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  1. Sure this may be ignorance, but I live in Canada and I couldn't afford to go to the Olympic gold medal hockey final in Vancouver, should I have protested?

  2. I went to Rio last year and the guy running the hotel I stayed at said that the room that I stayed in for $100 US was going for $1500 during the world cup and $3000 for the olympics. The world cup and olympics are not for the poor people, it is for the global elite…

  3. bring the criminals from the favela's who have ripped apart their country by poisoning the people and make them fight off the lunatic government..

  4. I'm a fluminense fan and I'm not rich. I honestly felt offended, because you didn't give a chance of defense, you only showed one side.

  5. Hey Vice, I would really like to know what song that is that you have used for these past 4 videos. By the way, great videos all around and i hope you keep providing such content for the many years to come!

  6. I hope England riot tonight lol. The police will be fucked if all the hooligans are causing trouble aswell, they will have to deal with it on two fronts.

  7. Seems like a lot of wasted money when it can and should be used for basic necessities such as schools, hospitals, plumbing, clean water and other infrastructures.

    What happens after the games, what do they do with those stadiums and all the things that are built just for the World Cup?

  8. That Madsen MG at 5:00 and the beginning. Gotta love a gun that was designed before WWI and is still being used.

  9. Why don't people just play sports, be happy and healthy?
    What's the point of creating these huge and expensive matches and watch it on your sofa, when so many people suffer because of this?
    I support common people of Brazil.

  10. Why don't people just play sports, be happy and healthy?
    What's the point of creating these huge and expensive matches and watch it on your sofa, when so many people suffer because of this?
    I support common people of Brazil.

  11. Some dutch people were stolen from their goods while watching the soccergame Brasil vs Croatia which even was terribly wrong floten by the joker they call game destroyer. Normally it would have been 2-2, not 3-1. Holland gives Spain what they needed 5-1 it is a revange of 2010 when Spain beated us with 4-0. We made it even with the same difference of goals. Take it or leave you don't fuck with the Dutch that's the message…

  12. Oh you would like to go to the world cup? I'd like to buy a new Ferrari but that ain't gonna happen. Stop complaining.

  13. Um ato de grande repercussão dos revoltosos manifestantes: queimaram o álbum de figurinhas da copa! kkkkkkkkk

  14. stupid people protesting ! they dont even have a clue that the world cup is better for them economy will grow

  15. Maybe Brazil shouldn't of hosted the World Cup 2014, I would have suggested Dubai. 
    I love football and its the best sport on earth but FIFA is corrupted without a doubt. 

  16. I don't want to be a smart ass. But the cheapest ticket is 35 Dollar for Brazilian. We from foreign country have to pay alot more.


  18. I get and understand everything the people are worrying about, I completely agree with them in regards to the governments failure to provide even the basic needs, and spend millions on stadiums but not on things like education and housing. The only thing I really have a problem or possibly a misunderstanding, as to why the protestors are blaming FIFA!? Every country presents their case and presentation as to why they should be host, FIFA merely makes the decision, after that, it is up to the government to sort things out, FIFA banned alcohol sales do to all the violence that was happening, and given that Brazil is not exactly the safest place in the world, they decided that this will apply to the World Cup, but blaming FIFA for things like the location of stadiums and lack of housing, is just plain stupid.

  19. I have it, the government should kill all the protesters like on sight and continue to exercise their wasted money piles over waisted money piles as they give police the shiniest new toys and make even more worthless buildings to express their power

  20. The Mars rover project cost $2 billion. The stadium for the world cup, cost $15 billion. Could have sent 7 or 8 rovers to different planets and gathered much more info and progress much more into knowledge. Except our rulers are fucking cunts and we are even bigger cunts for bending over, and letting them stick it to us. There really needs to be a revolution. George Carlin was right. Fuck peaceful protest. Nothing will change without death and bloodshed. Fuck the 1%

  21. It's curious,we have made massive protests and nothing happened!The tournament is a success.I wonder what is necessary for the FIFA cancel a world cup.A Civil War I guess.

  22. they even got guy frank masks, I am now convinced that alan moore is a wizard and those masks are one of his spells

  23. there is a difference between protesting and rioting… This is rioting… Peaceful protesting is far more powerful..

  24. Fuck stupid fucking Soccer! Fuck all sports! Only sport that should exist is Gladiator games. Fuck this stupid shit!!!

  25. I find dat funny i mean damn why they have to do all this shit for outsider just for show off the best they could do evry one should just stop paying taxe and anything to the governement just to cee what going to happen to these ass on control 

  26. I love the game but I hate the politics. I learned its best to segregate the things you love from the things you have to deal with. 

  27. Why the protest??

    There going to make their money back anyways
    From the tickets,shirts,soccer balls,and many more stuff.
    This is stupid!!!

  28. that was a funny demonstration of how they would take in a protester.  In real life it would be more like club to the head, club to the crotch and kick in the face. 

  29. Quem quer protestar que arranje emprego antes, e pague impostos antes de destruir patrimônio público como estas prostitutas do Black Block.
    E esse jornalista chupa rola hein, venha falar com os brasileiros de verdade, não meia dúzia de maconheiros que participam de baderna e votaram na anta que dirige essa nação!

  30. A hint if you aren't from Brazil and want to know more: Watch the movies "TROPA DE ELITE" and "TROPA DE ELITE 2" it's a fictional history about how things work in Brazil's and specially Rio Favelas. The second movies show even more by showing that the drug dealers are not the bigger problem in the favelas. Just remember it's a fictional history and that happened in other ways.

    "Funny" facts: A condemned politic for corruption really was part of the "anti corruption council AFTER he was condemned and found guilty"
    A lot of people were born and raised during the military dictatorship and believe that the protests are bad but they never really went to anywhere else but their homes and highborn neighborhoods…

  31. I, Samwise Gamgee, fought for my people.. for our home.. our territory.. and these hobbits fight for their home aswell, so GO HOME FIFA

  32. E ai FIFA? E ai PT vocês vão devolver o dinheiro do povo?  Compramos uma copa e não levamos e passamos vergonha mundial!!!
     Será que o PROCON resolve??????????????

  33. Protesters here in Brazil are anarchists and terrorists (BlackBloc, Anonymous…). Here there is no peaceful protests. The Military Police is fighting the extremists to defend citizens.

  34. These people are protesting cause of the government using his money only on the streets and others.Not caring about the other people who stay.They are fighting because not everyone is rich in the country and fighting so the government can stop increasing prices so people could still live a life.Mostly,I think it's the government fault.

  35. Seeing how their team lost poorly, it's just a matter of time for the protesters to verge on civil war.

  36. Brazil wanted to host the world cup to show the rest of the world they are a global economic force, what economic force can't take care of their own people? the citizens of brazil can't even afford tickets for the games. brazil struggles to provide healthcare. woman are giving birth on the streets. children don't have school to learn and grow in. but Brazil has enough money to renovate a stadium and create a brand new 50 million dollar surveillance hub? the citizens of brazil have every right to be mad. picture yourself in your country not being able to afford a ticket to a game all while not having a hospital or school for your children. the people of brazil are justified.

  37. Can we get a followup on what's happening now that Brasil was raped by Germany, then again by the Netherlands?

  38. All these comments saying that the police should have used more force is sickening. I can't believe there are people who actually think that way, did you even watch the video? The entire reason they are protesting is because the little bit of funding the favela's and the education system received was cut off and put into the world cup. Brazil was not ready to host the event and shouldn't have. These protesters are well within their right to do so, and quite honestly they should have done even more so. To think someone would put aside nearly half a nations education, health, and basic utilities just to host a soccer game is beyond me and disgusting. I hope all of you that agree with the police one day have something equivalent happen to you, where all of your basic needs are stripped away for a simple match just because the elites want it to happen, then you will truly understand these peoples mindsets and emotions. 

  39. @MRENGLISHRULES101 Until you experience corruption and living in poor areas where people die by the hands of the police who are suppose to protect them, you will never understand the seriousness of what is happening in Brazil. How would you like it if FIFA gets hosted in the UK and your tax money all goes for the foreigners and you can't attend the events? Not to mention, you are starving, your neighborhood is shit because your politicians don't give a rats ass about you and you have to fear of getting shot by a trigger happy cop for no reason?

  40. PEOPLE I AM IN TEARS WATCHING THIS… i have a little sister and she is so smart and lovable and so so gentle and i don't want her to grow up but i cant stop her so i want to grow up in a world of peace not in violence and destruction BOTH SIDES are wrong no more violence so put down the guns, bombs, and middle fingers and work it out with peaceful words  

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  42. 5:09 America always got theyre hands in some bullshit trying to enforce something somewhere else. Cant even appease its own country and wants to make other people to calm down.

  43. The police do the same thing the gangs do kill, extort ,rob,fight,sell drugs and a hole lot more there there own gang

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