Compound Bow Broadhead – vs – MEAT & BONE — RAGE Chisel Tip 3-Blade
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Compound Bow Broadhead – vs – MEAT & BONE — RAGE Chisel Tip 3-Blade

August 19, 2019

it’s Android gy6 vids and in today’s ballistics-gel video we’re switching it up a bit bringing out the compound bow alright so due to popular demand I’ve been getting a lot of requests in the comment section of my ballistics-gel videos do archery compound bow in fact so I’m bringing out the Hawaii carbon spider ZT turbo but the broad edge we’re testing are the rage chisel tip broadheads these are the ones are supposed to have a one and a half inch cut diameter that’s a big cut diameter this one is mechanical broadheads when it impacts its target the blades expand out and I want to put that to the test they also have a technology on the backside of these broad heads to where they have a little a ring that holds the blades in place now it’s kind of weird because it does hold the blades in place but it also is very easy to fall out so the blades do come out of that little o-ring fairly easily if you’re you know having an arrow inside your bow in your stocking and you’re moving around a lot you bump it on the bush it’s going to bring it out of that little o-ring I noticed so it’s kind of instant drawback right out of the gate now this broadhead does have a chisel tip now chisel tip broadheads are meant to penetrate through bone burst of the bone and then do its damage going through the bone after it’s been demolished now this one says bone bursting right on the front of the box bone bursting performance so I’m like why not so we’re going to shoot beef ribs today and see what the heck happens see if they actually have that bone bursting performance because if you’re shooting an elk or something larger game they’re gonna have big ribs and we want to see if we can push through that and see these mechanical broadheads still perform this can be fun so the first broadhead ballistics gel test video I’ve done I’m getting into morbo I’ve always been a bow guy but I haven’t done well on my channel if you guys like bows you want more of this leave a comment below and let me know some ideas I’m going to continue that’s for sure let’s see if this rage 100-grain mechanical broadhead performs the way it’s supposed to ask it in to it all right guys so as you can tell with that first shot we took a first shot on bare ballistics gel I wanted to see what would happen without anything in front of it obviously that’s fun to see and high-speed and fun to see when it impacts but don’t really need to talk about it I don’t want to waste your guys’s valuable time so we’re jumping forward to doing a full turkey breast now but the bare ballistics gel we got about 16 inches of penetration with just bare gel which is fine I’m okay with that but the real test is we want to see if it’ll still perform that deep and penetration and still keep that one-and-a-half inch expansion and wound channel going through an object so you have the turkey breast and then we’re going to do beef ribs this is gonna be fun all right let’s get into it all right let’s go take a peek well there you go as you can tell the broad ax is performing just like the first one even with the turkey breast in front of it granted it’s not real dense I mean turkey breast by itself no bone so the beef rib will really be the determination to see if it’ll perform still when it penetrates something harder because that chisel tip is you know stating it’s supposed to be a bone crusher you know us the whole idea so we’ll see what happens when it impacts a rib all right so we have our four beef ribs let’s see if we can aim for the two Center ribs and see if I can get a good enough impact we will go into the gel as well obviously we’re getting good penetration but I want to see if it’ll explode through bone and still get good penetration we’re also leaving that one to one and a half inch wound Channel sig peak alright guys well as you can see we had catastrophic failure with the east and arrow impacted it skipped off the rib and then injected itself downward into the gel block which hit the table which pushed back into the broad head which split the East and arrow but we noticed that there is only two cutting wound channels coming off the rage broadheads so I’m guessing one of the blades messed up bent didn’t fully come back and insert itself where it should be because we can see there’s only two blades spinning through the gel rather than three that also could account for why the arrow completely dipped into the gel because it pulled itself rather than spinning uniformly through the gel so huh not good and you want to be able to push through bone easily so what happens go one more time on the ribs all right holy crap well as you can see catastrophic failure on the left side of the ribs we have one of the blades we also have another blade in side the ribs on the outside not even penetrating through yet and then catastrophic failure of the East and arrow as well as an explosion of the Rays broadhead yeah that arrows toast but for it to explode there’s two bits blades and detonate your arrow I mean if you’re out hunting you hit a rib or in between a rib you can have this issue granted it’s skipping off that rib so it could be causing a premature you know push back of one of the blades and so one of the blades comes back and it spins it awkwardly and it doesn’t get enough penetration I get that but you know these are big ribs and there are chances of hitting in between a rib and catching one of those blades and not getting enough penetration we’re only looking at five or six inches of penetration without any of the broad head with it it’s just the arrow shaft so you’re gonna have an animal that’s going to be suffering bleeding all over the place not good I’m all about hunting I love hunting but also about a humane kill give us some ideas in the comment section about what different broad heads you may be interested in seeing in ballistics-gel what objects you want to see them impact the reason for it is well in your history a little bit tell me if you’re hunter and what’s your application I want to help out that what you guys aren’t wasting your valuable dollars on stuff that could explode like this head over to forward slash gy6 vids hit the subscribe button we appreciate it social media come say hi we love saying hi to you guys 4 / gy6 vids Instagram com /g y6 vids can follow us and until next time give me some ideas see you soon you

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  1. Honestly would like to see something off the beaten path when it comes to your usual criteria.. go on a bow hunt for some Elk or deer! Think that would be pretty cool to watch you do man. Appreciate your vids, always entertaining. Much love from me and the fam from Florida!

  2. Last year I shot a basket rack 8 point with the rage chisel tips exactly the ones you're using I never could find that buck. Very little blood. I hit him in the shoulder I knew that but. I watched him go with the arrow sticking out of him about three-quarters of the way out. Now today I have the exact same draw weight on my bow in the exact same setup except for the type of Arrow I'm using gold tip but my rage Broadhead again today failed me miserably a nice 8-point come out about 40 yards I hit him good but no blood I found my arrow and that Broadhead and only went in about 4 in. I am so upset about this I mean to hit two nice box and for them to both get away I don't know what to say about it. Anything I can say is to never use rage broadheads plain and simple my buddy is using a cheap Walmart brand Broadhead and has killed several deer since last year it's very upsetting. To where and two deer I mean I was close to Hanging my bow up I was frustrated all year about that and now it's happening again I seriously cannot believe it those arrows do not open up correctly when they hit bone or a deer anywhere in fact I thank they slow down the arrow tremendously because I should have had at least halfway pass through hell I could have did that with a field tip

  3. Wow Easton arrows are not good. Or those broad heads. I heard shuttle t locks will shoot through propane canisters.

  4. Bad quality of arrows. That's the problem. The arrows look spectacular, pretty and sexy, until they have to do a real hard job. Like penetrating through tough material. That's where these arrows fail. A quality arrow would go through those bones like a hot knife through butter.

  5. I've had so many friends tell me I should switch from a 2 blade glue-on single bevel to these mechanical broadheads and I can't wait to forward on this video.

  6. Always go with fixed broadheads period cut on contacts are very good. Ironically the cold steel cheap shot performs better.

  7. I think a double edged scalpel can make more damage if you use it as an arrowhead rather than gimmicky ones that are being produced today.

  8. Toxic broadhead. Big hunter. I just recently started shooting crossbow and was thinking of trying these but didn't know if I should spend the $40 for 3 kind of want to know what they would do

  9. I have chisel tips but thats not the issue.. looks as the inserts do not fit the broadhead? Need to re test with the correct size threads and broadheads noobie bow video to me

  10. Can you do a headshot with the same arrowheads in this video please thanks i like your videos of bow and arrow its art

  11. Flying Arrow Archery Toxic Broadheads, 100 Grain.  It also has the chisel tip and sort of a gimic blade setup for a great wound channel.

  12. Your tests are great comparisons, pretty detailed and I like them.
    But there there is no substitute for making a good shot. I have used Mechanicals(over the top NAP Spitfires) and fixed and killed with both. Technology cannot fix a bad shot.

  13. Finally! Someone that's unbiased about Rage broadheads. I bought a 3 pk when they first came out, so did my buddy. We both said "Never again."

  14. I used the rage silver 3 blade razor tip the first time I went bow hunting and killed a 6 point buck I put it straight through his heart and he only ran 20 or 30 yards I have never seen a hole that big from a broad head it looked like a gunshot I'm not saying they are perfect but when you put one on a custom 25 dollar arrow they work pretty well lol

  15. QAD Exodus. They shoot one through a 55 gallon steel barrel 5 times and it doesn't come apart. The video is on here somewhere.

  16. I shoot a PSE Brute force lite and my back up bow is a pse full throttle, i would like to see the trypan through a beef shoulder blade. Im shooting Gold Tip Velocity XT 300 spine.

  17. Thank you for taking so much time to make these videos. Up until guys like you started making these types of videos on YouTube, hunters never had a clue on how a particular broad head was going to perform in real life scenarios. We had to take the manufacturers word for it, only to find all we did was waste our money on junk! And hopefully videos like this will force manufacturers to rethink their products before selling them to the public. Cuz guess which broadheads I will now never buy?!!……..

  18. compound and reflex bows please – and multiple heads, there are dozens of brands and versions of tri blades and whistling arrows……… about a crossbow review ?

  19. I have read all through and only saw one who said anything about slick trick. I have shot them through cinder blocks and not lose blades. I personally think they are the toughest

  20. Rage 2" worked well, I shot a 8 point buck 2 years ago with one cut Right through rib, the buck didn't make it 40 yards, give them a try!

  21. Gimmick hunting products should carry a penalty when proven to be ineffective seeing as a living creature end up paying for their marketing hype.

    Great honest vid as always (Y)

  22. SHWACKERS!!!!!! they are supposed to be awesome and I did use them this year and noticed it seemed the blades were bending super easy but thought maybe it was just me. You should do like a broad head challenge try all the top brands fixed and mechanical that swear they are the best an put them thru the riggers to see who comes out on top in all reality you'd be saving us hunters alot of time mo em and possibly a deer of a lifetime!

  23. 100 G Muzzy!
    I've taken game from Arizona Elk, Texas Hog, all the way to Michigan Whitetail with my 100 G Muzzy, I have never seen them fail.

  24. I know it's a older video but check out Elk River Archery he builds footers that strengthen the end of the arrows. It want fix the broadhead issue but it would save your arrow.

  25. This man proved how trash mechanism blades are on the first rib shot, mechanism failure didn't deploy. Garbage, and for you all "of mine never done that" it only takes one time to ruin your hunt.

  26. Would love to see you test the grim reapers I've had very good luck with them but would like to see a true test thanks and love the channel.

  27. been bow hunting since 91, I've upgraded through the years, new bows, arrows, arrow rest, release's and sites, my broadheads however have remained the same….thunderhead fixed blades, this new stuff is just gimmics……here comes the thunder!!!

  28. if I was hunting large game I would only consider a fixed broad head. I think the expanding ones are gimmicky and mostly only good for a single shot. That bow is awesome though!

  29. Wow those arrow heads just exploded…. I would definitely not use those at all they would be super inhumane. Love the videos though!! Archery videos please! You should try the Toxic Broadhead. It carves out "Meat Worms"

  30. If you cared about "humane kills" (for inhuman creatures), you would use an actual firearm instead of running around pretending to be Hawkeye.

  31. Now imagine while you are field dressing your deer and those razor sharp pieces are hidden in there where you have to reach in and pull out the innards. You might be cut as bad as the the deer. Not good to be cut in the field and have a chance of getting offal in your wound.

  32. Lol some hate hunting animals while eating their chicken breast raised from chicken factories wherein they die without ever seeing the sun.

  33. I have killed 2 deer with rage broad heads not one made it further than 10 yards before expiring first one dropped on the spot dead within 30 seconds not a lie

  34. Try a G5 montec they work well on shoulders. Also had good luck with the NAP killzone with a trophy tip

  35. You cock licking muffler man……………….did you work for Midas muffler 3 years ago.???
    You guys ripped me off……….

  36. Toxic broadheads best shooting into 3/4 range plywood it will go through I think it would take care of the rigs

  37. Why am I not shocked a gimmick-riddled arrow called “RAGE” with a bunch of technobabble “features” on the box was a catastrophic failure?

  38. Higher FOC and a better broadhead will solve the deflection. Personally not a fan of rage. Seen and heard too many fail. Few guys have even had the blades not deploy.

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