Create Android Game With Construct 2 [Part 1]

September 15, 2019

Salam alikum (Hello) Hi everyone , today we are going to learn how
to export games from construct 2,to android application game first of all ,download the construct 2 from
and follow the steps on the screen now create your own game ,which we will talk
about it ,in another videos, in the future. let’s start to export our game to cocoonJS ,
so we can try it from the launcher after the exporting, we will need to upload the zip file to
a server
we will use, the dropbox which support this feature now in your mobile, open the co coon.J.S launcher and try your game ,but
before that you have to register in their site which is : after the register accepting ,you will get a code, which
you need to insert it, in your mobile phone after that, insert the public link, which you can find
it in, in your folder destination now, you can try your game ,and check if there is any bugs or
crashes . also, it will show you the numbers of frames (FPS) we have reached the end of this part, i’m going to finish
the lesson, and we will complete the lesson in another video

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