Cover Letter Templates: Learn to Boss Hunt with these Samples
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Cover Letter Templates: Learn to Boss Hunt with these Samples

December 8, 2019

Hi everyone it’s Andy LaCivita, founder of
milewalk and the milewalk Academy and award winner author of the Hiring Prophecies here
with this week’s episode of Tips For Work and Life. I’ve got a really fun one today it’s about
boss hunting and boss hunting with a cover letter that makes hearts melt. I know it ’cause I wrote the cover letters
that I would want to receive. Let’s talk a little bit about this. This episode is really about elevating your
awareness. That’s the most important thing that there
is another way to approach your job search. When I wrote it, I had four types of people
in mind. Maybe you’re just stuck. Maybe you’re just stuck in your job search,
you’re not getting anywhere, you’re sending your resume out, you’re doing some networking,
you just can’t get into the right spot. Maybe you got gatekeepers or your resume is
falling into the applicant tracking system abyss; this is for you. It’s also for people who just simply want
to add another tool into their arsenal of job searching. It’s a really, really effective one. I’ll share a little bit about why. It’s also for people who just want to expand
their network. You can use the same tactic and even the same
language almost verbatim that I put into these cover letters. Then also, people who want to look for some
alternate ways to frame their work experience through these cover letters. I’ve got a couple of them in there, I’ll tell
you about those in a few minutes. Now, before we get into the boss hunting and
what that is, the first thing is you shouldn’t just start reaching out to people that you
don’t know in hopes that they might be able to get you into a company or a job that you
might like. I always promote that you really figure out
yourself first and you make sure that you are directed in your search and that you are
targeting companies, and you are targeting roles, and you’re targeting careers that are
good for you. I’ve written a lot about this on my blog,
you can check it out. There’s podcasts, there’s videos, but one
thing that I have gratuitous plug here for a free online workshop that I have coming
up on October 27th. I have a three part video series titled, Transform
Your Career Mastering The Three Personal Drives That Lead To Career Fulfillment. This workshop is a self-paced, it’s a three
part video series, you can do it on your own, it starts on the 27th. It is all about figuring out and making sure
you’re positioned to succeed in your career. It’s a great place to start. That’s number one. Second thing is, just make sure you are targeting
companies and the right types of organizations for you. I wrote all about this in How To Target The
Companies In Your Job Search so I’d like to assume that before we start boss hunting or
doing any of these very role-specific searches for you that you are directed, you are not
directionally challenged, you’re going in the right place for yourself, you have a thoughtful
overarching approach to your job search. Once you get to that point and you start to
send out those resumes and cover letters we can add boss hunting to the dimension. This is really about targeting a human being
instead of fighting with a robotic ATD. The goal of boss hunting is to target a person
with a very thoughtful message. You really want to just simply expand the
number of touch points that you have out in the world and this is a great way to do that. I’m not gonna go into the tactics about finding
who the boss is in a particular area. There are different ways for you to navigate
through Google and LinkedIn to figure out if you are targeting the right companies and
you are targeting some roles, perhaps that you know. You should be able to do some research to
see who might be an authority figure in that area. That’s also a great point. You don’t need to target who specifically
is responsible for the role. Any head honcho or authority figure in that
area will do it. It isn’t about you getting a bullseye to the
boss, it is just about finding somebody whose background you admire, who you suspect has
some responsibility for an area that you think you would be a good fit for. Whether they have an open role or whether
they don’t have an open role. This is really just about increasing your
chances by adding this other dimension. Now, one of the other things is if you’re
not sure exactly how to approach these people, I’ve written two cover letters. One cover letter is really aimed at those
situations where you know a role exists and you could point to a role at an organization,
you found it. You found it on LinkedIn or you found it on
some job board, or you found it through word of mouth, whatever it might be to where you
can make reference to that role. Then I also wrote you another one where if
you don’t know if there exists a role, but you like the organization. Maybe through your evaluation of how to target
those best companies. You’ve found some individuals that work at
the company and you think you found an authority figure in the area that you would like to
pursue or at least investigate. I have some language in the download, in the
cover letter download, that talks about approaching it from that perspective, even if there is
not an existing opening. Take a look at both of those. You can download those, they’re free. If you’re wondering why this tactic works,
think about pointing and selecting somebody and telling them you’re a not so secret admirer
and that you can add value by supporting them. That is gonna hit home a lot more so than
having some HR specialist swipe through yours and 299 other resumes through their applicant
tracking system. It’s really about personalizing your message. I wrote about this in Interview Intervention,
you can download that for free. Skip right to page 39 and I tell you exactly
why this works in detail. I just really wanted to toss this out there
just so that you understand that this is a great possibility for you. Now the world is making it easier for you
to discover bosses and authority figures in organizations. Virtually everybody has a LinkedIn profile
anymore. Just get out there, try to do a little creative
research. If you’re really, really stuck and I’ve skipped
over some parts, you’re really not sure how to do it, that’s what the comment section’s
for. Just write me, ask me whatever questions that
you want. Right now, download those cover letters. Keep an eye out for that workshop on October
27th. It’s gonna be great. I’m also gonna be doing some live interactions
in between where you can ask me questions live. You’ll see the recordings if you want, if
you sign up for it. Then the other thing is, please share this. If you find this helpful, circulate it to
anybody you think might benefit. Always appreciate that. Until next week, we’ll see yah. Have a good one.

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  1. Hi Everyone! I know cover letters are tough. This is a case of quality over quantity and targeting people instead of a faceless being! LOL. Let me know what questions you have and I'll be happy to help. Also, make sure to grab the FREE COVER LETTERS: Now, let me have those questions!

  2. Sorry Andrew, did you mention in this video that the interview intervention book is free & skip to page 39? & how can I sign up for your oct workshop. thank you

  3. Hi once again Andrew! Hope you're doing well. I was hoping you could me a suggestion for the cover letter if you don't know and/or unable to locate that particular person's name? Thank you

  4. The templates seem to be worded for more experienced individuals in their careers. What changes in the wording for recent college graduates searching for a job would you recommend, if any?

  5. Hi Andy…great video! I plan to use the second template, but the only contact at the company I've researched is that of Director of Talent Acquisition. Since she would not be my boss per se, should I eliminate the third paragraph, which talks about the "boss's" background? Then, I would just focus more on who I am and why I would want to work for this organization…thanks!

  6. Hi Andrew, i couldn`t download the templates and this phrase always appear (Did not process request from due to Spam Sources)
    So if there is any way to download it please let me know

  7. Thanks so much for all the value you offer Andrew. 7 years ago when I was job hunting, the contact info for hiring managers or people in positions of authority in an organization was accessible online. Now, most hiring managers don't have their contact information online. I am in the medical field looking at Nurse research, Nurse administrative positions and I notice most hospitals of pharmaceutical companies don't even have the contact info to their recruitment departments. Is this a new strategy by companies or am I missing something?

  8. Brilliant ideas. So simple! Thank you for breaking this down to a simple approach with simple steps and thank you for including the templates.

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