Crawl (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures
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Crawl (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

October 8, 2019

(suspenseful music) (woman screaming) – [Governor] The state
of Florida has issued a category five hurricane warning. All residents must evacuate immediately. Grab your families, your loved ones, and get out. – [Haley] Dad! – [Governor] We won’t
be able to come for you. – [Haley] Dad? (creature groaning) (suspenseful music) Dad!? Oh, God. What happened? (woman screaming) – Haley, are you hurt? – I’m fine. Hello, can anybody hear me? I’m trapped with my father in our house in Coral Lake. – Haley! – Please send help! – [Wade] Haley? – Wade, down here! – Pete, do you hear that? – In less than an hour we’ll be under water. I’m banging on the pipes, it blurs their senses. – I can distract them for you. You got this! – You need to go, now! – I’m not leaving you here. (suspenseful music) (gun shots) – We’re in here! (breaking glass) (water surges) (gasping) Come on you son of a bitch. (suspenseful music)

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  1. so the reason why they r hanging around that area cause of the egg ok now i know why thank u for letting me know the main plot of the movie.

  2. Crawl was amazing i was frightened so many times it really got us jumpy my living room was filled with excitement. There are so many shark movies the Gators finally got there screen time loved it. We had to watch it Twice last night …

  3. To the girl on this movie, you have the most stupid father any body could have:
    1. He going places when he knows there is a hurricane coming.
    2. He almost died like 3x because of his stupidity
    3. Instead of staying at the high ground stairs he purposely go to the water and make himself bitten again by the crocodile (made him lost his arm)
    4. His favorite word is "swim" he always tell his daughter that. He thinks that his daughter is a better swimmer than the crocs.
    5. Instead of staying inside go to the roof untill the rain stop, he purposely lead his daughter to the store near to get the boat and make the crocs chase her. And guess what? A flood came, so what they all did was pretty useless.
    6. He dragged her daughter to all that mess.

    Most stupid father you could ever have.

  4. Helicopters flying in a cat 5 hurricane, lol. Calling an evacuation after the cat 5 already made landfall? who writes this shit? this movie is exactly how I imagine non-southerns view hurricanes (minus the silly alligator stuff).

  5. They put too much crap in movies sometimes … I mean just throw in some zombies too, maybe a few sharks, a Sasquatch where is the alien from space????

  6. I just watched it,and it was a waste of time. There are couple of scenes that are suspense but it was not that good, the story is bad, sorry that is my opinion, the good thing I can say, is that they did not delay in showing the alligators, it was from the first scene. I recommend to watch Rogue 2007. It is a lot better than this one.

  7. of course the rescue workers will die. bitch has to be the hero and we need some body count or the bad gators aren't threatening enough. yawn

  8. Huge disappointment if you ask me. Trailer made this look ‘Amazing’ but the movie itself was a huge let down and so predictable throughout. Acting wasn’t amazing and the entire movie is spent practically under their house 🏠 boring 🤷🏻‍♂️ Lots of moments where you think “nobody would do something like that, why would they do that it’s so unrealistic” 👎

  9. This movie is dumb, if that's your survival instinct then you'll probably die.
    1. A storm is coming then you're having a swimming session/lesson? Tf
    2. A storm is coming then you're in the basement fixing something? For what? For flood? Duh..
    3. Ok, they managed to get out from the basement then tried to find a boat? Tf. Who has time to get a boat knowing there are alligators everywhere. (Them)
    4. Hugging first before doing the next thing for survival is very crucial. In the scene where the father almost died from drowning, atleast the gator didn't get the father's feet. I'm expecting you know.

    So many dumb moments. Dont waste your time watching this.

  10. Holy shit 😖😖🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊…

  11. Just watch the movie, wondering. Doesn't crock hiss to tell people/animals to stay away, not right before they attack? They are silent killers.

  12. I'll watch any movie with gators or crocs munching on hapless saps. I just hope it's good like "Rogue" and not sucky like the dozen "Lake Placid" sequels.

  13. I've watched this movie about 30 mins and walked out right after the scene where a huge alligator bit her leg and dragged her around. She kicked the alligator in the face (with her other bare foot) and alligator got hurt (?!) and let her go, then she stood up and walked away as if nothing happened. I've seen more legit scenes in Tiny Toons.
    My point is; Watch at least 1 alligator documentary before making a movie about gators.

  14. So the Dad, daughter, and dog all live, except the dog lost his arm by one gator, and had gotten a big tare in his shoulder, and his one leg broke really bad. The daughter got alot of bites, but nothing broken. The DOG was the smartest of all of them and didn't get a scratch. It just goes to show how stupid people can truly be. If you are living in Florida, or on vacation, and Hurricane is coming, get the fuck out of Florida, if for some reason you can't and you live along the Coast, and most usually the East coast at the very least head to Orlando, it's about the safest place in Florida to be. Make damn sure your not crossing Alligator Alley during a Hurricane, yes there is actually a stretch of highway that runs from the East to the west coast nick named that. They warn you not to get out of your car at all when you cross that, even in good weather.

  15. the most ridiculous movie ever. thief & police easily get caught by gators, dad & daughter doesn't. wasting my time watch this movie.

  16. Right. So now the crocodiles are the bad guys, the 'son of a bitches"…. Who kill who in the middle of the night, shoting in the eyes just to sell hist leather, inducing your extincton?

  17. I just watched this film a few days ago. For the whole movie I kept worrying about the dog. Everytime they showed it, I was so scared it was gonna die. Thankfully it survived the whole movie. Pheew 😩😑😪😴

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