Conan & Jordan Schlansky Go Truffle Hunting  – CONAN on TBS
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Conan & Jordan Schlansky Go Truffle Hunting – CONAN on TBS

November 19, 2019

Jordan, this is exciting. What are we about to do? We’re about to go on the hunt for Tuscan truffles, the very rare fungus that only grows at certain times of the year. Anything we need to know about hunting for truffles? (speaking in foreign language) No, we don’t need to know anything before. All that to hear we didn’t need to know anything? (audience laughing) So you’re sure these dogs serve a purpose? They do something? They go this way? What is that? Is that a truffle? That’s a truffle, right? Theses dogs just found a truffle. Wait. What’s this? You found another one? (speaking in foreign language) Look at this. They just found another one. Psst, get in here.
(audience chuckling) I strongly suspect these guys, because they knew we were coming, hid these ahead of time
(audience laughs) because they’re finding them very easily. Don’t you think so?
I concur. They keep going, “Oh, look, a-the truffle.” And we’re barely even looking for them. Can you get down like you’re a truffle pig. Do you mind?
Sure. Oink oink, oink oink.
(audience laughing) Get out of the way! A truffle! You did it. Good job, Oinky.
Thank you. That’s as legitimate as anything these guys have been doing. I’m sorry but we’ve been scammed. (audience laughing) What I would like to do is go very deep into the woods, and once we are very, very deep in the woods, I would like- (Jordan speaking foreign language) -to kill my friend. (Jordan speaking foreign language) That’s okay? They don’t mind.
Fantastic. I love these guys, let’s go.
(audience laughing) Ask him where the pigs are right now. Do you use pigs? (speaking foreign language) No, it’s prohibited. You can’t use pigs here. Tell him that I might wish to use rabbits to find my truffles. Why does the government care if I use a rabbit- Because the rabbit doesn’t have the nose for it. Oh, I’m sick of the rabbit being subjugated in this country. I think I’m losing my mind. It’s very cold and very dark. I don’t know these guys and I’m with Jordan. And they said it was okay for me to kill Jordan. These dogs are finding truffles that have been hidden clearly minutes before we got here. This whole thing’s a goddamn scam. (Conan fake laughs)
(audience laughing) I feel that he works harder than he does. Lui’s always in the corner like this. Oh. A companion at work who does nothing. You’re Lui. I am the truffle hunter. I do all the work at The late night show. You apparently do nothing. You stand off to the side, yet you get to share in the truffles that I have dug in the earth with my hands. We came hunting for truffles, instead we found a nugget of truth. (audience laughs)

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  1. I would love to work for this man. Conan, how do you like your espresso? Jordan free I assume? ?

  2. They didn't mention the Truffle Mafia. Maybe Jordan is a part of the scam. I'm sure they rake in billions each year.

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  4. I dont know what I love most about this video:
    * jordan, withiut hesitation or reluctance, crouching down and oinking
    * "good job, oinky!"
    * jordan thanking him
    * Conan's secretive whispering despite speaking a different language
    * "I concur"
    * the men leisurely agreeing to let him kill jordan
    * conan's rabbit impression
    *Conan's whispered recap of the events of the scam

  5. Who were they talking to, I didn’t see any guides? There were two large green bushes around but I didn’t see but two men there that day

  6. I don't know why …. But Conan looks like Mycroft and Jordan looks like John for the Sherlock Holmes Netflix….

  7. dont be stupid. think harder. they are not scams they are just protecting where the real truffles are else night robbers will come with dogs and take their truffles.

  8. Not really a scam. Just a setup for tourists so they don't have to hike half a day in a forest to find "maybe" one truffle.
    Like paying 500$ to go gold mining in Australia and they will put 200$ worth of gold in your dirt bucket.

  9. what i love about Conan is that he thoroughly knows he was scammed, but filmed and added this to one of his shows regardless.

  10. In how' the world sees& in defined of the 'idiot murican' , fun& cool murican..jz an murican humour;????imagine the world order in their politicians manic&mania????

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