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Coyote Fury! – POV Archery Coyote Hunting – Solvid FIY

August 9, 2019

Archery coyote hunting Chris: You ready? Shawn: Sure Coyote right there coming in from under the tree Here comes a coyote at 12 0’clock He’s done! Shoot, he was right there at 10 yards. I should have punched him in the chest when he was coming in, but… when he was coming in, he kind of saw me And then this coyote popped out of nowhere; did you get that on video Hopefully Did you see where he went?

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  1. I see you have done a bit of coyote hunting! also I had a few questions again on the cameras. im looking at getting the HC-V250 but I cant find an extended battery for it. The link you had to B&H photo had batteries but in description they were not compatible with the HC-V250. Also did you guys ever use that camera, and if so, what videos, if you have them posted on here. but any help to finding a battery for the HC-V250  would be appreciated. Thanks again for your time!

  2. @Dakota Kiepert – Thanks. We have not used the Panasonic HC-V250 yet. We have used the 2013 equivalent, and it is an excellent camera for its size and price. It takes the same battery as the 550 and 750, so the extended battery to get would be the VBT380.  Before you do buy the 250 though, you might want to check out the 550. It is very similar in size, weight and zoom, but it has an auto level function, wifi to phone (remote), and an automatic lens cover that opens when the camera is turned on. These all are very important when using with the CamStrap. I just bought one from Costco for $300, plus got the 3 year drops, spills, defects plan for $30. If you can afford it, I think you will be happier with this one because of the mentioned features. Video quality out of both is  great. The hand camera in this video is the 550; the CamStrap Camera is the 700 (2012).  

  3. Mine tuck tail and bolt with a coyote/pup distress, but they come in on the run aggressively with a jack or cottontail distress. Electronics are ok but it's more fun to use manuals for me.

  4. i have a mathews chill sdx and at a 24 inch draw and 50 pounds it is shooting at 276 fps just had it shot through a chronograph yesterday

  5. Nice video! Hey, take a look at my triple coyote hunt video and my channel, and subscribe if you would, as I just subscribed to your channel. Let me know what you think. Thanks…

  6. Nice video! I have killed only one coyote with my Black Widow bow years ago while deer hunting. I use the same type of zoom-able video camera mounted to a shock-proof mechanism (of my own design) meant for rifle use. As you probably already know there are no shock-proof, zoom-able video cameras out on the market and the little fixed focus cameras have too small of a field of view, resulting in the subject of the video being too small. Take a look at my triple (5 or 6 coyotes total came in) coyote hunt video for footage of how my mechanism performs. I would like to know how you manufactured your system so I can maybe do the same thing with my idea or maybe even if you are interested in purchasing my idea. If you would, take a look at my channel and subscribe, as I just subscribed to your channel. Let me know what you think. Thanks…

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