Creepy Clown breaks into house, as Kid wins on Fortnite…
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Creepy Clown breaks into house, as Kid wins on Fortnite…

August 22, 2019

Welcome to today’s fake adventure and when I say today’s adventure! I… Literally mean today’s adventure because finally we’re going to be a testing another crazy fortnite challenge but right now In Meadowhall now today is Saturday the maze day, I would But right now im off to ___________Sorry Couldnt Hear Well -Nick The Editor Morgz: Bro?! Yeah Guys I was expecting like a couple hundred of you guys internal literally there was thousands of you all in one day there was so many of you that we had to change the location because you were crowding the Shopping center Oh Let’s go, okay guys We flippin took it over. I meant thousands of you guys, bro you were already in the merge It was insane, but right now I think the perfect way to cool down and just calm down a little bit would be to hop into a game of fortnight I’ve played it like so let’s see if I still got okay boys and girls win the game right now I think what I’m gonna. Do is hit off shifty mother flipping shafts because last time you went shifty shafts I got like six kills in the one kill one dare So I’m just gonna hit up shifty again, and just see if we can get something similar. I got a bandage I’m gonna get some ammo. Okay. Wait. Is there a chest in here yes there. We go. Okay? There’s going come on groans Okay, okay, bully our shield up real quick. I’m a gas shield on let’s do let’s do another okay? We’ve got to get these guys now. We’ve got fifty shield on them Okay first we got hit for 30. Oh my god limited And they killed the other guys wow okay when we pop that 25 shields Oh, we’re off to a fight stove a ladies and gentlemen and we’ve got a pub shotgun, which is my oh wait? There’s someone bad. Okay. We need to calm it down You know I’m going to I’m gonna back off and I’m gonna try and get around them, or is it girls This is going pretty well so far two kills Okay oh I Just got two double kills out of nowhere We killed one guy, and then the other guy And then we killed someone else and then got a nasty edge on the other guy who I’m guessing the flip out of there boys and girls. Oh my gosh. I got a sniper I Hate minigun, so they’re not very good everybody comment down below if you use the minigun Personally I think the minigun is really really bad. They take out a good base, okay? I’m pretty sure guys that is everybody in shifty shafts taken out. I’m gonna go on the run. I’m gonna medkit It’s only 25 health, but I’ve only got 75 Overall so you know what I’m a doer The house is outside the house Down there Go in the other room do the bedrooms a suicide what happened? Tell me what’s going on I don’t believe you yeah, there’s no way I can ov isn’t a prank who is doing it There’s somebody out there. Who is it. It well obviously Martley minds at work. No just me no one else we do As a parent She does much. She’s fucking you you serious. Please look good I’m serious listen the security cameras filming the cameras following their own. There are no recording. Yeah. It’s recording Yeah, yeah, so where did your coming from down there? I’m not side of the house if you’re pranking me. Tell me now Okay, geez you’ve had your reaction no mum stop stop stop Just tell me if Gibby’s so he be Syria Would you say they were just up in the clouds it might a scary time like from Halloween? I Don’t know if it’s still a prank or not Mum was crying and everything so I don’t think it’s a prank, but I don’t have to watch about the footage and see If it’s Genuine or not because usually if mom’s pranking me. She has Martinen like the guy and obviously Martin isn’t here right now It’s just me Mom care in the house, so we know it’s not mom we know it’s not Kiera obviously not me so I guess let’s just watch this guy’s I Didn’t expect any of this to happen. I just thought it’s just gonna be a fortnight (NOTE: NO ONE BE WORRIED! THANK YOU!) (footage of the clown) Okay guys, so it’s been about an hour since that went down Now all the short I was gonna put this in the vlog, but I’ve seen as I’m vlogging and this is something which I? Feel like maybe you guys could help us on I’m gonna tell you guys what went down So we’ve just watched back the security footage firstly if we take a look at that you can see that the the clown, I guess Came in through the side of the house. We don’t have a gate there, but obviously Climbed over it yeah came around obviously banging on the door I Was just changing channel, and then I and then have suddenly just saw saw so yeah, and then she came up I was obviously doing my video was it happy. I thought was a prank Obviously we’ve seen the footage now Now obviously, we’ve done the pop-up shop today So I guess the first suspect is Could it be one of you guys could it be a subscriber who is possibly followed us home till Then again right if we analyse the person here’s a photo there were almost at all of the entire door so It could move around we don’t know now obviously the person had their hood up a mask on Full-body out for the main suspects in my opinion. Oh it can’t be Kira It can’t be me it can’t be mom. I think the main suspect. I’m afraid is ball Martin. It’s at work Yeah, but we have to whom else could it possibly be you Have to put the blame on someone because not here Absolutely, 1%, not I know it’s not it look big person look big I don’t think that’s enough to ride Martin off completely cell suspect number two It’s bored Martin suspect number. Three is is Just a stranger and the killer clowns are back, and they’re just looking for a bit of fun Just trying to tease those winders, or I don’t know I think that’s a scare It’s one of everything and then I think suspect number four has to be has to be done Well But I feel like if it was dusk He would have obviously filmed it and he would have I don’t know like hey that doesn’t have a channel so Maybe it’s just not wanting attention Wants what we’re giving him right now just to be in the video I don’t know, but no we’ve seen that all day today, and he’s been fine So I don’t think it can be done either so who take a look at the facts Which we’ve got from the security footage number one. It’s always very tall they didn’t have a weapon I don’t think so And they didn’t enter the house was doing something like that You think they were doing on the footage that did something like I don’t know The house is doing it guys anyway This is why you come in tell us in the comment section right now Who do you think it could be I feel like you guys could possibly help us if there’s any clues in the footage on here It could be it could we really do need to sit down and further analyze the footage to see if there’s anything which Match up yeah with who it could be but guys you know there’s millions of you Maybe you guys see something that we didn’t but anyway. Thank you for watching this video Thank you all so much for coming to the meter and copying the free It’s a weird time for a plug. Yeah me mommy Cara I just really really shots and obviously Cara was in the room with me, so we know isn’t hurry the book guys Thank you for watching Please subscribe if you’re new Join the movement going caught some of this merch link in the description if you have any other clues tweet me on my social Media all that will be in the link in the description and you we’ll see you guys We’ll see you guys later

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