Cooking with Adley who controls Dad – Disney Ratatouille

August 30, 2019

– So, in Ratatouille, the mouse
sits on his head and cooks. – Whoa! – So, Adley’s going to
sit on my head and cook. – Okay! – Okay, I’ve got eggs.
What else should I get? – On Ratatouille, he moves him around holding onto his hair. – Can you control me with my hair? – Yeah!
– How? Let’s try it. Whoa! (laughing) – Whoa! That’s strangely involuntary! – [Jenny] Hello! – Hi! – [Jenny] Happy Valentine’s! – He’s my Valentine! – [Jenny] Happy Valentine’s, Adley! – Happy Valentine’s, mom! – Look how cute my Valentine’s hair is! – [Jenny] Oh, I love
your Valentine’s hair. – You guys want to see my real Valentine? – [Jenny] Yeah. You guys are my Valentines. Guess what? – Chicken butt! – I want my surprise! – [Jenny] You want your surprise? – Yeah! – [Jenny] Okay, sit there
and close your eyes. No peeking! – [Jenny] Dad, you actually have to film. – Okie-dokie! We’re going to film! (babbling) – You’re a chunky chunk chunk. – You’re a chunky chunk chunk. – I just want to give him kisses. (exaggerated kissing sounds) Well hi, Cooper. Last log, everyone was
saying ‘Where’s Cooper? We miss Cooper! He’s getting old!’ You love Cooper, huh? – Guys, guess what. He likes to pull his ears. – Yeah, Nikko likes to pull Coopers ears. And Cooper’s such a good boy, huh. He lets him. – [Jenny] Close your eyes! – Close your eyes! – [Jenny] No peeking! – [Adley] I looked! – Are you peeking? (laughter) – [Jenny] Okay, here’s your Valentine! – Holy cow! – For Nikko, from mom! – Sauce? Wait, is this Nikkos or Adleys? – [Jenny] That’s Nikkos,
he just got one thing, he’s a baby. – I got this, dad! – What? – They’re bath bombs! – Those are the coolest bath bombs. They look like snowflakes. – Look, daddy! – [Jenny] What is it? – Oh my gosh! – It’s Chapstick. – [Jenny] Yeah, so stop
stealing my Chapstick, Adley. – Trolls book! – I wanted this for so long! – Oh no, you got chocolate! I knew you would get chocolate. – CHOCOLATE! – [Jenny] Happy Valentine’s
Day, we love you! Here’s yours!
– Oh my gosh, that’s so cute! (unintelligible) – [Jenny] Adley, yours is a little fawn. It’s a deer, and Nikkos is a bear. Do you like that bear? – Yeah, it’s for Nikko, bear. – He’s eating it, he’s giving it a hug! Now he’s choke slamming it! – [Announcer] Choke slam! – [Jenny] Look at his
cute little shirt, guys. ‘Mommy is my main squeeze.’ – Hey, Bradley, Photoshop that to say ‘Daddy is my main squeeze.’ [Jenny] No, no, no, no. Oh, you love it? Oh good! Should we tell the vlog that we have a surprise for the Space Station? – We have a surprise
for the Space Station. – [Jenny] Daddy doesn’t even know. – I don’t even know. What’s your Space Station surprise? – Nothing!
– What? Better not be a prank! Better be nice cause it’s Valentine’s Day. No pranks on Valentine’s Day! Alright, vlog, Happy Valentine’s Day, I love your guys’ guts. (laughter) – I grabbed your keys, not mine. I’m not coming back in. – [Jenny] Uh-huh, you’ve
done it three times now. – You better not surprise me. – Yeah, but when you come back, (unintelligible) – What? – (laughter) – Hey, Adley, come here. What do you think we should surprise the Space Station with? Remember-
– Donuts! – Donuts? That’s a good
idea, I like donuts. Do you remember last year what we did? We did dinosaur cupcakes. Remember, you picked
them out at the store? That was really cute, you guys should flashback to that moment. – Aw, Adley, thanks so much. Wow, I love this Jurassic theme. – Does the vlog know what this is? – It’s a coloring book. – [Jenny] Yeah, but it’s
not any coloring book. What is it? – It’s a magic!
– It is. She loves these, and so do I, because then there’s no
colors and no mess everywhere. (unintelligible) – Yeah, we’ve done that before. So, the paper is white
then she colors the paper. – And whatever you find,
you have to see what is it. – [Jenny] Yeah, it
changes a different color, whatever she colors. Good job, Adley. We are going to go print out some donut Valentines cards and then
we’ll have Adley sign them, go pick up some donuts, and then we’ll take them to the boys. How does that sound, like a plan? – Yeah!
– [Jenny] We got the donuts! Do they look Valentines-y? – Yeah! – [Jenny] Okay, we printed
out these cute cards. ‘You are the sprinkles to my donut’, ‘I like you a hole lot’, ‘Donut ever grow up’. So you got to sign your name right here, and right here, and right
here, and right here. Here, here, here, here. (upbeat music) – Alright, we’re done with
our Valentine’s cards, Adley signed all of them. We go surprise the Space Station boys? – Yeah!
– [Jenny] Okay, let’s go! Olive, Cooper, go get in your beds! Oh, Olive’s already in there. They want their Valentine’s treat! They’re going to love those. One for Cooper, one for Olive. Should we go surprise the boys? – Yeah! – [Jenny] Are you going to
carry the donuts or your cards? – I’m going to carry my iPad. – [Jenny] We made Muddy Buddies! These are for dad. Do you
want to carry them in? – I want to carry the balloon. – The balloons are the vlog, you’ve got to carry the vlog then. Let’s go in. – [Adley] Surprise daddy! Let’s go! Daddy! – Hey, what are you doing? – [Jenny] Happy Valentines! – [John] Muddy Buddies!
These are my favorite! – This is for the boys. – [Jenny] This was a
surprise for the boys. – Branson, we’ve got a surprise for you. Come here, you cutie! Happy Valentine’s Day! Guess what, Valentines butt! – Happy Valentine’s Day! – Oh my goodness, thank you! ‘Donut know what I’d do without you.’ (laughter) – [John] That’s a good one. – [Branson] That looks like a good one. – Yeah! Upstairs! – [John] Oh, we found Parker! – We got a surprise! – ‘Donut what I would do without you.’ – [John] Aw, good job Adley. Happy Valentine’s Day, boys! – [Man 2] Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you! ‘Love rocks, donut?’ (laughter) – What have we got? ‘Donut you know you’re crazy cool?’ (laughter) Thanks, girls. Happy Valentine’s Day. – Oh, thank you, Adley. ‘You are the dough to my donut.’ – I have a surprise for you! – You have a surprise for me?
– Yeah! – Oh, thank you. ‘Donut you know you’re a winner?’ (laughter) – That inquisitive ‘You’re a winner?’ – I was running out of
things to say, okay? (laughter) – Valentine’s Day!
– ‘I’m donuts about you.’ (laughter) (unintelligible) – [John] I’m going to race you. I’m coming, watch out! – Let’s go give one to- – What was that? Is it funny? Am I going to laugh?
– [Adley] No! – I’m not going to laugh?
– No! – Alright, here we go. ‘Donut even-‘ (laughter) – That one was so weird. – [John] Dude was right,
it’s not going to be funny! – What is this? ‘Donut
forget you are awesome!’ From, Adley! – Going to give one to the boys! – The holiday boys just got here. Leave the balloon here
so it doesn’t get out. They’re going to be so excited. – Hey, Adley! – Here, boys! – [John] Happy Valentines Day, boys! How are you guys? Good job, Adley. – Happy Valentine’s Day! – Oh, my gosh, thank you so much! A donut? Oh my gosh, this is the best. Thank you. – [John] What does yours say? They all say something really weird. No, not that, on the card. – Oh, ‘You are the icing to my donut.’ – [John] Wow, that’s
special. Never forget. Never forget that… Hey babe. – What?
– Look at YouTube. – Is this a video? ‘She’s my Valentine’s
present. Best wife ever.’ When did you have time to do that? – Me and Brandon started
plotting this, like, a while ago. But then Brandon put it
all together, seriously, so much credit to Brandon. He crushed it. I love it so much. That’s why I went in so early today, because we had to watch through it. – Aww. – 30 minutes of amazingness. The first, like, five
minutes are really good. It’s like old stuff that’s probably never been on the vlog. – What’s the chance that I’m going to cry? – [John] A million! – Today has been a really good Valentines. John and I went and got
massages, very much needed. Surprise! – [John] Massage time! And then we went and
had lunch at Red Robin, and then we just hung out
and chatted for a long time. It was fun because he’s going
on another plane tonight, so I’m glad we got some
nice relaxing time in. And then we’ll have dinner together as a family for Valentines. (roaring) – Are you guys scared? (unintelligible) – Oh, that’s the balloon that
we tied to the vlog earlier. Hey, you’re not even on the camera. Get over here! Alright, back to before
we started being tigers, we’re going to surprise Jenny. She’s upstairs feeding Nikko. So we’re going to set up the balloons, and then I’m going to give
her my Valentine’s surprise, and maybe we should make her dinner, what do you think mom wants to eat? She does like French toast a lot, should we do French toast? – Yeah, French toast. We don’t have French Toast. – We’ll make it because I’m a chef. We can be like Ratatouille . – Yeah, I can be the mouse. – And I’ll be the chef and
you can sit on my head, and we’ll cook. – Yeah, I’m the mouse. – Alright, let’s get started… Whoa! You are a crazy mouse. Should we set it all up on this table? Some flowers right here, some balloons, Adley, should we go get some candles? – Yeah, let’s go! – [John] These are fake
candles we can put up. Ooh, that’s a good idea. And we’ve got these
hearts from Adley’s video. Adley, what did we do with these hearts? – We taped them on your face. – So many kisses. These recent videos are super cute. If there’s an Adley video, that’s like, my favorite video that we’ve ever filmed. It might be the last
video we just made, so, go to Adley’s page and watch it, for real. We did pranks, I pied Jenny in the face. – One, two, three!
– One, two, three! – Told you, good stuff.
You might want to watch it. Ooh, romantic! Oh this is looking so pretty! (music) (unintelligible) – I’m putting stickers on the candles. (music) – Wanna see mommy’s presents?
– Yeah! – I got her a nice bag from New York City, not how girls wear these things, but… And do you want to see what’s inside? A cute note and Mario chocolates. – I like the-
– The Princess Peach? – Yeah. (music continues) – Alright guys, now we’re
going to make French toast. You getting it ready? – Nope, I was just getting one more thing. – [John] Oh, for the
table? That’s a good idea. – For Valentine’s Day. – [John] Oh, she’ll
think that’s so pretty. Okay, should we make the French toast now? – Yeah!
– [John] Let’s do it! – I’m going to be the mouse! – So in Ratatouille the mouse
sits on his head and cooks. So, Adley’s going to
sit on my head and cook. Okay, I got eggs. What else should I get? – On Ratatouille, he moves him
around by holding his hair. – Can you control me with my hair? – Yeah!
– How? Let’s try it. Whoa! – Whoa! That’s strangely involuntary! – Whoa!
– We need a plate! We need bread!
– Bread? Ahhh! Ooh, we have Texas toast, guys! This is like the fat
bread for French toast. (unintelligible) – You can touch the light? Holy cow, you’re like a giant! I think we got everything.
Should we start cooking? – Yeah, I’ll crack the egg in. – You want to crack the egg? Okay.
– This many. – Let’s do it! (egg tapping on bowl) – Ooh, good job! You are good at that! It’s cause you always make pancakes for your Adley channel, huh? Good job. One for Adley, one for daddy. – No, one for the mouse
and one for the chef. (laughs) – Good job, Chef!
– Thank you! – Look out, splashing and stirring! – Whoa! Okay, come here. Don’t touch that, it’s very hot, okay? – Okay. I won’t. (beep) – [John] Like that?
– Yeah. Yeah we got a new card in! – It must be a good Valentine’s Day, because we filled up an entire card. Did you tell them the
secret thing we put in it? – We put sugar. – Sugar. Because it makes
French toast taste better. You do a little bit of
cinnamon and sugar in there. – Daddy you don’t- – Ready? Dip, dip, dip! Dip, dip, dip! (batter sizzling) These are going to be yummy!
– Can I try one? – Yeah, here. Put this one in the egg. – [Adley] Dip, dip, dip.
– [John] Get the other side. – Dip, dip, dip! – [John] Good job. Drop it on
there, don’t touch it though. Good job! Mmmm. – They look delicious! – They look delicious?
– Yeah! – [John] Mm-hm, golden brown. Alright, should we go get mommy? – [Adley] Yeah! – Wait, we gotta set the table first! Do you want to put the
plates at the table? – We only need one! – [John] Good job! Oh
yeah, that’s beautiful. You grabbing forks? – For mommy and- – You gotta go to the bathroom? – Yeah, I need to go to the bathroom. – [John] Okay! (laughter) – Oh, I love this kid. It’s going to be so yummy. – Let’s go get mommy! – [John and Adley] Happy Valentine’s Day! – You did that? – [John] She made it. – I did not even know
she made French toast! – Daddy was the chef and I was the mouse. – You were like Ratatouille? – Yeah!
– I’m so- (laughter) – I was on his shoulders
and I was pulling his hair. – Oh this looks so good! – [John] Happy Valentines Day! – [Adley] That’s for you. – You got this for me?
– Open it! – Okay, okay.
– But I want to help you. – [John] Does it smell like lavender? – It does.
– [Adley] Here’s a note. – ‘You will always be my
player two.’ Aww, I love it. – [John] Okay, should we end the vlog? – Yeah! Thanks for watching! Bye! (laughter) – [John] You like it? – I love it! How do I wear this? Does it go… – [John] I already tried that, I think you gotta make it bigger. I think it just comes like that. – [John] Adley’s excited to end the vlog. – I think you wear it
frontwards now, right? – [John] If you’re cool
you wear it in the front, if you’re an old mom you wear
it in back, so your call. (laughing)
– I’m an old mom, I feel like. – [John] That’s way cute, babe. – I’m so excited to eat this. Thank you. – Guys, have a Happy Valentine’s Day. We love your guts. – Happy Valentine’s Day. Thank you for touching all of it. – [John] Yeah, mm-hm, now we’re
all going to sick. Perfect. – Thanks for watching! Bye! (coughing and laptop playing) – Don’t vlog! – [John] Don’t vlog
because mommy’s crying?

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