Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – 2016 Archery Festival [ENG/2016.10.11]
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Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – 2016 Archery Festival [ENG/2016.10.11]

August 17, 2019

(Early morning in the green room) – You got your makeup done, Kyuhan. / – Yes. Did you go to a salon? (Has on full makeup) Amazing. Actors are always prepared. His face doesn’t look puffy at all. You look better with your hair down. Hello! Hello. – Jungwon. / – Good to see everyone. (Hello) I will defeat you. I thought the village idiot just came in. “Hello!” The village idiot… Hello! Sugeun, did you practice a lot? – I went all out. / – Yesterday… I went hunting and had a barbecue party at home yesterday. Show us a photo to prove you practiced. Post it on our group chat room. I don’t know how to post photos. So you do that stuff. I want to show the world but I don’t know how to post stuff. I told Sugeun he should go to the archery center to practice and he said he did. I told him to send us a photo as proof. He had his shirt off and chilies hanging on him… – Like a tribal leader. / – Holding a spear… Saying that he’s hunting a person… Like this… I don’t know how to post stuff but I know how to show other people. Show us. And join the chat room conversations for once. – Oh, so you know how to turn it. / – Of course. I can go like this or this. He posted this on our group chat room. The chief of the chili tribe. If you could go through all that trouble for that, you could’ve gone to the archery center 10 times. Hello. Hello. Hyoseong, you need to practice. You never do. Sugeun, I don’t think you should be saying that. Look at him… Why don’t you write anything in our chat room? You only read what we write. Because whenever I try to send a message, I’m too late. I’d be waiting and then I think of something funny, but when I start writing it, we’re off the subject. These guys are too fast. What’s funny is that he does read them in real time. So I was like, “Why doesn’t he participate?” So that’s what happened. How do you know I’m reading them? A number indicates how many people read it. It starts at 6 and counts down. There’s 6 of us. It doesn’t say, “Read by Hodong,” right? Stuff like this happened a lot back when cell phones first came out. One guy didn’t pick up his phone after 6 p.m. His wife was like, “Why didn’t you pick up?” He said, “The telephone company workers are off work!” (No lame jokes allowed) Great observation. I’m sorry about that. So anyway, things are pretty lively here. And the viewers are really excited… – To see Jungwon on TV. / – Yes, that’s right. With his chiseled good looks. He’s handsome. I think Jungwon is a bit… What? From afar… That practice with Siyoung… We can’t just skip over that subject. Really? We have another segment? From what I heard… Siyoung and Jungwon. Secretly trained together. (Secret training for just the two of them) – It wasn’t a secret. / – How is that a secret? Just them two. (Let’s try to blow things out of proportion!) (Let’s watch their forced love story) – Where do you live, Jungwon? / – Gwanghwamun. Gwanghwamun? X-10. It’s 4:2! (He’s happy to see her happy) Why are you so good at this? (He smiles at her compliment) (She even films him) Rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper, scissors. (Let’s her win at rock, paper, scissors ) I’m going to shoot that bird. (He cracks jokes) (For her) 1… 2, 3… (This serious guy) (Will even do slapstick) (We’ll stop now that we’ve teased them) We had no idea. She lost to Kyuhan and Hodong last week. She couldn’t sleep. She can’t stand losing. He’s not giving us the full story here. There are 6 of us in that group chat room. And Siyoung would write, “I’m going to practice at so-and-so time tomorrow,” “Who wants to join me?” And Jungwon is watching it all unfold. He doesn’t respond right away. He looks at the big picture. Hyoseong said she had a gig and couldn’t make it. That’s one down. Sugeun declined. Another down. Kyuhan said he had a drama shoot. So I was about to suggest we meet on Wednesday when he wrote, “I’ll go.” You’re all loving this. I can’t believe this. Did you enjoy yourself? Yes, but we… We? ♪ Even in the darkness ♪ That’s such an old song. I really practiced hard. I practiced for around 4 hours at a high school. I competed against the students. We made bets. Do not make bets. (Was that directed at me? ) Don’t be like that. You’re like the variety show weedkiller. You just totally kill the vibe. She’s a tough girl. – So anyway… / – A weedkiller. We should practice hard to claim our rank. – Archery is in the National Sports Festival. / – Yes. From October 7 to 13. Siyoung, you should participate. It’s farther. It’s not 20m. No way. But she practices like 4 to 5 hours a day. It’s for athletes. Not amateurs. It’s for the student athletes. Not for archery hobbyists. Don’t you get special treatment as a boxer? (He seems to be confused) A former pro… Don’t cover your face. I’m not embarrassing. What’s important is that a bit later, all the hidden celebrity archers will all gather here. All the masters will come here and we’ll have an archery festival! It doesn’t feel like a festival at all. (A very empty festival) We should be making a big batch of soup. Right. And some boiled pork. Get Kim Deoksu to perform for us too. (And twirl the head ribbon) So we’ll have an archery festival… (Wary) Last episode, Siyoung, Sugeun, and Hyoseong did not participate in the match. You’re outmatched, outskilled, and outclassed. Effort can’t bridge that gap. So you three are B class. (B class) Was “B class” a bit too cruel? Anyway, 2nd fiddles… – 2nd fiddle… / – 2nd fiddle… (Come on!) You benchwarmers will be participating today! Of course we’d play today. Go, Korea! (He goes with the Korea cheer) Hodong, your energy is so good today. – Right? / – Yes. I hope you can be like this until the end. Don’t fall asleep as we wrap the show up. Keep things like this. When did I fall asleep? Did I ever doze off? You all may not know, but Hodong’s TV philosophy is that the opening is half the battle. For real. He thinks the start is the most important. – It’s half the battle. / – For him it is. For a 60-minute show, 30 minutes have to be the opening. So for us to divide ourselves into 1st team and 2nd… That would make 2nd feel bad. So let’s just say team A and team B. – How’s that? / – Very considerate. This is a good opportunity. Sugeun and Hyoseong are 5th and 6th place. So you guys will be a team with the 1st place guy. Why? I will sacrifice myself to pull you two out of 5th and 6th… Wait. Hodong just wants to be safe and he picked the two people he practices with all the time. Yeah! – So obvious! / – It’s true! Then how should the teams be? That was a great choice. I don’t like the letter B. People always call me big or bloated… That’s why I like A. I like this arrangement. I was on Sugeun and Hyoseong’s team last time… – And we got a win. / – Right. I shouldn’t be saying this, but Hyoseong was seriously bad. I was actually going to write on our group chat, “Aren’t you going to practice, Hyoseong?” – Because I think she needs it… / – I… Did you show your real skills in the last episode or not? – I didn’t. / – Really? Because you were terrible when we practiced. Jungwon! It’s not like I saw that big of a difference. Jungwon’s upset you didn’t practice. Jungwon needs to be with Siyoung. So teams A and B, let’s do our best so we meet in the finals! Let’s dominate this archery festival! Okay… – The only one pumped up… / – I’m scared. (Blood pressure warning) Let’s take this fervor and go! And go! Let’s go, Cool Kiz! – Let’s go, Sugeun! / – Let’s go. Let’s go! (The festival has become a mess) The 2016 archery festival. Allow me to introduce the teams and archers. Cool Kiz team A. Sugeun, Kyuhan, and Hyoseong. Cool Kiz team B. Hodong, Jungwon, and Siyoung. The singer team. John Park, CNU of B1A4, and Tzuyu of TWICE. The sports team. Wu Jiwon, Choi Byeongcheol, and Shin Suji. The global team. Sam Okyere, Zhang Yuan, and Robin. (All the teams,,,) (Empty) Sugeun, I’ll stand in front. I heard that there would be like 20 teams. Is this it? There were 20 teams yesterday. These teams won the tournament. I thought this was a festival. The 2016 archery festival. There are so many big stars here. Now it feels more like a festival. The basketball legend. Shin Suji needs no introduction. – And idols. / – Yes. – CNU of B1A4! / – CNU! And John Park, a former Cool Kiz member. John Park! It’s not Jeombak, it’s John Park. Jeombak was my nickname. – Singer team… / – Let’s go! You know you have to practice for this show. Did you practice a lot? I’ve always enjoyed and practiced archery before I was casted for this special. – Where? / – At home. He has a really big house. He has an archery center at his house? John Park is also known as Mr. Moneybags. (Living in luxury) I practiced a lot through a video game. But trying it for real… I thought it would be easy, but you need good form. And relax. It was really hard. I practiced really hard. Who would you say is your rival here? The person you don’t want to lose to. Hodong… He’s always gotten on my nerves because… For the badminton and basketball episodes, I strangely feel felt like he was my rival. I couldn’t believe it. That’s why I really practiced hard for this. Alright. I’ll get you today… (I see…) You never beat me when you challenged me in badminton. He looks more athletic than I do. (What does this laugh mean?) So Siyoung and John, if you work hard you can become like me. In sports, effort isn’t everything. Not everyone can win a gold medal. The next archer… Give her a round of applause. It’s Tzuyu! (Tzuyu of TWICE) (Her archery melted the hearts of everyone) (Everyone was amazed by how good she was) (The internet went crazy) (Even a famous movie director was impressed) (A famous actor parodied her) (A overseas columnist wrote about her) (Tzuyu stepped up her skills) (Look forward to watching her) Hello, I’m Tzuyu of TWICE. Close your mouth, Byeongcheol. You look like you’re a peeping tom. – She’s so pretty. / – He’s drooling. She’s really pretty. How is it seeing her in person versus on TV? Gosh, she really is pretty. You could feel the sincerity. It came right from the heart. Gosh… Her eyes sparkle. – You’re really pretty. / – Thank you. Suji is on our team. – What about me? / – You don’t see Suji? I’m just invisible? Suji is famous for being a pretty athlete. It’s just different. What? I never said anything was wrong with Suji. Suji has her own different charms. But Tzuyu is really pretty. – Even us foreigners think so. / – Right? – Pretty, right? / – Yes, they have different charms. Right? They are different. Sam, what do you think of Tzuyu in person? She’s really pretty. (Thank you) – She’s world-class. / – For sure. We fought earlier. Please don’t fight. For our seats. With Yuan. – To sit next to her. / – Don’t fight. Next is CNU of B1A4! Hello, I’m CNU of B1A4. (CNU, the idol incarnation of Legolas) (Every shot was a perfect hit) 10 points! 10 points! 10 points! They win it all in team archery! (Looking awesome) (How will CNU, AKA Legolas, do today?) Who was your favorite athlete as a kid? Kim Sunyeong. She won the gold in the 1988 Olympics. – Yes, that’s true… / – What year were you born? In 1991. We’re both from Cheongju. And there’s an archery center named after her there. – I practiced there. / – I saw her around very often… And you’re from? – Cheongju. / – Cheongju. (Nice to meet you) Cheongju. CNU, who is the most famous person in Cheongju? Among idols, it would be Hyoseong. – You’re also from Cheongju? / – Yes. You can all carpool together. When visiting your hometown. You could do that. It’s not easy for 3 big stars with the same hometown to be in the same place like that. Basketball! Gymnastics. Fencing! We are the sports Avengers! Do you prefer the nickname Noble or Prince? I’m just a basketball player. – Basketball player Wu Jiwon. / – Yes. It’s really rare for an athlete to be handsome. As you can tell from Byeongcheol… You really have it all. Do I look weird? (No!) – I’m okay, right? / – Yes. I thought he was Yang Taekjo from far away. (They could be father and son) Yang Taekjo? “I’m not really shooting this.” I see it now. – You do? / – The resemblance, When he was younger… I heard you really wanted to be on our show. – Yes, I love this show. / – Why? I’ve always wanted to be on this show. My extreme competitiveness usually ruins other shows. But I thought it would help here. It’s a show any athlete would want to be on. – Is that it? / – Yes. But now that you’re here, the more athletic Siyoung is here. How does that make you feel? She hasn’t been an athlete since she was a kid. She started boxing as an adult and I know how difficult that is. I really admire her and kind of think of her as my rival too. – It’s an honor. / – Thank you. Siyoung, show us how flexible you are. We always thought of this as a duty as kids… Warm up. (Watch this) (What did we just see? ) (One more time!) (An encore performance) (I am a flexible woman) Okay, okay. We get it. So how will you top that? – Here I go. / – Go ahead. (Just looking at this pose makes your crotch hurt) Goodness! – What is this? / – Amazing. – Top that! / – Go ahead. (She stands up and does the same thing) She already did that. She keeps doing it… (Embarrassed) You can’t put your legs through your arms like this? Sure I can. 1… (Wobble ) Take your shoes off. Siyoung, I’m sorry but you lost. (She got both her feet through) You’re going around again? She can’t because of the mic. (I’d better do something else) Your arms should go over your head. (Suji steps out again!) Show us a good one. Like this? (Huh?) Like this? (Quick front walkover) (Yikes…) Wow… (Amazing) How about this? Suji is famous for her first pitch. How about when gymnastics meets archery? Do what I did if you don’t have anything. Let me borrow your arm a moment. (Stretch) (Totally straight) (The gymnastics and archery shooting form) (Shocked…) She doesn’t wobble at all. Can you do that? – What? / – Geez… Show us some boxing… (Bickering) What I did wasn’t easy either. This… It’s hard. Not many are good at this. I go like this… That’s enough already. Come on. That’s enough. We get it. (Finishes in a shooting pose) (I can do it too) Go, go, go! Ole, ole, ole! Let’s go! When we think of Ghana… You guys are good at soccer. But I’ve never heard of good archers there. I first found out about archery in Korea. – The sport? / – Yes. We have someone from China and France, so why is Sam the captain? We’re not too happy about it either. Stop joking around. – Is he just a figurehead? / – As you all know… Is he just a figurehead? No wonder your head is so big. – Do you know what we mean? / – Of course. – You’re fully Korean now. / – I know that term. Tell us why you’re the captain. I was on this show for foot volleyball. So I have Cool Kiz experience. And I can talk with the best of them. (He’s better than I am) He’s not a guy to say deep things. I’m just like you. Let’s take another question. Please raise your hand. Korean has always been sweeping the gold medals… – In archery. / – So are you confident? I feel that I’m half Korean. (Half Korean, half Ghanaian) I feel I have Korean ancestors. So I feel like I’ll be pretty good. You’re saying you have Korean blood in you? Sam does look like he could be from Yangpyeong. That’s my hometown. I always say my hometown is Jinju. Why? Why Jinju? My friend went to Gyeongsang National University. I went there and it was really nice. (Such a simple reason) Very nice. Robin, you were in the swimming special. (A great body and an all-around athlete) (He started archery when he was 8) – Come on! / – Okay! (The best archer on his team) (I only hit yellow) Robin’s name is related to archery. – Robin Hood. / – He’s got that going for him. – True. / – He’s the best on our team. He’s the best archer. Sam, have him shoot an apple off your head. – That’s dangerous… / – You have to do that stuff. I want to make it to Ghana for Chuseok. I heard it’s a 3-day flight and that you’re not going. Do they have Chuseok in Ghana? No. (Oh my god) Robin is better than all 5 of us combined. (Hawk eyes?) What’s your vision? 10. That means 2.0 in Korea. Perfect vision in Korea is 2.0. I heard Mongolians had good vision. Sam, nobody here is Mongolian. Nonsense. There’s one here. Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar. Ulaanbaatar. His vision is 3.5. Do I really look Mongolian? – Kind of. / – You kind of do. Sam. It would’ve been nicer if you had girls on your team. Yes, of course Which female teammate would you want? I would want her. Me? Be honest, Sam. You really love Siyoung, don’t you? Can you love someone you just met? (Yes, you should meet a few more times) I shot “Real Men” with him for 7 months. You tell every woman you meet that you love her. That’s true. We’ll cut here to protect you, Sam. The war where we pierce through the wind! The 2016 archery festival! It starts now! The Cool Kiz 2016 archery festival. The Cool Kiz have been practicing hard and they’ve really been improving. The archery festival is today. Who will participate and how will it go? The Cool Kiz will be split into two teams, just like last episode. The hidden celebrity archers will also be participating. I watched them practice for a bit. They are quite skilled. However, the Cool Kiz have been working hard, which is why I think they’ll do well today. (2016 archery festival) (Cool Kiz B vs. Sports team) (Best 2 out of 3 sets, shoot-off for tied set score) We just have to take it easy. Let’s do a cheer. Let’s practice. Forget all that. It’s “get 10.” Hodong! Siyoung! Jungwon! We will get 10! Let’s go, sports team! Hodong of Cool Kiz team B will start the match with his first shot. Let’s go! (Good luck) The first match will begin with Hodong, who’s shooting first. The reliable eldest member takes the first shot. Yes. He has 20 seconds. Not much time left. (Shoots with 1 second left) With 1 second left. – 8 points. / – Yes. Not bad, not bad. – You shot with 1 second left. / – Really? Byeongcheol has one eye covered. Archers do not do this, but he needs to aim with his right eye and it seems he can’t close his left eye. He aims. His left arm is very shaky. 8 points. – Byeongcheol also gets 8. / – Not a bad score. Just watching makes me nervous. Go, Siyoung! Siyoung is a lefty and Suji is a righty, so they have their back to each other. This first shot is important for Siyoung. (Siyoung’s first shot) (8 points) – 8 points. / – Siyoung gets 8. It’s okay. – 8. / – 8. Nice one, Siyoung. 8. (Suji’s expression does not change) (Siyoung is good) Suji is a former rhythmic gymnast and currently she’s a pro bowler as well as a talented golfer. Let’s see if her practice in archery will pay off. (Suji is first to shoot for the sports team) She aims. How is her form? It looks very good. Wow! It looks very good. – 10 points. / – She shot a 10! (Suji is off to a good start) – She shot a 10? / – Yeah. This should put some pressure on Jungwon. Hodong and Siyoung both shot 8s. Yes. 8 and 8. Then Suji hit a 10, putting her team ahead by 2 points. (Jungwon’s first shot) Wow! Oh my god! – He shoots. / – Jungwon! Jungwon! (The camera goes off as soon as it gets hit) (The best Cool Kiz archer) Jungwon hits an X-10! He has cracked the lens! It hit the camera lens. Please check the camera lens. (The referee checks the lens) (The camera is destroyed) The camera cracked? Wow… Jungwon… He has hit dead center. Jungwon, looks like your efforts have paid off. You sly dog… This means Jiwon needs to shoot at least a 9 to take the lead. He shoots… Jiwon shot a 5. So all 6 archers have shot their first shots. It’s okay. Pull back more next time. Hodong, see you in the finals. Let’s go, Hodong! Hodong’s second shot. – Hodong shoots a 7. / – 7! Not a bad score. Too much to the left? That was nice. Yeah, a bit. Let’s go. Those with an eye patch can read minds. Can he read the target today? (Byeongcheol aims carefully) – 10 points! / – He hits a 10. 10? He shot a 10, as you can see on the target. I saw it with my mind reading. He knows how to focus… This is fun. (It’s tied up so far) Siyoung’s second shot. – 9 points. / – 9 points. As expected from Siyoung. (Thought it was 10…) – That’s a shame. / – Nice one. Suji’s first shot was a 10. (Will she do well on her second shot?) Gold medalist archer Oh Jinhyeok complimented her, saying that Suji’s form is really good. She shoots. She shoots. 7 points. 7 points. Too bad. Looks like it hit her left arm. We’re up by 2 now. (They can take the set if they get at least 9) Jungwon wanted to practice a lot and he really did practice hard. (Two 10s in a row) – 10! Jungwon! / – A 10. Jungwon shot a 10! (Dang, we lost) (We won) (They win set 1 regardless of the last shot) Jiwon’s last shot. Jiwon’s last shot. 10! X-10! He shot a 10. (Where’d it go?) – X-10! / – He shot a 10. It went through the center and came out the back of the target. It went right through. Nice one. They suddenly got really good just now. One mistake and we’re finished. Jiwon’s 5 was the deciding factor in our victory. That was huge. The Cool Kiz win set 1. They get 2 points and lead the set score at 2:0. Let’s go! Go, Hodong! Do a pterodactyl cry, Hodong. Disqualified. He does everything he’s told. Hodong’s first shot of set 2. It’s right under his chin. His shot is… Nice and clean. Nice and clean. – 7. / – He got 7. It was off again. It’s Byeongcheol’s first shot. He shot a 10 in set 1. Now it’s his first shot of set 2. A clean shot. – Byeongcheol gets 10! / – 10 points. (Wow, a natural athlete) – He’s good, / – So different. Wow! Zorro, Zorro! (Pressured) These two can’t see each other shoot as they have their backs to each other. (Siyoung’s first shot of set 2) – Siyoung hits 7. / – 7 points. She needs to shoot. She needs to shoot. – An 8. / – Suji gets an 8. Yes, not bad. 8! (What a relief) It’s the star archer. 10, 10, 10! Get that 10, 10, 10! He is definitely the best Cool Kiz archer. Jungwon has been showing us his skills. – Another 10! / – 10 points. Very nice. Jungwon shoots another 10. (You’re awesome, Jungwon) He’s amazing… (He pierced the lens on his first shot) (Two 10s in a row to take set 1) 10, Choi Jungwon! (In set 2, he gets his third 10) 10, 10, 10! After all this time, he’s still handsome. He hesitates… Looks like his arrow fell off the rest. Right under his chin… He should shoot fast. – 6 points. / – 6! He shot a 6. – 6 points. / – He shot a 6. It’s tied up. What’s going on? This second shot will determine if it’ll go to set 3 or if the match will end. Hodong… (Carefully) – Hodong hits 9. / – 9 points. – 9! / – Very nice. (Nice) – 9! / – Nice! (They’re all so good) He’s piercing the target with his eye. He is very focused. Good balance. Good balance. – 7 points / – 7 points. – Time to get it done, Siyoung. / – Yes. (Cool Kiz Team B is up by 2 points) (Siyoung’s second shot of set 2) She pulls… – Siyoung shoots 8. / – 8 points. Dang… Wasn’t that a 9? The sports team trail by 2. Suji can tie it up with a 10 here. (Please make a mistake) (Suji’s quiet last shot for victory) – 9 points. Very nice. / – 9 points. – Now they’re behind by 1. / – Right. Jungwon is last though. He’s on fire now. It’s a wrap if he shoots a 10. They win. It’s a wrap if he shoots a 10. They win. What if he shoots 10 again? Let’s go! (Jungwon’s last shot to get to the finals) (He attempts to hit his fourth 10) Jungwon’s last shot. – He pulls. / – His arm looks shaky. How will he do? – He pulls. / – His arm looks shaky. – Jungwon… 8 points. / – He gets 8. He shot an 8. (Current score: Cool Kiz: 49, Sports team: 40) If you shoot a 10, you win. (This is so dramatic…) They win if he shoots a 10. This is the fun part. They lose if they tie. (Now everything is up to Jiwon’s last shot) Jiwon’s shot holds the destiny of the sports team. (10 points or they lose) (Jiwon’s arrow is finally pulled back) Jiwon… – 8 points. / – He got an 8. So this makes the score 49:48. (The Cool Kiz team B win by 1 point) Awesome… Wow… The Cool Kiz are awesome! The Cool Kiz team B win set 2 with a score of 49:48, which means they advance to the finals. (2016 archery festival) (Singer team, global team, Cool Kiz team A) It’s the second team match. The first set will start with the singer team’s CNU’s first shot. It’s his first shot. This is B1A4’s CNU on the singer team. 8. He’s off to a good start. (It’s okay) It’s Kyuhan on Cool Kiz team A. He’s the most skilled out of the six Cool Kiz. (What will the top-ranked archer get?) Kyuhan! Nice! Kyuhan is off to a great start. Let’s go, Robin Hood! He’s getting ready. (How will Robin’s first shot go?) – He’s very calm. / – Yes. Way off. He starts with a 5. Let’s go! (The global team is very spirited!) Let’s go! Still a long way to go. Great form. He was on the French team. Cannon? French cannon? (The French cannon!) He used to call John Park Jeombak. Your pronunciation is always off. Now Tzuyu, Hyoseong, and Yuan are getting ready. Yes. It’s Tzuyu’s first shot. Very steady form 9! 9! – 9! / – Nice shot. Tzuyu is good. Hyoseong tends to bend her left arm too much. She needs to fix that and keep the left arm extended. Where’d it go? 4 points. Sorry, Kyuhan. I feel really bad now. Why do I have to be on this team? – It’s Yuan. / – It’s right under his chin. 6! This could go either way. (An unpredictable match!) (Humming his own entrance music) Look at him trying to act cool again. I’m getting so sick of this. It’s so played out. We’re getting sick of seeing this every week. – Enough. / – For real. Had enough? We have to see the stuff that gets edited out. (No need to compete with Sugeun) The last ones to shoot are John, Sugeun, and Sam. 8! The singer team seems the most laid back. Hyoseong shot a 4. He must feel pressured. Right. Sugeun needs to hit a high score. 5! (He’s the one who drags them down) This is a close match. – He looks… / – Very serious. He looks like he could be in the Olympics. – He shoots. 8 points. / – 8 points for Sam. Nice. Time for us to catch up, Hyoseong. No need to be funny again like your first shot. Focus now. Sugeun, don’t… She knows now. 8! – She’s good. / – It’s okay. That 8 was very close to 9. Just a bit higher and it would’ve been 9. (Shake off the pressure!) Time for us to catch up, Hyoseong. 10! Jun Hyoseong! (Hyoseong’s first 10!) Looks like she tried to raise her right arm higher. Did this help her? That was a very smart move. Her right arm needed to be aligned for the string not to hit her left arm when she shoots. You never know what’ll happen. The fluctuations in her shots are massive. 9! Good shot! (The match is still close) I’m anxious. As long as the singer team doesn’t mess up… A 6 and a 10 would tie things up. The singer team has 41 points. 37 for team A and 35 for the global team. – Not a big difference. / – Right. As long as John shoots at least a 7, the singer team can take set 1. I think he’s capable. (Who will the set go to?) X-10! John Park! (Happy / Sad) Oh, come on. John. (Awesome!) (The singer team wins set 1!) Sugeun, we win if you shoot a 15. Sugeun, shoot a 15. Sugeun, hit 15! (No problem) What was that? Where’d it go? Miss! It sounded like an X-10. I heard a lens getting hit. 8! So the singer team has 51, the global team has 43, and Cool Kiz team A has 37. The singer team takes set 1. We’ll move on to set 2. Now they prepare for set 2. They shoot in the same order. Yes, it’s CNU. (How will his third shot go?) He shot two 8s in a row and this is his third shot. X-10! CNU! Nice shot. Geez… The writers are loving this. The singer team took set 1 and it looks like they’re off to a great start for set 2. 6! (Top-ranked archer Kyuhan shaken up!) That’s it. 10! Robin! 10! Robin! – Told you! / – Nice shot. I can’t hear you all clap. – Thank you. / – Thank you. We got the hang of this now. The first shots of set 2. CNU and Robin both shot 10s. – They’re tied up now. / – Yes. We don’t know what will happen. Let’s pack our bags and go do hardcore training. Will Yuan be able to catch up? 10! Yuan! Yes! Oh, yeah. Yeah! Yuan has quite the poker face. Yes. Yuan never seems to get nervous, which is quite admirable. John gets ready to shoot. They need to catch up. 10! John Park! Nice! – Wow. / – I thought it was a 9. Sugeun is actually the problem. Sugeun’s last two shots were worth only 5 points. (He’s in dead last with 5 points total!) 8! Is he finally getting the hang of it now? 9! Nice, Sam. Sam, you guys need to win for us to have a set 3. – Really? / – Sure. – They’re practically pros. / – They sure are. The global team shot a total of 29. (Set 2 continues!) – Yes! / – Wow! (Their skill amazes everyone) (A total score of 54!) (The global team wins set 2 by a landslide!) Set 1 went to the singers, set 2 went to the global team, and they’re all preparing for set 3. Cool Kiz team A definitely have a chance to take set 3. – Yes, they do. / – Yes. (Their last rally starts) Now they’ll all take their last shots. CNU shoots. 5! (Geez!) That’s it! Too bad. It’s okay. 7! This isn’t dramatic at all. Or funny… (These 3 are so bland!) The global team can take the lead here. It’s a good chance for them. Robin prepares. (Focuses) 8 points. A decent score. Now the global team is up by 2 points. (The second shooters!) (9 points) 5! (9 points) – He shot a 9. / – 9 points. So the global team keep their 2-point lead. It’ll put pressure on them if John shoots a 10. This is like a battle of wits. Shoot a 10. It’s all up to John and Sam. (Who will go to the finals?) A 10 would be the best for the singer team. He has to shoot and then wait. (I have to hit a 10!) (How will their last shots go?) He shot an 8. That’s too bad. Nice. – You really stink. / – 7! – You’re terrible. / – Really? Actually, it’s a 6. And it was a point less. The global team has 43 points so far. They need at least a 7 to advance to the finals. It’s all up to Sam’s last shot. (Who will go to the finals?) Seven. Nice. The global team won 2 sets and advances to the finals. ♪ Go, go, go, ole, ole, ole ♪ ♪ Go, go, go, ole, ole, ole ♪ Now it’s the final match of this archery festival. Cool Kiz team B will face the global team. What did you like about these two teams? Cool Kiz team B have been consistently shooting at least 7s. And the global team looked shaky in set 1 yet they’ve been shooting 8 to 10, I expect it to be a close match. They have to overcome the pressure of the finals. Who do you think will be the key players? Robin and Hodong. It would be good if the first shooters both had good starts. The winner of this match will win the tournament. The 2016 archery festival final match starts now. You guys don’t seem nervous, despite the pressure. But please think of your form and try to focus more. You guys are team Korea now. (Europe, Asia, Africa) You guys are abroad now. This is the Olympics. You must not lose. Don’t we have the Korean flag? Think of the Cool Kiz logo as the flag. Alright. How about we do a cheer for Korea? Nope. (You’re so mean) Because it would be really bad if we lost after that. You should think about winning. – I took you guys the least seriously. / – Yeah. They weren’t that good during practices. We had a 2:2 match yesterday. We beat them three times and lost once. Right? But you guys have totally changed today. We practiced 2 more hours after you guys left. So that’s why… I think this is going to be close. Hodong! Siyoung! Jungwon! We’ll get 10s! (This is kind of embarrassing) We will conquer the Cool Kiz! Let’s go! (They each get on their lines) (First ones to shoot are Robin and Hodong) Go, Hodong. Let’s go, Robin. Don’t be nervous. Robin will shoot first. (How will this French archer shoot?) – 9 points. / – 9. Nice. (Off to a good start) – Very nice. / – Wow, Robin. The global team seems like a real archery team. They’re strong. (Hodong’s first shot) The buzzer goes off. (He feels pressured from Robin’s high score…) – 7 points. / – He shot a 7. Ah… More this way, right? Come on. This is the finals. He needs to step it up. He always messes up in the finals. – Go, Yuan. / – Let’s go, Yuan. Nice, Yuan. Looking good. Like Leon Lai. (Leon Lai is the only Chinese person he knows) Yuan only faces forward and stays focused. – 6 points. / – He shot a 6. (Startled!) Let’s go! Focus! The final match should be more exciting! You sounded like their coach. (Exhale) Siyoung gets ready to shoot. (Siyoung’s first shot) (A chance to catch up to the global team!) 6 points. Siyoung hits a 6. This is tense now. Totally tense. No, no, no. That’s not good. (Sam is the last shooter for the global team) Now Sam and Jungwon get ready. (His form is steady) (2 points) 2 points. (What did I just do?) Even Sam seems shocked. (Surprised) This is getting fun now. What is this? Is this a match between 3rd and 4th? That’s what it feels like. They need to forget about that 2 and get higher scores to widen the gap. (A chance to turn the tides!) – 9 points. / – He shoots a 9. (Nice) So all 6 archers have each taken a shot. It’s 22:17. Cool Kiz team B is up by 5 points. (Back to Robin’s turn) (Robin’s first shot was a 9) Robin shoots again. (How will he do this time?) – 10 points! / – He shot a 10. – Nice. / – Robin! Robin shot a 10 and the global team put points on the board. Let’s go, Hodong! Hodong’s first shot was a 7. He takes a deep breath and lifts. 7 points. (Not bad but not good enough) So we have to rely on the last shooters now? Right? (It’s not over yet) Sam totally pooped the bed… (Such great phrasing) Sugeun, so this is how it feels. (Sorry) It’s okay, Robin cleaned up his mess. (Yuan shoots) – 6 points. / – Another 6 for him. (Siyoung shoots a 6) – 6 points. / – 6 points. The score is 35:33. It’s Sam and Jungwon. Who wins set 1 will be up to them. Sam shot a 2 previously. (Desperate for a high score this time) (Excited) (9 points) – 9 points. / – 9 points. He did it. Nice! Let’s go! Ghana, Ghana! It’s 42:35. If Jungwon shoots an 8 or higher, Cool Kiz team B can take set 1. Focus. – His first shot was a 9. / – Yes. (Will he hit another X-10?) (Please) (9 points) – 9 points. / – 9 points. Nice one! Let’s go, Cool Kiz! It’s 44:42. The Cool Kiz team B takes set 1. We would’ve won if I focused on my first shot. Let’s go! We can do this. Just don’t shoot 2s. We can do this. (My bad) Now they prepare for set 2. Robin and Hodong. (The global team is backed into a corner) (Robin has been shooting great today) (3 points…) 3 points. Robin is at a loss for words. I’d better make up for that. Focus. Don’t think that you lost already. (A chance for them) They have a chance. (Hodong needs to do well) – Nice. It’s a 9. / – 9 points. Off to a very good start. (Cool Kiz Team B off to a good start in set 2) (Sam and Yuan) (Cover for Robin’s mistake) – 10 points! / – 10 points. It touched the line. (Jungwon and Siyoung have perfect form) The Cool Kiz are increasing their lead. Now the Cool Kiz are up by 8. (Yuan’s second shot for set 2) You’ll end up shooting fast like that. – It’s Yuan. / – Yes. – 7 points. / – 7 points. It’s okay. (He knows some Chinese) Focus. Keep your arms steady. Siyoung shoots now. (She hesitates from nervousness…) Slowly. You have plenty of time. Calmly one more time. – She has plenty of time. / – Around 10 seconds. (Siyoung focuses) (2 points) – 2 points. / – 2 points. She was short on time so I think it wasn’t right under her chin. Oh, no… (I guess she was really nervous) How did that happen? Now it’s really unpredictable. Only a 3-point difference. This can decide things. Go, Sam. Cool Kiz team B is up by 3 points, but the match winner might be decided through set 3. (Sam shot a high score) Sam needs a 10. Right. (Must wait for the opponent’s mistake) (I can’t watch) – 8 points. / – 8 points. (Not quite good enough) The global team’s final score is 44. That means… We can win if Jungwon shoots a 6. And it’s tied if he shoots a 5. He has to be nervous. (6 isn’t a tough for Jungwon) (But one mistake can lead to defeat) Will Jungwon shoot at least a 6? (He shoots!) – 9 points. / – 9 points. Wow! 48:44. The Cool Kiz beat the global team with a set score of 2:0, becoming the champions. Congratulations! The Cool Kiz archery team! (Cool Kiz team B) (Sugeun hums the victory song) The best part of sports is the individual matches. So it’s time to throw down. We told you that the top scorers from the team matches will be able to compete. We will now reveal the scores from 1st to 15th! 1st. Jungwon. 15th! Sugeun! Hold on. How do I only have 14 when I shot two sets? You went too far with this joke. You missed. (Hyoseong is 13 points ahead of him) So 1st through 8th will compete in the individual match. The team matches might be over, but that’s not all. Now only the strongest archers remain. The first quarterfinal match is Yuan versus Jungwon. 10! Jungwon! 24:23. Jungwon wins. CNU versus Byeongcheol. CNU shoots first. – 8 points. / – 8 points. – 9 points. / – 9 points. – 8 points. / – Yes. This will decide it. Sam and John will face off. Sam dreams of being on the Ghanaian team. He shoots a 10! 10! Sam Okyere! Sam has won. The two girls that all girls want to be will face off. (She’s been consistent) Suji’s first shot. (She shoots 8, 9, 9) – 9 points. / – 9 points. (26 points total) (Siyoung’s turn) (She shoots 10, 8, 7) 7 points. (Total of 25 points) Suji wins by a 1-point margin and advances to the semifinals. (Jungwon vs. CNU) (Sam vs. Suji) (Their matches start now) So this is the first match of the semifinals. It’s CNU versus Jungwon. – This feels like the finals. / – It does, doesn’t it? Go, CNU! (I believe in you, CNU) (CNU calmly draws the bowstring) – It’s CNU’s shot. / – He’s very calm. He shoots. He shoots. – 9 points. / – 9 points. A pretty good start. (9 on his first shot) CNU and Jungwon are both really good. (Jungwon’s first shot) (Shoots!) – 10 points! / – 10! Choi Jungwon! (As expected from the best archer) John. Amazing. Yes. He’s really good. The two best are facing each other. CNU and Jungwon are both in top form. (Don’t get nervous) CNU shoots very quickly. CNU aims his second shot. (Shoots!) – 9 points. / – 9 points. Nice shot. (Not another 9…) CNU hit 9, 9. He’s keeping up the pressure on Jungwon. Jungwon shot a 10 on his first shot. (Jungwon aims for 10 again) He pulls. (Shoots!) – 8 points. / – 9 points. 8! – Now it’s tied. / – That’s right. Best out of 3 sets. (Why an 8?) This is a close game! – It’s tied up at 18:18. / – Right. (One last shot left) (Everything is on this one last shot) 1st shooter. CNU! CNU needs to hit a 10 and then wait. I think this might go to a shoot-off. (Far off…) (Groans) (Goodness) (What did CNU get?) 7! His third shot is a 7. His bow shook a bit which threw off his aim. And that’s when he shot. If Jungwon hits 7, it’s a shoot-off. If he gets at least an 8, he wins. (Please win, Jungwon) (Jungwon’s last shot) (The pride of the Cool Kiz rides on this shot) (Jungwon’s last shock surprises everyone) (No way…) (7 points) – 7 points. / – 7 points. (No way) So it’s a shoot-off? Yes. 25:25. It’s a shoot-off. It’s 25:25. The first semifinal match has ended in a tie, so there will be a shoot-off to decide the winner. Because it was a tie, now one shot will decide who goes to the finals. It’s going to be a shoot-off. This gets you totally nervous. The people standing… – Go, CNU. / – Let’s go, CNU! – Go, CNU. / – Let’s go, CNU! First to shoot is CNU. CNU will shoot first. (Jungwon doesn’t watch) It’s a lot of pressure to shoot first. But a high score could put pressure on Jungwon. (What did CNU hit?) But a high score could put pressure on Jungwon. (He hits a 7) He hits a 7. Not quite on the mark. (Dejected) (Is this the end?) Hyoseong, let’s hold hands. I can’t watch. (So nerve-racking to watch) Second to shoot is Jungwon. Not yet. (His nerves made him miss the signal) (His last shot for all the marbles) (He shoots) (Will he advance to the finals?) 6! (Everyone staggers like they saw a ghost) (Unbelievable…) (What just happened?) 6! Did I lose? I lost? (It was all for nothing) My goodness! He got a 6. – He shot a 6. / – Goodness. Many people expected Jungwon to win. We thought he was guaranteed to win. Unfortunately, he shot a 6. So the one who advances to the finals is CNU! (CNU advances to the finals) (Second semifinal match is Sam vs. Suji) (Who will advance to the finals?) Sam will shoot first. – 9 points. / – 9 points. Nice, Sam. (Suzy blunders and hits a 4) 4 points. Sam will advance to the finals. Sam. Don’t worry about the semifinals. No need to worry at all. (Sam’s first shot is a 6) 6 points. Being in the semifinals is big. It’s important that you win. Don’t feel guilty. Alright. (Hodong encouraged him) (He practices his form without an arrow) Geez! (He thought he shot for real) You scared me! (Startled) Geez, man! (Sorry, Sugeun) (Everyone laughs thanks to Sugeun) It’s the same thing as getting hit! (How humiliating) (Final match: CNU vs. Sam) That’s right. It’s CNU versus Sam in the final individual match. It’s the finals! Let’s go! Go, CNU! (Let’s go) Let’s go. Go, Sam! (CNU will shoot first) Now 3 shots for the finals. (They only get 3 shots) These 3 shots will determine the winner in individuals. CNU will shoot first. – 9 points. / – 9 points. Off to a good start. (CNU breathes a sigh of relief) Did Sam expect this? He is in the finals of the individual match. (I won’t lose since I got this far) – 9 points. / – 9 points. It’s 9:9. Tied score. Now this is a final match! (Okay!) Now this is a final match! (Sam ties it up) Now this is a final match! It sure is. (Calm) Now CNU will take his second shot. Go, Cheongju. He has to aim properly. He shoots as soon as the string touches his chin. (Ahh…) – 6 points. / – 6 points. (In trouble) Looks like that was a mistake for CNU. This could be an opportunity for Sam. He’s become super serious. His ancestors could hit running impalas in the wild. The poor man’s Will Smith. Sam Okyere. (An unexpected reaction) (5 points) What just happened? What’s going on? A 6 and then a 5. Gosh, this is insane. (Everyone is on their feet) (Pumped up) Why are you doing this to us? Sam made a mistake, yet it made the match even closer. Yes, it’s a 1-point difference. (In archery, nobody can accurately predict the winner) 15:14. CNU is up by a point. It’s his last shot. If CNU shoots a 10, he automatically wins, He’s calm. (Will CNU shake off the pressure?) (Hearts racing) CNU hits an 8. That’s 8 points. 23 points. – This could go either way. / – He needs a 9. 9 to tie it up. 10 to win it. CNU has shot all 3 of his shots. – It’s not a low score. / – Yes. It’s the last shot. (Sam’s last shot will determine his fate) Let’s go! Wow, he must be stressed. Let’s go. 9 for a shoot-off and 10 to win it. (Fire) (Looks) (Did he get it?) (4 points) What happened? (Sam made a mistake) – What happened? / – What just happened? (Shocked) – What happened? / – How did it end like that? The winner is CNU of B1A4! (CNU wins) The winning team in the team tournament. Kang Hodong, Lee Siyoung, Choi Jungwon. They won the team archery tournament. They get these trophies and prizes for their excellent performance. The winner of the individual tournament is CNU! Cool Kiz on The Block started in 2013 with table tennis. And we ended with archery. That’s 14 different sports. This show is a show to promote health in Korea. And it’s time for us to say our final goodbye. Trying our best… I can’t say the words right. Don’t cry, don’t cry… To all the viewers that supported our show and to all the athletes that participated on our show we’d like to thank you all again. Thank you so much. We’ll end the show by shouting out the name. The unscripted drama! Cool Kiz on The Block! (The sports variety show started on April 9, 2013) It’s a show viewers can take part in. Anyone in Korea can go up against us! – If you challenge us… / – Then what? Then we’ll face off against them. (The beauty of improving in bowling) (Badminton was so much fun) (Each match was thrilling in basketball) (Taekwondo was tough, but it’s the pride of Korea) Go up and then down like right now. (We heated up the field in soccer) (There was bromance during tennis) (Foot volleyball proved to be difficult) (Cycling showed our determination) (Swimming was exciting and refreshing) (We made people laugh and cry with judo) (We showed you dramatic miracles in volleyball) (And archery, which we didn’t want to part with) (Around 100 celebrity athletes over 3.5 years) (Around 500 amateur athletes) (We were happy to be together) (And all of you were there together to cheer us on) (Which made the sports even more moving) (Cool Kiz on The Block ends now) (Thank you all for watching)

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  1. aahhh… I feel sad that this is the last episode.
    I love Cool kiz.
    Each time I finished watching an episode, i feel like doing some sport. This show really promote sports.

    Thank you for making this show ?

    …now I'll just rewatch all episodes ?

  2. this is their last show ever?!!! that totally sucks! there's so much more sports they could have done too! softball, baseball, curling, snowboarding, skiing, etc. boo!!!

  3. Nooooooooooo ??? i've watched this show since the beginning. My most fave sports were Judo, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, & Badminton! Whyyyyyyy!! This show is amazing!!!!!! I cried so much whenever they won! ??????

  4. Whoa I never missed any single episode of CKOB! and now it comes to an end ! Sure we will miss everyone on the show ! Thank you Cool Kiz for a nice show !

  5. I cried at the end! The celebrities gave their all , laughed and cried together. I really loved this show! thank you cool kiz on the block! please comeback with a new season!

  6. I'm crying a river! I followed this program since the beginning when Hodong, Sugeon and Changmin were the MC's… I saw each and every episode week after week, all the sports. I was moved for all the victories and defeats, I get excited, laughed and cried with the members. I learned a lot about all the sports, It's so sad that is over. Thank you to all the staff and the Mc's , artists, idols, athletes, it was a good program. I will remember all the awesome teams, and awesome coaches.

  7. Thank you for these 3 years! I laughed and cried along with you every episode. Every week, I looked forward to watching a new episode and thanks to you we got to see a new side of the artists. I'm sure the artists themselves learned a lot more from this experience. Thank you again!!!!!!!!!

  8. ……..and we've come to the end of another variety show. Cool Kiz on the Block was really good. Thanks to all the athletes, teams and celebs who joined the show and made it so much fun to watch. Thanks to the production crew also!!!!

  9. Nooooo. One of my favourite shows. I feel so empty now, I want to cry. This show was way too good and showcased celebrities in a different light :'(

  10. i'm really sad to see this show go. even outside of tennis (my personal favorite sport) i loved the judo, soccer, basketball, taekwondo, and badminton arcs for the camaraderie, teamwork, and personal growth it showed. and to see actual pros showcase their power and mastery of each sport is truly awe inspiring. sports are a wonderful thing that everyone at all ages should enjoy! thank you cool kiz!

  11. tbh, I didn't always watch this show, but when I did I enjoyed it. I regret that I haven't had any chance to see my other favorite artists on the show. Besides enjoyment and excitement, I also got knowledge in sports. I have to say that I learned a lot for the show. Those athletes who joined the show were really great and talented, they've never failed to make me go wow at their skills. Also, I laughed a lot watching you guys talking, making fun of each other, or even when you failed at while practicing you didn't fail to make me laugh XD

    Lastly, Thanks for the MCs, all guests that have appeared on the show, and the staffs. You guys have been working really hard and put a lot of effort to keep this show survived. I'm gonna miss it very much! I also hope the staffs are still there trying to make us viewers another great show 🙂

    PS. I like it when Siyoung messing with Hodong, she is really good at criticizing people XD If Hodong were younger and didn't marry, I would ship them lol

  12. I don't know why the show was canceled I laughed, cried and cheer with the cool kiz it's too bad the show was canceled. It was the best show on KBS been watching their shows since 07 and this was by far the best.

  13. I'm super sad this show ended. It's one of my favourites! Also, this sport could have gone on longer before ending, but i guess KBS wanted to get rid of it fast.

    I hate how it's being replaced by ANOTHER singing show! CKOTB is like the only sports variety and it's such a shame to stop an interesting show. I think it's one of the most influential cuz i hear a LOT of people have started doing sports after watching the show. It promotes good health and you're able to see how fun & challenging sports are. People understand more about professional athletes who train endlessly for the Olympics.

    I hope sometimes in the future they bring it back, but maybe with a different PD cuz i think the way they set the show is why they get low ratings. I sometimes think there's too much talking in the intro, people want to see more action.

  14. Damn. Because of this sport, I think Cool Kiz is gonna be one of the shows I watch weekly (other than Infinity Challenge and Running Man.) Everyone is so cool!

    Siyoung was cool on Running Man, but I am loving her even more here. Her and KHD get along well. Wish I had a friend like her. So down to earth.

    And I think I found my bias in Secret. xD

    Loving the show! Keep up the amazing work!

  15. im so happy robin and Yuan came lol it's been a while since i've seen them since abnormal summit !!!! I like how friendly hyoseong and Kyuhan are

  16. Archery only gets like 4 episodes??? I was totally expecting more and was gonna watch next week's ep. What???!! Well b/c I watched the other sports and there were so many episodes. Not only is archery so short but also Cool Kiz is canceled now?! So SADDDDD

  17. I don't get why the directors can't cover the camera in the x-10 point with some bullet proof glass, instead of having to spend alot of money repairing it.

  18. made me damn sad 🙁 loved all the episodes. 101% would rewatch all d episodes. thanks CKotB!

  19. I kind of feel bad for CNU he messed up his semi final and final games but his opponent suddenly messed up even more, he suddenly won it all.

  20. TZUYU I really a good at archery and I admin that…but she can never beat EXID at archery…and she can never beat hyerin go EXID…remember EXID is the best at archery and they got a gold model and best archery…so I'm so proud to EXID??

  21. I wish they would have also had Cricket introduced as a new sport. S Korea has been making steady progress in Cricket, they even beat Japan in Japan for East Asia Cup after losing to them in the group stage. Getting on a show like this would've boosted it's popularity & even contributed to raising it's standard in Korea but also the region.

  22. i love it when jungwon kindly tidied shiyong messy hair? and that moment when jungwon wants to have a toss but shiyoung didnt look, and he just tap her arm??

  23. Ye I know all the boys lookin at Tzuyu at that entrance. You absolute cannot not look at her and say “daym she’s beautiful”

  24. This is my favorite show on KBS so far. Thank you!!! I learnt so much about sports. The show was really fun. So sad that it ended. Please bring it back for the next Olympic games 🙂

  25. I really don't understand why KBS cancelled this show. Korean television needs these kinds of shows, it's one of the best shows that represents Korea in a positive and intelligent way, yet it's still entertaining and also shows actors/idols and a bonus-so it even promotes hallyu. Show's like Hello Counsellor should be cancelled- where the random hosts just make fun of people with serious problems, that actually need a professional to help them.

  26. I'm still watching this show in 2019. Judo swiming is the best. ???Really miss cool kiz. Hope this show can make a comeback again. ??

  27. Sam okyere is so funny the sports team and the original ones and hodong seem to love his humour like me

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