Compound bow! | Rust update 20th July 2018
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Compound bow! | Rust update 20th July 2018

August 13, 2019

Regine survivors and friends another week rolls around and another update video slides into your sub box hopefully what Marvel’s do I have for you this time well as you can see I’m lounging in a rahib once again and this is because much works being done behind the scenes not only to make them fully functional but to incorporate them into a new event you see if you thought these things looked a bit posh for us peasants you’d be right because the aims actually for the boys in blue to be regularly patrolling the coast in them as you can see here an automatically shrink-wrapped path will be drawn around each Island for them to navigate along as of course someone has to check those floating junk piles to make sure nobody’s trying to lend nature a hand by tidying them up these chaps are like Greenpeace but the opposite they’re the anti Greenpeace they’re blue peace actually rinse the opposite green’s name well anyway at the moment there are a few things we don’t know such as how often the event will take place how many scientists will be along for the ride how police they’ll be to see us and of course the all-important question do they come with puncture repair kits I mean can we get our hands on one and of course I will keep you up-to-date as soon as I know now we’ve got a lot of tier 2 things in rust these days haven’t we tier two furnaces tier two chests tier two wolves they’re called bears by the way but we’ve never had tier two bows how they’ve been teased and I did of course cover them a long time ago in drum circle in bow but until now they’ve been less like low-hanging fruit and more like well-hidden vegetables this week however out of the blue came the news that a brand new compound bow is in the works and here it is definitely crafted if you ask me and presumably with a greater range and packing a bigger punch no idea if it’ll actually be available at the compound as it’s only a model at the moment but presumably we’ll find out soon overing bandit down work continues on tarting the place up in adding gameplay it’s expected to go live for the next four stripe on August the second a lot of new props have been created especially for it to add atmosphere talking of which atmospheric volumes have also been added which will enable ground fog or fog at different heights depending on the artists preference there is in fact lot of graphical stuff in the pipeline much of which will help performance and I know that’s what keeps so many of you awake at night clutching your poor overstressed potatoes and reassuring them that someday they’ll be able to run rust at more than 10 frames per day for instance text just streaming is planned soon and this will mainly help performance on machines with low memory as it manages which textures are loaded in and out of RAM the main thing holding this back from being implemented is a fix on unity Zend at the moment and hopefully this will happen in the not-too-distant future something else that could help is widespread impostor rendering you see when new trees were added to rust recently they also received their own imposters which are basically very simple low poly versions which can mimic a distant objects appearance from a number of different angles as needed as you can see from these examples this sort of thing can be very convincing but the costs are a lot lot lower as I say at the moment this is limited to trees in rust but the plan is to extend it soon to rocks and just about every other prefab out there apart from player buildings and although it’s hard to say exactly it could provide some pretty good performance gains for some systems this feature may or may not make it in time for the next patch but I will of course keep you up to date lastly over on the staging branch you’ll notice something interesting happen if you aim at your plants now know they won’t surrender and tell you where they’ve hidden the compost but you will notice some stats pop up over their heads such as hydration age and maturity would be handy if we could see that above players heads to an update to farming mechanics has been on the roadmap for a very long time and it looks like the soil is being turned in preparation for something here so stay tuned and I will of course bring you up to seed when I know more thanks for tuning in like and subscribe to help support my channel and come join me on Twitch Twitter Facebook discord and my Steam group to take your pick I’ll catch you all soon but in the meantime keep calm and stay rusty cheerio [Music]

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  1. i have now found my purpose to play rust again. i will make a base, get some starter things together, and then make as many compound bows and arrows as i can.

  2. They should add Flex Tape to the game, then we can build this here fancy boats with them tape.

  3. Yo Shadow, hi n thx for information. I love bow in Rust more than f..kin ak now, thx to developers for new f..kin recoil, thx!!! I play n I love 4 new updates n fresh things, BUT Could you tell the guys in facepunch to work more on optimization and reducing cheeters in Rust. I think it is time to SOMETHING REAL IN THEIR UPDATES. THX 4 ATTENTION.

  4. it would be cool if the minimap becomes realtime like if someone was flame raiding and you zoomed in you could see the orangee burst of flame, much like the map in skyrim when a dragon breathes fire

  5. I like how these videos are less an update on the game and more of an excuse for Shadow to make as many pins as possible.

  6. tbh I don't like the Human AI, it takes away the immersion of knowing that there's a human brain in every human body that isn't rotting on the ground,

  7. I have a GTX 960 and can only play this game at 15 fps…I even downloaded a program which game me 2 more fps…I hope I will be able to play for real some day.

  8. You know what would be great to stop wipes?, a Stellaris warfare system, where you have to spend influence to make claims, you suffer war exhaustion and add clan ethics and policies, like becoming despotic raiders for raiding to much… and end threat casus belli, so you can freely enter wars with a zerg. :). The game has lots of cool faction warfare systems too though, like vacillation and tributary, along with federations.. but hey…. who likes fun……..

  9. Oh my fucking god i wrote last month to helk to add compound bow or modern bow and sent him video of it and arrows are not usable at late game and they added it! Finally!

  10. Hell yeah, that bow looks sweet! I usually start to get bored around the time I get guns and start on a new server. We need more primitive weapons, javelins, slings, molotovs, stuff like eoka and waterpipe, there's already thousands of games with "regular" guns.

  11. New update? Now I will have to update my cheats… Will be fun adding aimbot to the new compound bow 😀

  12. If you could see age and maturity over players heads, Rust would have the highest uninstall rate for patch day in the history of steam.

  13. Any chance you could do a video on when FP wipes blueprints and if it follows a schedule or if it is random? I just got back into the game and cant find any info anywhere about bp wipes. Thanks

  14. love the part about the new plant stats where you say it would be great to see that above players heads too, that is pure gold!

  15. Can’t wait for the new bow, but on a side note. I hate the new team system. But I totally understand the need for it. But a great alternative, have it as an item we can learn from looting scientists. A refurbished communication device that shows player location if nearby or there stats, I feel like there location should only be a map function not a HUD function. This makes groups more powerful and that’s not something really needed.
    Venting over, maybe you’ll like my idea tho and mention it as a suggestion 😉

  16. I got the game but I don't know if my old pc can run it lol. But I really wanted the game lol. But all I really want to do is farm tho.. X3

  17. I sadly don't have rust so I can't try it out
    im usually just watching people play
    I don't even have a ps3

  18. Like I don’t even like rust like I don’t play it I don’t watch it (besides this) I only watch these videos to hear your voice??

  19. I love your videos but for some reason your channel was unsubscribed for me. But keep the great videos up

  20. wow i played a lot last year in 2017 November and this game has changed a lot and as always i can get up to date rust info from SHADOWFRAX! well done sir… well done

  21. They should add viewable legs, as in if you look down you see legs, in gmod there is a simple mod that allows that

  22. Ah sweet! No idea if I helped sparked this…but when I did that survey thing I had mentioned adding onto gardening, and having some kind of stat-screen pop up for it too.
    Couple weeks later and BAM, there it is! Now if only they're going to do much more with it…
    I mentioned rare herbs that you can only grow, that when mixed for crafting, give certain temp stat buffs, etc. But also finding a way to balance it so large clans don't have massive amounts of buffs at hand, yet still accessible for solo players too.

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