win it, yo
spin it to win it, what? Oh, we’re on the next floor. What is it? Oh no! Hello Neighbor! Oh, no, no, no, Neighbor’s right there. (hooting laugh) He came right in! (slashing sound) Creepy peepin, butt touching
weirdo, you leave me alone! Okay, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! (creepy circus music) Yes! Coinages! Nice! I got some! I got some! Let’s see if people are
finding anymore coins– Oh, wait, there’s
another one! Coin for me! Oh yeah! I’m raiding
Hello Neighbor’s house! I’m not just finding out
what’s in the basement, I’m finding out what’s
in every single room, getting all those coins! Oh yeah, another coin for the Orange! (laughs) Oh yeah, Hello Neighbor ain’t so scary! (coin chiming) Creepy peeping butt touching weirdo is giving me some cash money! I got all the coins in this thing! Yeah! Lookin’ so good! Where did he go? Oh, there he is. (laughs) He’s chasing you. (crazy laughing) Why did he do that? Aw, he’s so busy touching butts! Well, that’s what he does
for a living, apparently. (giggles) (spring boings) (Orange babbling) (laughing) That was fun. It’d be awesome if
everybody in the elevator was all doing it at the same time. It’d be awesome. Okay
what’s next? What’s next? (sudden ominous screeching) Jason! Uh-oh. You know what Jason says. Leave it to cleaver, oh
no! Whoa! He really does! (laughs) Nice to meet you too, Jason, geez. Why would you slice and
dice me? I’m your friend! Don’t you remember all
the good times we had? Like that time I came out of
the elevator and I saw you and then you murdered me? (laughs) (ominous music intensifies) Yeah, you’re so mean!
Mean, green, jelly beans! Okay, no more murdering
me. Nope! Nope! I don’t– Nope. Oh, I thought that
was him for a second. I’m gonna’ stand in a fire. No, actually, I’m not. Hey, hey this level’s really “in-tents.” (laughs) Get it? Tents? Yeah! You love it! Okay, uhhh, can I go in the little one? Oh, yeah, I can go in the
little one, too. Very nice! I’m just gonna’ go camping! Yeah! Have you guys heard the
story of the farting gorilla? (mock roaring) (music intensifies) It’s a real gas. (laughs) Oooh, wee! Well, that was fun. (gentle chimes) All right. I wanna’ do a couple more! While we wait, I better do this. (babbling like an engine) (spring boings) (laughs) Always fun. Oh, wait what level is it? Oh no, Freddy Krueger! Oh, no. Slice to meet me, I know! Whoa, is that him? Aw no, that’s you. You’re super fast. How’d you get so fast? (sudden grating) I wanna’ be fast like you. I’d probably have to wear
speedy jeans, though. And I don’t wanna’ wear speedy jeans. I embrace the power
naked, I don’t wear jeans. (laughs) (knife slicing) Oi, no! No! Holy moly! He came so fast! (laughs) Freddy really “gloves” it when
you come over to his house! Oh! Ah, he’s back already!
Okay! Okay! Okay! I’m leaving! (laughs) Nope. I’m just Ted. Call me Reeses Pieces. (laughs) (somber piano music) All right, okay. What’s next, you guys? I wanna’ know what the
next floor is gonna’ be! Laughing Jack! Oh yeah,
I hear him laughing. I wonder what he’s laughing about? Oh, there he is. I see him! He’s probably laughing at Pear. (laughs) Oh, yeah, gimme’ them coins! What, what! Oh, yeah! Gimme’ more
coins! All the coins! I get ’em! Hey, Laughing Jack, my puns
are no laughing matter! (laughs) Actually, they are. I’m just gonna’ nestle
with this teddy-bear, here. Oh, he’s so sweet and so soft! (gentle chiming music) I wonder if I can get to the top. No, I’m going to the– Oh yes, I did it! I can’t
believe I actually did that. That was awesome! I
made it! Just “bearly.” (laughs) Yeah. Laugh at that, Laughing Jack! Yeah, got that double laugh attack! Whoa! Uh-oh, it’s Samara. Samara from the Ring. Oh boy. Well. Are we gonna’ go out there? I guess we’re gonna’ go out there. Yeah. Please don’t murder me, Samara. You’ve got really pretty hair, you know? I wonder where she’s at? (sudden screech) (screams and laughs) That actually scared me! Oh my gosh! Oh, well. Get it? Because
she came out of a well? Yeah. All right guys, well
thank-you so much for watching! Make sure you do everything
you can to make this the most popular video on the internet, ‘cuz it totally deserves this! (screams and laughs) (Electronic upbeat music)

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