Como Fazer Arco e Flecha em PVC (teaching do Archery in PVC)
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Como Fazer Arco e Flecha em PVC (teaching do Archery in PVC)

August 11, 2019

Hello. My name is Djalminha (Djalma Junior). And today we are going to learn how to make a bow and arrow. Look, the dart got stuck. MATERIALS: we will need a straw for juice, school glue, electrical tape, of scissors, of sticks for barbecue, of a PVC pipe, and a strong line … two elastic for office and money like this … and a steel saw. It can be this size … it can be any size. And of a small feather, of any bird, and of a stiletto. Let’s use a toothpick like this and we cut this end here … to stay with the cut like this. Take the tube from the juice box and cut a piece with the scissors. Take the 2 sticks, and join them with the tube. Stay that way. Look how it was. The arrow … there you ask … Then it is so here, with one side without sharp end, and the other side with sharp end. And you ask an adult to cut a cava of that shape, using the stylleto. Let’s fasten the feathers on the arrow. We’re gonna need 4 feathers. Let’s tie the feathers? When you finish tying, you knot. Now let’s cut the line. Let’s put glue on the line so it does not unwind. … And the line does not come out. We’ve already made the arrow, and now let’s do the bow. Ask your father to bend the tube because it is using heat. When the tube gets hot … to bend it. Let’s make two slits in the tube. On this other side too. It was like this. We took the two elastics … and we hold it right here. We fasten the elastic on this side, and now we hold the other side. With the insulation tape you mark the middle of the bow, to get better to shoot the arrow. Now I’m going to cut the tape. So you will not miss the position of the arrow. Now let’s test. Let’s have fun while shooting the arrow. Be careful because you can get hurt. Put modeling dough or chewing gum (chiclet) on the end of the arrow.

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