Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Archery basics and the first training! [ENG/2016.09.27]
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Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Archery basics and the first training! [ENG/2016.09.27]

August 13, 2019

(Last week) (A new start for the Cool Kiz) (Their 12th sport is archery!) – Hello. / – Hello. (A great group of members) (The Cool Kiz archery team!) His eyes were like slits. Do you have a herniated disk? He is a bit pessimistic. (Siyoung gives Hodong a hard time!) When people as good at criticism as her come on… She’d be better as a coach than an athlete. (Hodong and Siyoung have great chemistry) Sports are all about the equipment. Try pulling it. (But…) – This is tough. / – It’s not easy. (Archery is tough from the beginning) (But we can do it!) (The Cool Kiz try archery for real) (It starts now!) So we have all our archery equipment on. Misun, who do you think looks best in the archery gear? (I like…) Over there… Please look this way too. Choi Jungwon. Jungwon. Were you always a fan of UN? – You like him? / – Yes. Do you want him to sing a UN song live? Yes. (Of course!) Would you like to hear him sing a song, not for the viewers, but just for you, the gold medalist? What? Step forward? Please take a step forward. You… Step up. He doesn’t have to do it if he doesn’t want to. We can’t force him. Don’t you agree? Why are you looking at me? – It’s true. / – Then where should I look? – Were you talking to me? / – Yes. She says she loves UN songs. Oh, really? UN isn’t your favorite group though. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. (Should I cancel my song?) Just step back if it’s awkward. So… (Slightly disappointed) No, please stay there. He’s so dreamy. ♪ When I look at the tears ♪ ♪ Flowing from your eyes, it hurts me ♪ ♪ Since I love that about you ♪ ♪ Since I’m not good enough ♪ ♪ Thinking of you makes me cry ♪ Thank you. Since you were singing anyway, it would’ve been nicer if you changed the lyrics so that Misun’s name is in the song. ♪ Misun, since I love you ♪ ♪ Since I’m lacking ♪ ♪ Thinking of Misun makes me cry ♪ Thank you. (Now the serenade is complete) You’re blushing now! I feel hot. You usually don’t show your emotions. – She’s the ice princess. / – Right. So let’s see… We need to learn archery now. We have another special guest coming to help us with the basics. Yes, he’s the chairman of the Korea Archery Association and coached the Olympic team in 2012. Coach Jang Yeongsol is here. For the Cool Kiz. Yes. Is it the off season at the KAA? The head coach of the Korean archery team is here to teach us? A very precious guest. Coach, come on in! Since it’s your first time on our show, please greet the viewers. Great to be here. (Coach for 4 Olympics in a row) I was the head coach during the London Olympics. I am Coach Jang Yeongsol. (Nice to meet you) Coach, the most important thing is to have a good grasp of the basics for us to improve. We will now learn the basics of archery. Let me watch you try one by one. – Shall I try first then? / – Yes. So I pick it up like this. (How will Hodong do?) That bow will become a part of you. Have you hunted a lot? (He seems like a hunter) (Seems nervous getting into position) (His form looks pretty good) (His face looks funny) Keep this a bit straighter and steady. Get this on the center of your nose. Okay. Like that. Good. Coach, if I let go, I feel like it’ll tear my lips off. – Is it okay? / – Yes, it’s okay. This will shoot my nose off. If you turn your head that way, it will. A bow really doesn’t suit him. How would you rate his form now? To be perfectly honest… It’s his first time doing archery… Please be perfectly honest. I’d say he’s medium level. – Medium. / – Yes. Hyoseong. Of Secret. “Idol Star Athletics Championships.” (Everyone thinks she’s good) She’s good. Like this? It has to touch your nose, Hyoseong. (Smiles) Is it okay for you, Siyoung? You got a nose job. It’ll mess it up. What if it gets dislodged? Be careful. Don’t want to knock that out. I even had my nose broken. From a man hitting you? Yes, totally… Crushed… Broken. She got nose surgery. You told us. She broke her nose from boxing. It’s a badge of honor. There’s something in there now. What should she do? Your nose won’t fall off. It doesn’t matter at all. He said it doesn’t matter that you had a nose job. Get your facts straight. (They’re so funny) (How will Siyoung’s form look?) Look. She’s copying the players. Her form now… She looks really cool from the back. Like watching the movie “Take Off.” The archery version. (Her form looks very clean) Even the archers were like… Very good. – That’s high level. / – High? – She’s high level? / – Yes. There’s hope for us yet. Split us into two teams of high levels and medium and low levels. (The only guy on the medium and low team) Do a good job, Jungwon. Don’t let them say you have nothing but height. (Already has one loss due to his height) (But then he pulls) – He looks cool. / – Wow. – He looks cool. / – Wow. (Showing the value of height) (Even the archers are impressed) Everyone has good form. Don’t open your mouth. My mouth? (Flustered) (He opened his mouth from focusing) Your mouth is open… (Big laughs) I was born like this. (Jungwon is upset) He has a lot of muscles on his arm. Look at his muscles. (Muscles have a life of their own) Do a music video. Sing Misun’s name in the song. Ready… It’s a music video. ♪ Misun, I’ll only love you ♪ There. – Nice. / – He’s so cool. Wouldn’t you say he’s low level? No, no. Medium-high. (Kyuhan is next) (He suddenly puts his bow down?) (What’s going on?) (Feeling the wind inside…) Dang it… He saw the last episode. He’s very sharp. (Kyuhan pulls for real this time) This hand should come here. Pull like this. It should come back here the same. I can’t feel it. – Here? / – Yes. Why? Why can’t you feel it? Is that not your real jaw? (No comment) No wonder his face looks unnatural. So, one person in high level… – What level is he? / – Medium-high. Coach, what about me? – Medium. / – Pardon? I’m medium. What about Hyoseong? All medium-high. Only Hodong is medium. (Will he end up as the worst?) Try pulling now. (Sugeun steps up confidently) (He looks so relaxed, like he has a secret weapon) I changed my form recently. When I was shooting a lot, I used to shoot like this. Beomseok… (Sugeun has extensive skills) (He’s funny) I’m pleased that you’re laughing. (Time to see how good his basics are) Keep this here. Raise this. Straighten out. (Sugeun pulls the string carefully) No, no, no. Here… Bonchan, please come here. What did I do? Come here. What did I do? I lift from up here and then you do this. You were good up to here, but then you brought your arm down too far. Then the arrow will fly out of the park. A bird was flying around. (I wanted to shoot a bird…) Sugeun, in the end… You got here and then… Pull evenly. Keep your head straight. This always has to stay up. That’s how you’ll get high level. Your form looks great now. Now that’s high level. I’ll just stay like this. Sorry, but can you pull the string up to here? You’re looking very good now. So like this… Coach, how would you rate Sugeun? He was totally at a low level, but that last pull was medium-high. That last pull was good. (Even Sugeun is medium-high…) (High, medium, low) (It’s finally a real match!) (Time to see who the captain will be!) (Hitting a target 10m away!) (Everyone will get 5 shots) (The one with the highest total score wins!) (Who will become team captain?) (Kyuhan is the first to go) Step aside. This is the first shot of his life in archery. The first shot. Please just hit the target. First arrow of his life. It’d be nuts if he hits the camera. Aim for the yellow spot. You got it. You’re lined up. (How much will Kyuhan’s first arrow score?) You can hit it if you shoot now. Let go. (Startled) (Kyuhan’s first arrow) (It’s really far off) (The arrow missed the target) (Embarrassed) The first arrow of Kyuhan’s life… Got zero points! It went to 3 o’clock. (Second try) (Focusing) (His second arrow scores 2 points!) So it goes a lot to the right. Right. You should’ve gotten a bullseye after your first shot. Right. (Third shot) It’s good to offset your shot. (Close!) (7 points) It hit 7 points. My first one… He’s hitting the target. He’s getting closer to the middle. He’s really getting closer. Very steadily. You have two shots left. What if we crack the camera? It will from this close. (You wouldn’t dare…) (Will Kyuhan, a beginner, hit the camera?) (Will he?) (That’s a shame) 9 points. I have to aim way off target. (Replay) A little more and you’ll hit 10. He has to get it this time. Let’s go. (Everyone has their hopes on him) (Will he hit a 10?) He’s very steady now. Too low. (Aw) Kyuhan, please step this way. I still hit yellow once. That’s amazing. (Nice job) I’ll pluck them out. Help me out. No, you have to do it all yourself. Pull them all out. Wow, I hit the yellow and got 9 points. Zero for your first shot. If you look at the center… So the first member, Kyuhan, shot 5 arrows and his total score is 20. Not bad. Currently first. You’ll never forget the first shot of your life. It’ll stay in your memory. (Exhale) The Cool Kiz archery team… – I’m nervous. / – My heart is pounding. Right. The youthful Hyoseong. (Takes a deep breath and pulls slowly) (How will her first shot go?) (5 points) Oh, my arm… – I bet her arm hurts. / – Did it hit your arm? Yeah, it did. (The bowstring hit her arm) (Her last arrow!) (Disappointed) That really hurt. Hyoseong’s total score is 16 points! That’s still good. Hodong, please step forward. Ready! (He picks something up?) (Trying to act like a pro…) You should wear a windbreaker. It’s blowing a bit. (I’ll just laugh…) Sorry, but can you please pick your bow up? Is there no time limit? There is. He has 5 seconds left. Just give him 5 more seconds. For real. Look to the left of the arrow. Look to the left of the arrow. (Is this golf now?) All those actions are so pointless. It’s his routine. (He’s watched too much TV…) – His routine. / – Oh, I see. (Exhale) (Nervousness, begone!) Am I good? – It’ll definitely hit. / – Fire. Let go. (Where did he hit?) (Zero points) Did it hit you? It hurts a bit here. He must be scared. I’m not scared. I was scared at first. I think it would be good to offset your shot. – Aim lower. / – Huh? – Aim lower. / – Just aim lower. Your arrow hit the top of the target. Just aim lower. (I have the best coaches!) Aim. (Eyes open wide) (Like he’s shooting to catch his dinner…) (Why won’t he shoot?) (Bored) What is he doing? (He finally fires) (Where’d the arrow go?) Miss. (That wasn’t right…) His shots are consistent. I’m beating Hodong so far. He’ll probably hit three tens here. To show us a comeback. Something is wrong with this. – Sorry, but it’s the same. / – You can’t do that. – You didn’t do that for me. / – Same situation. Wash up. Why are you such a mess? (Disbelief) What would he know? – No messing around. / – Focus. Quiet! (Startled) Nobody was talking. (His third shot) (Uneasy) Point it to 7 o’clock. – He only sees digital clocks. / – Lower. (A zero every time he shoots) (He can’t become the worst!) (Will he regain his honor?) (That’s right!) If you hit 7 three times, it means you’re the captain. (There’s hope!) (Hurry up already) There needs to be a time limit. Siyoung is angry. – He’s doing tricks. / – She’s really mad now. Why does it feel like it’s taking forever? It’s so boring and dull. (Because he kept dragging on…) (We’ll show it faster…) (Hodong shoots a 6) (And a 7) Tie. Tied up for first. (Tied for first with Kyuhan!) (Boxer Siyoung is up next!) Siyoung will shoot first. – If she ties by scoring a 20… / – It’s a shoot-off. Then we’ll shoot one each and the higher score wins. – Right. / – You’re worrying for nothing. A shoot-off over 20 points? Of course. Gosh… Siyoung, why are you looking this way? I’m blushing. Let’s go! She’s a lefty. (She ignores them and focuses!) Keep your legs relaxed. Good form. (Siyoung’s first shot is 5 points!) You can’t aim at the center. Should I aim higher? Yes, aim a bit higher. (Second shot) That’s it. Right there. At the top of the 5-point circle. At 12 o’clock. (Getting psyched out) At 12 o’clock. (Smiles) Is that a 10? – 9 points. / – 9 or 8. It’s 8. She’s the star. Wow. (Impressed) And she’s 10m away. (Third shot) (9 points) She has the high score. Wow. – She’s over 20 now, right? / – Yes. Amazing. Kyuhan. So much for our shoot-off over 20 points. So it works like this. I’ll be the captain. (Oops!) This isn’t easy. (Last arrow!) Miss. Too bad. It’s okay. (She made two mistakes in a row…) (But she’s in 1st with 24 points!) For that last shot, you aimed with the wrong eye. You aimed with your right eye. I did? That’s why it missed. (Aiming with her right eye closed) (Aiming with her left eye closed) – It was your eye, not the shot. / – Oh, I see… Nobody shot a 10 yet, right? Not yet. Go, Jungwon! Do it! My heart is pounding. It’ll stop after your first shot. Your heart is pounding? Yes, my chest is trembling. It’ll all go away after your first shot. Jungwon, do you wish to forfeit? I’m ready! (His form is flawless!) (Jungwon has the best physique!) (Will he be the first of the Cool Kiz to hit a 10?) (For real?) (So close!) (First one to hit 10!) (Acts calm) (Amazing) He has height. It’s so close to the center. I feel the camera will crack. So you have to open your mouth. I guess keeping your mouth open works. It’s his routine. Thank you, mom. (His second shot after hitting a 10!) (Mouth still open) (9, which is close to 10!) Awesome. Another 10? – What was it? / – Awesome. (He’s so dreamy) (Jungwon is on a roll!) Look at Sugeun’s face. (He’s so dispirited) He didn’t take lessons or anything. Yeah. Awesome. (Jungwon’s last shot!) (Ends it with a 7!) 31 points. The first of the Cool Kiz to get a score in the 30s. (An unbelievable score for a first-timer) Each shot was over 6 points on average. Right. Over 6. Coach, you have to believe in your aim right? You believe in yourself and then you fix your aim. That first shot has to be on the mark though. Everyone is shooting to the right. Sugeun, believe in yourself. Shoot towards 11 o’clock. You must believe. You’ll miss if you doubt yourself. Believe in yourself. Aim a bit to the right. (Exhale) (Here come the distractions!) (But he doesn’t waver and he focuses!) Nice, nice. 5 points. It went exactly where I aimed. Surprising, huh? I’ll show you that I’m not lying now. (My aim was perfect!) (I’ll show you all my skills now!) (How will he do?) (9 points!) He has a fiery gaze. (Replay) Awesome. Coach, you’re not going to say anything? 9. ♪ Don’t ask about my 9 ♪ Good one. (His third shot) (He shoots an 8) – Too low. / – Right? Looked like an 8. (Wow) – 9? / – 10. 9. 9. (It’s 9 points!) (His current score is 31!) 31 points. It’s a tie if you score 1 point. If you shoot a zero, Jungwon becomes the star archer and the captain of the Cool Kiz archery team. Let’s hit a 10. – Just aim a bit higher, right? / – Yes. A bit. (Focus!) Believe in your aim. – It would be funny for TV if he shot a 0. / – Yeah. Well, since Sugeun knows comedy… (It’s a nerve-racking moment…) (Who will become the captain?) – Oh, 6 points. / – 6! (A great match) (Starts to act cool…) So that means… Everyone, gather. Sugeun is our star archer! (Sugeun is the captain!) He scored 37 points. Hodong, take my bow. Go put it away. So Hodong and I are bottom tier. How many points did you get, Hyoseong? Me? 16 points. – Put this away. / – Okay. (Hierarchy based on skill!) How dare you just watch me put that away? Put it away properly! Got it! (Captain Sugeun and vice-captain Jungwon) The second training of the Cool Kiz archery team. What kind of training is it? (We’re done with the colorful target) Continuing training might be tiring. This training exercise is in the form of a game. Names of foods are written behind the balloons. We have to pop the corresponding balloons in order to eat those snacks. Your team must win if you want to eat the snacks. (You can only eat the snacks you win) (Sugeun’s team vs. Jungwon’s team) So each team has 1 minute to strategize. It took a lot of energy for you to draw the bow, so you just let go at the end since it got tiring. Just watch out for that. – Siyoung, your left eye. / – Okay. Aim with your left eye. Watch out for that. Where should I look? First, see that green balloon in the center? Look at that balloon as you shoot. Shoot the first one in the center. Let’s say you hit your first shot. Then take down the sides. Sides… – Are you from Chungcheong-do? / – Yes. I am too. That’s how I know that dialect. Where is your hometown? Okcheon, Chungcheonbuk-do. Okcheon. – I’m from Cheongwon. / – Oh, Cheongwon? – We’re close. / – Chungcheongbuk-do? Yes. (They’re both from Chungcheongbuk-do) Your hometowns are close? – Yes, very close. / – Close. Same hometown. I guess so. Gosh, what a small world. Where is your hometown? I’m from Jeollanam-do. Oh, I see. Where are you from? – Gyeongsangnam-do. / – Oh. – Middle balloon gets you nothing. / – Really? You can see behind it. (Is this really a losing balloon?) Just try to hit that square board. Right. It should hit one of the balloons. I think almost all of my shots hit near the center. Since there are many targets now, it gets tiring. Your arms might get tired. So keep that in mind when you shoot. – Please tell me when my form looks crooked. / – Sure. What should we do? Shouldn’t we make a cheer? I bet they’ll be really jealous. To psyche them out. Yeah. Sugeun and Kyuhan. (Even the archery legend thinks carefully) Should we just not do one? (Can’t think of anything good) We need a chant. To psyche them out. Show us. Let’s do this then. Our team is 10 out of 10! We have to do the moves in sync. Right, left… 1, 2, 3, 4. When I say, “Our team is…” 10 out of 10! Awesome. It’s awesome. Hurry up, please. One minute has passed. It’s been a minute. He’s really good at that. You’re from Seoul? (Still talking about hometowns) Come on, Hodong. Keep your promise. The prep time is getting a bit long… Are you going first? Okay, we’ll do our cheer first. Attention! (Huh? A cheer?) Our team is… 10 out of 10! (Tight choreography) (And I’m in the center) (Yikes…) (They got us…) (Whoo) (Tries to ignore them) They’ll try to come up with one now. (We were asking about each other) We’re thinking of one now. (They got a leg up on us…) – Our team is… / – 10 out of 10! It’s better to not have a cheer than do one like that. Whatever. He’s going to do one. (I’ll just get ready for the match) You’re holding it upside down. He got flustered and held it upside down. (Will Hodong crumble like this?) Think! Got to think of one! That’s so funny. Ready… Stand together. This way. Stand there. Watch. 1, 2, 1, 2. Watch carefully. What are you doing? Just stay out of the way. It looks a lot like ours. (What is the cheer Hodong prepared?) ♪ When we shoot arrows, it’s 10, 10, 10 ♪ (Awkward) (Embarrassed) Wow… Siyoung, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. – Nobody else did it. / – This is embarrassing. Nobody else did it. It’s so slapped together. Our team was so energetic. Our team is… 10 out of 10! (They even taunt the other team!) – We won. We’re in your heads. / – Hodong… ♪ Sunny ♪ What is it, Jungwon? What are you still hung up on? (Nothing…) When are we going to shoot? They used all their energy on the cheer. (Finally time to shoot) Ready! – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! Aim for the middle one. Shoot confidently. (Focused) (Fire / Hard boiled eggs) (Wow!) (The first shot is a clean hit) (That’s our team’s big guy!) (He’s in top form when food is on the line) Hitting that middle target just made all that pent-up stress melt away. Wow, that felt good. We’ve gotten the upper hand psychologically. We can do this. (How will Sugeun’s team’s first shooter do?) With confidence. Right. Aim until the end. (Release) (The arrow disappears behind the target) (Eyes quivering) Kyuhan. (Hahaha) It’s okay. We don’t need hard boiled eggs. Hyoseong, you need to tie it up. – Let’s go. / – Tie it up. Gosh… Aim towards 6 o’clock. – The purple one? / – Yes. Aim with your left eye. (Her form looks steady) (Release) (The arrow hits the middle again) It’s going to the middle. – Chance! / – It’s our chance, Hyoseong. It went that way, Siyoung. We aimed for 6 o’clock and that’s where it hit. Let me adjust the sight. Go, Hyoseong! Let’s go! Tie it up. 10 out of 10! Hyoseong, shoot from below and pop 3. – Then it’ll come back down. / – It’ll fall like this. (Hyoseong didn’t shoot that well previously) (Will she regain her honor?) (Unfortunately, she misses) (Dang…) What a shame. Nice job. That’s too bad. I aimed right for the middle. You aimed for the middle? Yes. (Better fix her aim) – How was my form? / – Good. Sugeun will shoot the arrow up and it will pop three on the way down. The ceiling is a bit low. (I’ll give it my best shot) (I’m looking forward to this!) This team battle is more nerve-racking. You feel the pressure. Let’s go! (They move the target due to the camera position) Just put it anywhere. Or shake it and move it. Here I go. Ready. Let’s go! (He sets up confidently) Pull it more. Straight back. Like me. (And he fires) (No prize) Jungwon! (You still did well) So cool. Do the no prizes still count towards your score? Yes. Isn’t Jungwon amazing? Go, captain! Go, captain! I will choose now. Upper right. – 1 o’clock? / – Yes. Is that purple? It would be awesome if I hit it. (He’s so cunning) That’s dangerous. Your arrow isn’t in properly. (Pardon?) (Flustered) Shouldn’t the coach check this? Well, Bonchan? He’s the best on our team. (He’s getting used to variety shows now) Routine, routine. (Weaving) Our star! Captain. (He’s doing all kinds of things) (He pulls the bowstring back carefully) It’s too high. (Sugeun lowers his bow) Wow! Chicken! (It’s fried chicken) – Wow! Chicken! / – Chicken! Chicken! (Heavenly fried chicken) I held it high. It hit that one. Timeout. Is the coach allowed to give advice from the side once the archer is already aiming? It’s okay. It is? And I have something to say. I was aiming at the top right purple one at first. But I lowered my aim since he said I was too high. That’s why it hit the one right below it. He actually distracted me. He threw my shot off. That is all. (The coach got yelled at) – Chicken! Awesome. / – Chicken, chicken. A fried chicken is bigger than hard boiled eggs. Of course. – Should I hit the purple one? / – Go ahead. That would be a good choice. If Jungwon nails this one, our victory is practically guaranteed. (I’ll make this win nice and clean) (Fire) (Jawbreakers) He really is our star. Wow… So precise. But he got no prize and jawbreakers. No prize, but he still hit the mark. Even if we lose like this… (We’ve almost won anyway) I wouldn’t be that jealous. If we won now, we’d only get eggs and candy. And they’re jawbreakers. Sugeun, let’s say we win. Then we get your team’s chicken too, right? Hodong, go take a cold shower. (Does he have heatstroke?) If your team wins, we’ll give you all our stuff. Gosh, we’re good. We’ll just have our fried chicken. It’s 3:2. We need to step it up. Go, captain! (Let’s catch up) Purple! Purple! (Bobbing head) (Such a strange routine) (Sugeun carefully gets into position) (Release) (The arrow totally missed the board) Oh, it’s a shame it went off course. It went too far. (It was a small distance) We got this. It’s going our way. (Jungwon’s team: 3 / Sugeun’s team: 1) I thought balloons would be easy, but this is hard. We barely got one. Everyone has one more shot now. Better try to hit one and not mess around. (Chicken, that blessed name) We get fried chicken with and without sauce, right? We need to eat that. Man… I want some fried chicken. The remaining three of us all have to hit a balloon. Right. (This is going to be tough) Can I shoot two at the same time? Try to hit the red one on the bottom right. – The bottom? / – Yes, the bottom right. Should I look at it? Yes, you should. Where have you been looking up to now? (Where else would you look if not the target?) – Let’s go. / – Let’s go! Be confident. I can do this. I can do this. I can eat them. Those snacks… I can eat them. What food do they have again? Jawbreakers. (He draws calmly) Focus until the end. (Fire) (The dull sound of failure) Too bad. That’s really too bad. You did well. Good job. Nice job. Good job, Hodong. (They still have some leeway) I can’t grab it. (Sugeun’s team has an opportunity) (His hands move with care) Red one at 11 o’clock. Kyuhan, let’s do this. Get one. Then we’ll have a chance. (They only have a chance if Kyuhan hits one) Look at the red one. Aim lower. Lower to the left. Good. I don’t think he’s going to hit it. (Release) (The arrow misses the balloon again) (Their chance of getting chicken gets smaller) (Annoyed) Kyuhan, this is your fortune for this year. (Ends nicely with kind words) Nice job. Man, they’re all so close. (How can they all miss the balloons?) – Hodong’s team. / – Yes. I have a proposal. If we lose, you can have our fried chicken. – As promised. / – But what? Give us a chance instead. What kind of chance? What? A chance to start over from the beginning? What kind of chance should I say? I didn’t think that far ahead… (I didn’t think he’d agree) We’ll decide after seeing Jungwon shoot. (He focuses) (Sets up) (Draws) (Anchor) Watch out for the curve until the end. (A powerful shot) (He hits iced coffee) Iced coffee. – Amazing. / – Iced coffee sounds great. (Sad) We lose even if we hit targets, so it’s pointless. So if I pop the color you guys tell me to… Then what? Give us a chance for a shoot-off. If I can’t, you can have our fried chicken. I only have to pop the color you guys say. – That’s a good offer. Very nice. / – Thank you. Then the center. Yellow one. 10 out of 10! Let’s go. Yellow one. Sugeun, your last shot went towards 3 o’clock. Aim more towards 11 o’clock. See the arrow there, between yellow and orange? Just aim for that and shot. Between yellow… The one between and above yellow and orange. – Aim and shoot at that arrow? / – Right. What if I hit that arrow? You will not. Just trust me. Such an intellectual debate. But you have to shoot with confidence. Sugeun’s so chatty. (Haha) I have to hit this to make it dramatic. You can do this. I believe in you. – Between orange and yellow. / – Yes. Ready! (Will Sugeun be able to make a comeback?) (Draws) Aim straight. (Release) (All for nothing) We got the chicken now. You’re supposed to hit it to make it dramatic and make the show fun. Has your experience on TV taught you nothing? Now is not the time to be funny! It’s not like flipping a coin… You try. Me? With this bow? Watch. I did exactly what he told me to. He will now try to hit yellow to see if the bow is calibrated properly. Will I be cut if I miss? Yes, the both of us. So… The targeting is off. Okay, then we’ll give you a chance. If he doesn’t check the aim, just shoots and hits yellow we have a shoot-off? Yes, please give us a chance. You think a double medalist can’t hit that? That’s not his bow though. He won two gold medals. He should be able to hit it even with that bow. It’s over if Bonchan misses. Am I allowed to distract him or not? Like this. He’s trained for that, so it doesn’t matter. We train for noise. So it doesn’t matter? Of course. Ow, my stomach. Here I go. Two gold medals. Let’s go! (How will he do?) (Shoots) (Oh, what a shame) Right? You aimed where you told me to and it went the same way mine did. That’s how the arrow flew. Seungyun, step out! Me? Seungyun. No talking. Just hit it. No helping him aim or giving him tips. So this is how embarrassing it feels. He had his guard down there… This is how I felt. Here I go. So will he hit it? (Please, Seungyun…) (Will another gold medalist miss?) (Release) (Tranquil) (Happy / Sad) I thought it would miss the board! I think I could beat you if you used this bow. The bow was the problem. The Cool Kiz could face the Korean team. Aren’t we really good if we did this well with those? Wow… Hey… Why are you laughing? Let’s have Woojin try! Okay, Woojin! With nothing on the line. – Come here and shoot the yellow one. / – Alright. – With that bow. / – Of course. It’s tough. (The problem bow) – I think I can hit it. / – Nervous? He said he thinks he can hit it. (This distance is easy as pie) If he misses… (He aims more carefully than in the Olympics) (Fire) It’s the same spot! It’s the same spot! That’s where our arrows hit! (Dispirited) – Misun, you try. / – Misun, please step forward. Just admit it. – Sugeun really shot well then. / – Yeah. – I hit two nines. / – He shot so well. It would be awesome if Misun hits it. Misun, try hitting it. I want to. I believe in you. Let’s go, Misun. (She sets up with Jungwon cheering her on) Aim higher, Misun. (Fire) (Hit) (Jumping) I’ve never seen Misun smile like this! (She’s really happy) So this bow has no problem. Sugeun’s team versus Jungwon’s team in the game for snacks… Jungwon’s team won. Enjoy. Eggs, jawbreakers, iced coffee… – And chicken. / – Chicken. Jungwon really shoots well. I think it was well-calibrated. He hit the center of the balloons. – It was well calibrated. / – Amazing. (Whenever he shot) (He got jawbreakers) (He made iced coffee kneel before him) (He even melted Misun’s heart) (Jungwon is the star archer) (My next target might be your heart) He was hitting balloons in an amateur match, but he hit single every one. Every single one. (How embarrassing) Single every one. Same thing. Oh, so that’s what happened. Right. (Nice try) (Darn, I was blending in…) Don’t do that. Now I’m really annoyed. Wow, that looks refreshing. How’s the fried chicken? (It’s better since we stole it from you guys) Gosh… Because Siyoung is dieting… You guys probably won’t finish all the food. Eat everything. (He picks it up…) Why are you throwing food? That’s food… Bonchan. Did you put that in your pocket? (Over a jawbreaker) (Respect your elders) (It goes to Sugeun) This has to be taken out like this… (Grimacing) (Sugeun makes the archers laugh) He’s funny. – Really funny, isn’t he? / – Yes. Ask us to join you. Misun, dip the chicken in the mustard sauce. – It’s good by itself too. / – No, use the mustard. Korean poems with the syllables of chicken. (Thinking hard) Chi… – Nothing that starts in kin. / – Right. Chi… Me. Chi… So mean! You’re hogging it all? Very cute. Nope. No good. I don’t like it. No good. Fail. Ready. Sugeun. Your poem must be beautiful. – Chi… / – Please give me some chicken. (Almost laughs) That was dangerous. Please give me some chicken. Kin… Give me a big piece. (Very nice) So funny. (Envious) Very nice. Just have one. I like fried chicken. Chicken. (Nom) Bonchan. Chi… Hodong, please give me some chicken. Kin… A small piece not a big one. Very nice! Very nice. (He’s a variety show pro now) – Thank you. / – Great. Good idea. I’m sorry, but… I just heard Kyuhan’s stomach growl. (This man can’t laugh) His poem isn’t ready yet. The newlywed. Chi… Divine chicken, I want to eat you. Oh. Divine chicken, I want to eat you. Kin… Not a big one or small one. A medium piece. Very nice. A wing. Go fly away. (One last person…) Kyuhan. (Do one and get a piece of chicken) They’re taking down the set now. Chi… I’m not playing this petty game. Okay, as you wish. (Dang it, Hodong) Why isn’t he going? He should. Chi… Chi… I’m not playing this petty game. Fine then. (He’s enjoying messing with Kyuhan) I’ll play this petty game. Kin… Can’t you just give me some? (Big laughs) Just give me some. Come on. Come on. “Just give me some.” Good one. He’s really something. The Cool Kiz archery teen. Archery team. The Cool Kiz archery team. Not teen. It’s team. Cool Kiz archery team. What is our next training exercise? We’ll have a mixed tournament with pairs consisting of a pro and a Cool Kiz member. There are 4 members of the Korean team and 6 of us amateurs. Then what about the remaining 2? We had a test of skill in the beginning. Sugeun and Jungwon will be a team. The rest of you will all be paired with us. We can see how important teamwork is. Right. But the target is different. The Cool Kiz will shoot at a standard archery target. But do you see the small target on the left? That small target is for the Korean team to hit. They’ll shoot at that? There are 10, 9, and 8 points on the target. Wow, this might be doable. And their 10 is smaller than the 10 on our target. – Right. / – And their 9… And if they go beyond 8, it counts as zero points. Does the first place team get a prize? Yes. They do? A gold medal each and a restaurant certificate. – A restaurant certificate? / – Awesome. Just give us the rest of that fried chicken. Forget about the restaurant coupon. (Each team gets 6 shots) (Highest total score gets 1st!) (The members must do well to win this game) (Who will win this battle of pairs?) This is part of the Cool Kiz training. The legends and the Cool Kiz have paired up for an archery tournament. (Seungyun and Hodong vs. Kyuhan and Misun) (Hodong shoots first) Hodong will be shooting first for Hodong and Seungyun’s team. He pulls his bowstring. (Focus!) 5 points. (Regret) He seems to be very regretful. It went towards 1 o’clock, right? Yes. Since he has Seungyun behind him, it would be best if he minimized his mistakes. – Get in the red zone. / – Yes. (How will his second shot go?) – 9 points. / – Oh! 9 points. (Awesome) He offset his aim very precisely. (Excited) Hodong really looks like Sihu from the side. – What does he look like? / – His son. His profile resembles his son. He looks like his son? His son looks like him. (Laughs) This is training to get used to noise. Sure. He has drawn the bow. He’s taking a bit too much time. (9 points) He shot. – He hit 9. / – It looks like 9. (Good job!) His first shot was a five. Then he hit two nines in a row. This will really give Seungyun support. Sure. Now it’s time for Kyuhan to feel very pressured. Hodong hit two shots in the yellow. That’s almost pro-level. Hodong shot a 23. Yes. Kyuhan will shoot three shots now. Hit the yellow. His first shot is 6 points. Not a bad start, compared to Hodong. Yes, his first point is a point higher. Wow, this is nerve-racking. I bet the pros feel the pressure too. How does Kyuhan’s form look compared to Hodong? It would be better if he raised his elbow a bit higher. He held for much shorter than Hodong did. Perhaps on his second shot… The string does look a bit awkward on his chin. It should go directly under the chin. – 7 points. / – His second shot is a 7. It would be best if he fixed his aim. Hopefully, he’ll adjust his aim lower so he can hit yellow on his third shot. He has 13 points. Kyuhan has a total score of 13 so far. His last shot is left. His form looks a bit different from last time. (5 points) Yes, the farther the string is from the chin, the higher the arrow flies. Not having the string right on his chin was the problem. He shot a 5 on his third shot, for a total of 18 points. I imagine Seungyun feels a bit relaxed. Right. Yes, 10 points. A clean shot. Seungyun! Wow, awesome. Is that a 10? (Seungyun’s second shot) 10! Seungyun gets two tens! (Tries to distract him) (Doesn’t even blink and fires) 3 shots all in the same spot. 10! 10! Seungyun! (We won!) Is there a magnet on that thing? I bet that’s what it seemed like. Amazing accuracy. Let’s go! (Misun’s first shot) – As expected… / – 10 points. (Misun’s second shot) 10. That’s two shots. (Misun’s third shot) 10! Misun gets 10, 10, 10! (We just have to do a good job…) Hodong and Seungyun’s team is currently 1st. Right. Next teams, step forward! Let’s do well. I’m nervous. Siyoung and Woojin versus Hyoseong and Bonchan. (Woojin will start) It’s Woojin versus me? (Woojin’s first shot) 10! 10! If he gets straight tens, that’ll put a lot of pressure on Bonchan. (Woojin’s second shot) 10, 10! Woojin! 10, 10! 10, 10! Woojin! 10, 10! (Pressure building up) As expected from the world’s best. (Woojin’s third shot) 10! Woojin! 10, 10, 10! (I’m ruined…) – He’s already done. / – Yes. All three hits were 10. Yes, he scored 30 total. I bet Bonchan will shoot all tens as well. (Good luck, buddy) – His first shot. / – There it goes. – 9 points! / – 9 points. – He got 9. / – He’s such a joker. 9. (Humiliated) (Boo) He knows good TV. I’m all about the comedy. Right. The pros should be protecting the members. But his first shot was a 9. Perhaps his aim was a bit off. 10 points. That’s a 10. The first shot was a joke. He missed that one. (Bonchan’s third shot) 10! 10, 10! I have a question. What if I accidentally hit the pro target? Do I get the pro score? Siyoung is asking a very pointless question. Don’t be ridiculous. It’ll count if you say you’re aiming for the pro target before you shoot. (I’ll just shoot) This is a strong team. Incheon boxer. Be confident. (Siyoung’s first shot) Raise your chin. 7 points. – Siyoung… / – She’s off to a good start. 7 points. Shoot looking at the 7 underneath. Look at the 7. Be confident. Put your chin down. Aim. Confidence. 9! It’s a 9? I think it’s an 8. (It would’ve been a 9 if it was a little more in…) Will she surpass Hodong and Seungyun’s team and become the top shooter? Confidence. Nice shot. She got a 7. Siyoung and Woojin seem very strong. (Hyoseong’s first shot) Confidently shoot towards the center. 6 points. – Her first shot is a 6. / – Yes. (Hyoseong’s second shot) It’s 8 points. Yes, an 8. (Hyoseong needs a 9 to beat Siyoung and Woojin) Hyoseong is very focused. – She looks very confident. / – Yes. Last shot. Bonchan is coaching her well. (6 points) Her third shot is a 6. She ends with a 6. Bonchan and Hyoseong got 49 points. Woojin and Siyoung got 52 points. Bonchan and Hyoseong got 49 points. – Good work. / – Good work. So they had great teamwork. Now the two star archers are left. They don’t even have opponents. The two of them will shoot. Let’s see how they do. Let’s have the Cool Kiz star archers go now! We’ll do our best. The two of us have to hit all nines for us to win 1st. I estimate they’ll get a total score of 30. (We’re at a disadvantage) Since they have no pro on their team, shouldn’t they get an advantage? We all got to shoot 3 shots. Let’s give the better shooter out of them one more. If we’re getting an extra shot… I accept. (He swallows his pride for a moment…) Then how about this, Sugeun? Yes? What if you both get one extra shot each? Pardon? But still… What if you both get 4 shots each? Even if we do… Jungwon is really good. No, just give them one more shot. No, but… (Siyoung doesn’t want to lose her 2nd place spot) So Jungwon… It’s not easy, even with 2 extra shots. We still have to hit at least 7 on every shot. – Yes, it’s tough. / – We’ll hit 3s and 5s too. Okay, you each get 4 shots. – Thank you! / – Jungwon, this is doable now. – Just don’t miss too many. / – Let’s go. This has been accepted as an official rule now. Let’s do this. The rules have been modified. Sugeun and Jungwon don’t have a pro on their team, so they’ll be given an advantage to shoot 8… They might have a chance this way. Right. Jungwon’s first shot. Man, I’m shaking. Man, I’m shaking. Of course he’s very nervous. (Let’s focus!) This may be a variety show… – But this is still a match. / – Yes. He must feel a lot of psychological pressure. They need to hit all eights to get 56 points. Jungwon is good. They’d better not get over 53. We’re in 1st. And 1st and 2nd should have a final match. We’re not. I said we wouldn’t. Why not? We should. – Siyoung, you’re quite stubborn. / – We should. That’s his first shot. – 6 points. / – He got a 6. His left shoulder was too high. Out! Not yet. He still has more shots left. 7 times 8 is 56. They need to get at least 7 per shot, on average. Sorry, but could you stop calculating? It’s nerve-racking. (Seeing if he can get out of last place) Is my aim off? What’s the deal? Is Mr. Serious coming back? Should I shoot higher? I should. – At 12 o’clock. / – He’s talking to himself. Aim for 6 at 12 o’clock. (Jungwon’s second shot) The pros are telling him how to fix his aim. (Jungwon shows regret) (Zero for hitting outside the target) Miss. (Got a zero after mumbling to himself) Jungwon, I think… You’re moving your arm as you shoot. He adjusted his aim too much. His left hand went up before he shot. It’s okay. We’ll start now. Let’s go, Jungwon! – It’s okay. / – Zero points… It needs to be tense for people to stay tuned. You’re making me more tense. (Jungwon was the only one to shoot a 10) (All his shots hit in the balloon game) (He’ll regain his honor as the star archer) (Jungwon’s third shot) His left arm seems very shaky. – Yes! A nine! / – A nine! He’s going back and forth between cold and hot. (Nice, he has it now) Jungwon, you got this. You got this. He must’ve aimed with the wrong eye before. This is Jungwon’s last shot. His last one. He’s aiming. (Pupils dilating) 10 points. Oh! Jungwon! (Even the other teams are surprised) (Siyoung can’t be happy) (A shame he missed the second shot) (He found his groove in the last stretch…) Wow. 10 and 9. After shooting zero, he gets a 9 and 10. I thought he was a pro just then. He shot very calmly. (I should’ve listened to Siyoung) It’s too bad he missed in the beginning. It’s too bad he missed in the beginning. (Siyoung is nervous she’ll lose 2nd place) Sugeun shoots sevens on average… How many points is that? Since I get 4 shots too… As long as I don’t have big misses, we can do this. 25 points so far. You have to get over 28 points, so each shot has to be at least a 7. Right. 4 times 7 is 28. Now the dice are in Sugeun’s hands. (Sugeun is unexpectedly good) (He won 1st in the battle to see who’s best) (I am the captain of the Cool Kiz archery team) You put your arrow in wrong. The arrow goes above. Yes. (He changes the mood with a battle cry) Let’s go! Sugeun, if you hit only tens, you’ll really turn things up. Towards 9 o’clock. Same height. Right. 9 o’clock towards 7. There. Just shoot. Just shoot like that. No need to put this in. 9 o’clock towards 6. Sugeun will do this. He’s a pro when it comes to TV… (He aims with one eye) He shot. Wow! – His first shot is… / – 8 points. 8 points. Not bad. Very nice. How can an arrow fly like that? Good start. They’re looking good so far. Sugeun and Jungwon’s team. What should I do, Bonchan? Go inside more. 9 o’clock towards 8. Was I too 9 o’clock? Yes, it was a bit high. What time is it now? – Seoul. / – Yeah? – So I should go inside more? / – A bit. – Is the height okay? / – Yes. Jungwon, shouldn’t you be telling me this stuff? It’s not like I know anything. They’re looking good so far. Sugeun and Jungwon’s team. Why do they call Sugeun a finisher? His second shot. (His pose is steady) His second shot. (Focused) – He shot. / – His second shot. 7 points. Not bad. How does your arrow fly like this? If he shoots only sevens, he’ll have the highest score. The arrow is expressing his mental state. It doesn’t fly straight. It flies diagonally. Sugeun and Jungwon have 40 points so far. So 13 points left. If you shoot two sevens, you’ll have 14 points, for a total of 54 points, getting you the gold medal. So that extra shot is a huge advantage. And that was a huge miss by Jungwon earlier. You’re not hitting the yellow and hitting red. Look at the red above and shoot down. The red above? If he didn’t miss, it would’ve been better to give them only one shot. If Sugeun hits a 4 and his last one hits 10… That would be epic. (Super nervous) This is a very important shot. Yes. (Sugeun’s third shot) Nice. Where’d it go? It hit 4. 4 or 5. It really hit 4. – Things are complicated now. / – It’s your fault. Now you just need to hit a 10. It looked like they were going to win gold. 5 points. 9 points and you win. So if you shoot a 9 you get the gold medal. If you shoot an 8, you tie with us and we’ll have a shoot-out. With the Korean team here as coaches and the head coach watching… (Show us a great match) Can he become… A beacon of hope for all aspiring archers? Can he? (Can he even shoot like this?) 5! (He’s so funny) – 4! / – He’s leaking pee. 3… – Pee is leaking out of his pants. / – 2! (He keeps up the distractions) 1! (Sugeun’s last shot) So nerve-racking… (Focused) – 7 points! / – 7 points! We lost. What happened? You shot a 7. It went down, didn’t it? Yes, it went down. You should’ve aimed higher. (Too bad) Silver. Tied for silver. So they tie with Siyoung and Woojin, making Hodong and Seungyun the winners. Gold medals. The head coach will present the gold medals. Shouldn’t a pretty girl do this? Sugeun, you do it. (Award ceremony) I’ll work hard. (Hodong and Seungyun win gold) (They get restaurant gift certificates as well) (Another gold medal for Seungyun after Rio) ♪ Until the day when the East Sea’s waters ♪ ♪ And Baekdusan are dry and worn away ♪ Coach, please take this. Bite the medal. – Bite the medal. / – It’s a gold medal. (Finish with the official gold medal pose) (Next episode) They’re the champion team. They’ve experienced being champions. The gold medalist archery team of the 2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships. EXID! (The most skilled idol archers, EXID) EXID! (So great to see them) (But these two have to keep them in check) The match will start with Kyuhan’s shot. Let’s go! (EXID takes the lead at first) Nice! Let’s focus. (Will their first official match be a loss?) If EXID wins this set, the game ends. 10! (Determined shooting) 10! (An unpredictable match) (Nobody will back down) Did it hit the camera? (“Carnival” by Gain)

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