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Crash Bandicoot – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Eruption of Arcadea

August 27, 2019

you know? In Crash Bandicoot 2, the Lab Assistant enemies
are referred to as “ass” in the game’s data. Although this was clearly an abbreviation
of ‘assistant’, the humorous side effects of the shortening weren’t lost on developers. The file for one lab assistant was even named
“ass banger”. In its sequel, Crash Bandicoot: Warped, developers
went one step farther, naming the enemies things like “ass hole” and “mother f**ker”. And these aren’t the only lewd tidbits from
the game’s development. When the developers at Naughty Dog started
working on a 3D platformer, they jokingly referred to it as the “Sonic’s ass” game. This was due to how the camera would always
follow the main character’s backside. The team worked around this problem in several
ways: by having the character start out facing the screen, by including 2D-style side-scrolling
segments, and by adding levels where the character runs toward the screen. The game’s villain, Neo Cortex, was inspired
by the character Brain from the cartoon series Pinky and the Brain. For the game’s hero, Naughty Dog wanted to
take a cute but lesser known species of animal and turn it into an iconic character, like
Sega had done with Sonic the Hedgehog. They narrowed their choices down to a wombat,
a potoroo, or a bandicoot. The game’s working title was “Willie the Wombat,”
although they considered this too dorky. They eventually came up with the name Crash
Bandicoot based on the way the character crashed through boxes. A marketing agent from the game’s publisher,
Universal, wanted to change the name to Wuzzle the Wombat or Ozzie the Otzel. In order to keep the name they came up with,
the entire Naughty Dog team went to the offices of Universal Interactive and threatened to
abandon development of the game unless they agreed to call it Crash Bandicoot. Crash’s design was largely determined by the
technical limitations of the PlayStation. He was colored orange because it contrasted
with the greens and browns of the environment, which is also why there’s no lava-themed levels
in the game. He was given a light-colored chest and spots
so that players could easily tell which way he was facing, black gloves so that his hands
would show up against his body when seen from the side, and a large face so his expressions
were easily read even at a low resolution. In order to capture a cartoony vibe, the programmers
used a technique called vertex animation, which could be used to create animations much
more fluid than the rigid “skeleton” animations used by other games at the time. While this allowed for characters to be easily
squashed or stretched, the technique itself seemed impossible to achieve on the original
PlayStation until Naughty Dog invented a method of compressing the animations. The game also used so many polygons that designers
had to think of ways to hide them so the PlayStation didn’t have to render them all at the same
time. This eventually led to the game’s levels being
designed as narrow, enclosed corridors. When Crash Bandicoot was unveiled to the public,
its visuals and gameplay were deemed so impressive by industry members that false rumours spread
that the demo was faked. Some developers even implied that Sony concealed
larger, more powerful computers behind their booths to run the demo. Others believed that Naughty Dog received
secret documents from Sony that contained hidden technical information about the PlayStation. While Crash Bandicoot took up all available
space on the CD, approximately two-thirds of the game’s total size is taken up by a
file filled with random numbers that serve no purpose. By putting this file at the center of the
disk, the actual game data was pushed to the outside of the disk. Because the outer area of the disc spins faster
than the inner area, load times are reduced. Making the game’s file size larger also helped
deter people from pirating the game. While working on the game’s music, the team’s
producer suggested forgoing a musical score in favor of what he called “the urban chaotic
symphony.” This would have consisted of sounds like grunts,
honks, bird calls, and fart noises being played at random. The idea was rejected, and the game received
a traditional soundtrack. During the process of localizing Crash Bandicoot
for Japan, Sony requested that several of the songs be changed. According to the game’s composer, Josh Mancell,
“They felt that the boss rounds needed to sound more ‘video game-like’. The only reference they gave was music from
the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland. My favorite comment was about the original
Tawna bonus round music. It roughly translated into ‘the sound of the
guitar mixed with the tree imagery is too nostalgic-sounding’. I’m still scratching my head on that one.” This isn’t the only odd change that’s been
made to the series in Japan. When the first game was being demonstrated
to Sony Japan, their executives reacted negatively to Crash’s design. In response, the presenters from Naughty Dog
quickly redrew their artwork of Crash. They gave him black “Pac-Man shape” eyes,
made his spiky hair smaller, and closed his mouth to make him look less aggressive. Altering content to suite a Japanese audience
was a regular occurrence throughout the series. In Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back,
Crash has a death animation when he gets crushed is flattened into his shoes. Naughty Dog was asked to alter this animation
for the Japanese release, as it was too reminiscent of an at-large Japanese serial killer known
for beheading his victims. The Japanese version of Crash Bandicoot: Warped
also included several full-motion video clips that were not present in other versions of
the game. And several games in the series include a
Japan-exclusive change where Aku Aku would provide the player with gameplay hints when
they picked up a mask. Throughout the history of Crash Bandicoot,
there have been many games that never saw the light of day. In 2004, Magenta Software pitched a title
called Crush Bandicoot. This game would’ve introduced the titular
character Crush, an evil twin of Crash, as the main character while Cortex would serve
as the villain. It would have featured an array of vehicles
for Crush to use in open-world sci-fi themed environments, but the publisher ultimately
passed on the idea. Following the release of Crash Twinsanity,
Traveller’s Tales put together a series of proposals for a game starring Neo Cortex under
the tentative titles of “Cortex Chaos” and “The All-New Cortex Show”. The first iteration of the project revolved
around the concept of having Cortex command a group of miniature clones to perform tasks
such as collecting items or forming a bridge, similar to Nintendo’s Pikmin games. The second version of the pitch featured a
story where Cortex was kicked out of the “Evil Scientists League” due to working with Crash
in Crash Twinsanity, and Cortex would then have to defeat the League’s other members. The game’s levels were based around evil scientists
from past games in the series, as well as introducing new characters such as a mummy
named N. Tombed, a clown named N. Tertain, and a scientist with plants for hair named
N. Tangled. Radical Entertainment began work on a new
game called Crash Landed on the heels of Crash: Mind Over Mutant. Intended for release on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii,
and DS, Crash Landed would have been a retelling of Crash’s origin story, as he went on an
adventure to rescue his fellow bandicoots. It would have also introduced a new mechanic
whereby the player could combine items they found to create new weapons and upgrades. Levels would have been semi-linear with optional
areas to explore, and would’ve featured a day/night cycle and weather effects. The game spent around two years in development
and included plans for a cross-promotion with McDonald’s and a kart-racing spin-off game. However, in 2010, Radical Entertainment suffered
a series of layoffs, and Crash Landed was cancelled without ever being formally announced. Did you also know that symbols on the PlayStation
controller actually have a meaning behind them? Or that the white towers in the PlayStation
2’s startup animation represent save data from the user’s memory card? For more PlayStation facts, click the annotation
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  1. For those wondering why this video isn't called 'Part 2', we are redoing some of the older videos that are hugely outdated and have incorrect information in them. In these videos, we will correct past mistakes as well as add new trivia about the game. Thanks for reading.

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