Could this young Muslim unseat Boris Johnson in the UK election?
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Could this young Muslim unseat Boris Johnson in the UK election?

November 17, 2019

Actually the simplicity of the choice
here is really stark. It’s Ali Milani or Boris Johnson. It’s either a 24-year-old local resident who studied here, who uses the same
services here, or it’s a serial liar, the charlatan, the man who’s using every one of these residents, myself included, as a platform for No 10. And our job is to stop him. Hello guys! How are you? My name is Ali. I’m the local parliamentary candidate. So I’m standing against Boris Johnson in this area. So we’re just kind of going
around saying hello to everyone, seeing if there’s any local issues … I’m going to take a guess and say you’ve never seen Boris Johnson on this road. No. No. That’s what we’re hearing. [Voice: Bollocks to Boris!] Everything’s a vanity project, he wants
the working class sort of white family to blame the immigrants next door,
he wants to other Muslim women … We’re going to start
fundraising today. It would be the first time he’d be in the constituency,
so it will be good. At the next election, Boris Johnson won’t just be defeated as a potential prime minister, he will be unseated as an MP as a whole, and we will walk Jeremy Corbyn to
Downing Street at No 10. Solidarity! Come on in. So this is humble abode
but this is pretty much it. And yeah, so a little bit smaller than
Boris’s. I’ve got old comics, newer comics, all the blu-rays … I’ve got two Malcolm X posters. Every once in a while
I’ll get some mail from people. ‘Boris Johnson is a dangerous buffoon, I’ll vote for whoever stands against him, please oust him.’ This is the sort of antithesis of Boris.
I was never supposed to be an MP, never supposed to run for parliament. For us it was just about survival. Remember those little like electricity
and gas things that you put in? It was about, can we fill that up the following week? Whereas you look at the Johnson family, you know, one became university minister, one’s
running to be prime minister, everyone’s sort of got this Eton plan
of where they’re going to go. I think it’s safe to say I was never supposed to be an MP. So the number of ethnic minorities in
the area has doubled since 2010. It sounds like we’re about
to hit the 30% BAME figure and every seat in the country
that has 30% BAME constituents, goes Labour. Hello! We’re a little bit late! Yeah, should we take a quick photo? Yeah. Awesome.
Let’s go. Get themselves …
– Registered. He said he didn’t want to be on camera
because all of his friends are Conservatives. But he thinks Boris Johnson’s a liar and for that reason he’s going to vote for us. Boris represents a space in politics all across the western world. This isn’t junk mail. Look at the handsome young man in the front,
that can’t be junk mail. He is purposely playing communities
against each other. And for me that’s, you know,
that’s as bad as, you know, the racist comments that you slip hop on or the ‘piccaninnies and watermelon smiles’ and all that kind of stuff. Muslim women, you know,
he’s likened to letter boxes … You know, if I’d said one of
those things, I’d be dead and buried politically. You had a bit of problems with that
antisemitism in the past. Are you worried that those comments
that you’ve made are likely to come back? And your opponents will use them
against you again and again? No because for me, they are
as part of my story as everything else. I apologised and the key thing for me was,
post apology, how can I reach out to the communities? How can I develop trust?
But also, what can I do to make sure that the kids don’t make the same mistakes I made
as a teenager in tweeting stupid stuff. So I’m deeply embarrassed by them
but what I try and do is to speak to people as to the context in which they
came, the schooling, the education, all that kind of stuff that we
that we went through. I think it’s more helpful to say,
OK, this is a problem, how can we make sure that we give that level
of anti-racist education and the social historical context
of language to kids. Always. If you ever feel comfortable
in the amount of anti-racist work that you’re doing, then you’re not doing enough. No, I think a lot of people are playing
Fortnite while I’m knocking on doors. But I love it. I’m local and so one of the things that
everyone around here is telling us is they want someone who knows the area who’s passionate, you know, I went to the
same schools that your kids, or where you go to locally and so you want
someone who has a passion here. You know, this is what we’re going to be doing
while he parades in his press conferences and while Boris does his … the
Boris show with all the glitz and glamour, we’re gonna be talking to real
people on the door, trying to hear their stories. Pleasure to meet you. Take care. Hope to count on your support
when the election comes.

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  1. He'd probably do better if he didn't have two Manchester United shirts hanging off the back of his door.

    Difficult to say you're a local lad and stand for all things local when you support a club hundreds of miles away.

  2. from what i have just been told one of this guys uncles is now serving time for doing bad things to young kids mmm i will have to look into that more just to make sure its 100%

  3. No …. in a nutshell ! … Go away, virtually nobody of any importance on the world stage has a clue who you are, and that's the way it should stay.

  4. The problem is the way you are indicating to that person ? How did you know he believes in a particular religion and why are addressing him by his religion ? Is not he a human !

  5. He's a living labour Meme… identify politics… with anti-Semitic tendencies…off course the guardian love him.

  6. He's a far left anti semite, next elections britian seems to be finally waking up to the far left extremist views sweeping our once great country. Hopefully he's toast next time out.

  7. As someone who lives in this constituency, the only reason why Boris' vote share was slashed was because a large sum of students from Brunel university voted Labour as a result of Corbyns pledge to scrap tuition fees and write off students debt. I don't think that the vote swing will be big enough next time round to turn Uxbridge red in my opinion.

  8. watch the ethnic postal votes rise and of course we now know why the Labour party is so anti Semitic

  9. who the hell is watching the postal votes, not the bbc or channel 4, this will end up like another peterborough!

  10. Johnson's constituency is 70% white British and 20% Asian. This fellow is honest about the ethnic vote. Give it a few years and he'll have the BAME majority that he needs.

  11. ??Just like sajiv javid. There will never be a black or Asian prime minister on these Isles. The establishment won't allow it. The masons and the real power won't allow it (and I don't mean the royals)

  12. they probably will if they abuse the postal voting system like they did in peterborough and elsewhere.

  13. This guy is anti Semitic and the guardian still push news items like this, on someone who held disgusting views like this holds many more sinister views , and he only mentioned it because he got found out

  14. The Indian guy intended to throw your leaflet straight into the bin as soon as he heard your Pakistani name.

  15. Forget 1906, the next general election will be 1923: The Brexit party smashing the two-party gravy train that's been plaguing this country for 30 years now.

  16. So he basically just admitted that Labour has given up on getting votes from the white British and is now just courting the minority vote. Hmm, so when they get in who will their policies benefit the most? Straight from the horses mouth people, you have been warned.

  17. Oh come on? We have had enough of this nonsense. The present mayor of london is a huge disgrace and disappointment. A complete waste of time. As is Jeremy Corbyn

  18. So the plan is to oust a racist, on the basis that he is a racist, by presenting an opponent who is himself racist?

  19. No. Let Boris win. That’s the best way to get rid of him. Brexit will explode with unintended consequences and Boris will be left holding the ?

  20. Boris delivering brexit is the Tories last chance of a future in politics if he doesn't farage will be the next UK pm

  21. You all know he spews antisemitic things on Twitter? As a progressive you need to disown him. He is a vile and dangerous!

  22. No No No !!! we wont get Brexit and he will open the flood gates to more immigrants coming in to our country !

  23. They're going to have to do a bit better than this garden-variety race hustler. The cat is well out of the bag on this divisive drivel. He's not going to say anything that you won't find in a 6th form Sociology text book.

  24. Grand father of Boris looks like this young man.?, Before calling him a camel rider, don't forget Boriss grand father was also like him,

  25. had he been christian… would you have included "christian' in the video title? careful, your fear mongering is showing.

  26. Just from this video, this guy seems obsessed with race, religion and social class. Makes him very unattractive to me when all he talks about is race, religion and whose families are rich/privileged.

  27. The thing is we all seem to like people like boris and trump until they run for leaders and people didn’t see a problem with the brexit vote until people voted to leave

  28. Hahahaha nope Boris is the pm better look next time me victim mentality Hillary tried the…."because I'm a women " victim card and it never worked try label some letter boxes as racist

  29. Oh. My. Goodness. I adore him. What a bloody legend. He admitted his mistakes like a champ. Very humble and quite frankly, smart. He is wholly available and open and listens to his constituents. Ali, you will succeed!

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