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  1. Outstanding, Amazing, Moving!
    Such quality video skills and beautiful light,…. thanks mostly for putting not one but two follow up shots into that bull. Ethics like that are rare these days and you are an admirable man and Hunter because of it!

  2. Nice video glad you got an elk. I've been using one of the chest paks for over a year now as my EDC absolutely love it the only drawback if found is it occasional hits the steering wheel of my suv when driving.

  3. Casey and Kevin, I just want to say that you two should feel very luck that you have found each other. It seems almost impossible to find a hunting buddy that is as compatible as you two seem to be.

  4. I did not notice anywhere you went that I would not take my horse along with a pack horse or two, it looks like great horse country to me.

  5. what do you mean "hardcore hunting" –they are complete idiots–lazy unethical idiots—the Colorado game Wardens need to get their act together and get some new laws passed-like wyoming—–If I saw a drone I would shoot it with my 300-mag—wyoming hunter

  6. Too bad about the drone wrecking a perfectly nice quiet day of hunting. Did you happen to spot the owner? In those hills I can't believe they were too far away.

  7. One of the best rifle elk hunts I've watched. And, God, what beautiful country. And to top it off an ethical hunt without tracking and losing an animal. Without glorification of trophy antlers. AND to top it off, very nicely filmed and edited. I'm actually going to watch it again.

    In regard to the drone, a classic slob hunter. Thinking the moment he or she is out of sight anything goes. The very reason why there are a ton of written regulations. Too bad. Because of zero sense of self responsibility and control. It would have been doing the world a favor if you had swatted it.

  8. Great film, loved the camera work, narration and music. It was very moving and I totally understand the mix of emotions at the end of a backpack hunting trip. Thanks for sharing. Cheers jamie

  9. Outstanding vid quality..!!! Sucks for the drone flying…. I was going to bring a drone on my 1st elk hunt so i can get footage but,, didnt just because…

  10. Seriously? A shot of the elk's nose and then straight to the butchered out animal? Not one glimpse of the elk? Probably the worst hunting video I've ever seen, and I've seen hundreds…….

  11. Well narrated, videoed hunt plus respect for the fallen animal a noticeable highlight..Keep recording,hunting and improving..thanx..

  12. Some of the best cinematography i've seen in a hunting video. I liked the overall feel of the movie, and the minimal viewing of the dead elk. It was different, and it worked. Well done.

  13. Great video; thanks for taking us on your hunt with you! I'll be chasing elk in CO in 2019! Can I ask what camera you used to film this; incredible quality!

  14. Is that some prototype HPG components? The net/compression panel holding your dry bag and meat on the way out. And is that a new pack frame? Or is the body of the Ute just compressed under your dry bag?

  15. I was totally engaged by this video and that says a lot because I've never had any interest in hunting. Thanks for sharing the adventure.

  16. Great video. Thanks for sharing. Quick questions.

    1: did you report the drone to DOW?
    2: did you see an elk go down after the other hunter shot?

  17. Nice video and congrats on the Bull!  Hopefully you reported the A-Holes illegally using a drone for hunting!  There is no place for that in hunting.

  18. Impressed with how you both presented your hunt. Patience, commitment, dignity. Enjoyed watching an ethical pair of hunters doing what we as elk hunters love. Enjoying the outdoors, beautiful high country, and a grouse as a bonus. Many years ago hunting elk in Colorado I also shot a nice grouse for dinner with my bow. The next morning I harvest a nice bull. So Awesome.
    Thanks, Bob Gonzales

  19. Lot to like about this video: photography, music, voiceover and just great production value. Oh, I'm always down for a little blood too–it's a hunting video! Looks like HDR was on during the butchering shots (vivid colors). Great work.

  20. I've been hunting elk north west of Steamboat Colorado (September) for the past 16 years. "Archery Only" because most of the gun hunters (November) are unethical, shoot anything that moves, partying all night ass holes. We're happy to be off the mountain when the gun hunters arrive.

  21. Next time when dressing out a grouse, just put a foot on each wing/stand on both wings and pull the legs straight up towards you, and it will be completely dressed out! You were making that job much harder than need be!! Personally when I’m hunting elk, the LAST damn thing I’m going to be doing is shooting a grouse, or anything else that NOT an elk but to each their own!

  22. Great job guys!! I like the way you think. I’m the same way & I like to make sure the animal doesn’t suffer!!

  23. Too bad that cannons projectile didn't make a u-turn and blow your little pee pee off son. Like WTF. You think this makes you a man or something?

  24. Nice hunt! Alot of work getting that meat out the biggest part of the hunt happens after the shot!

  25. Thank you for the wonderful video. I am sure the the hike and pursuit was hard and video equipment is heavy as well. On top of that you guys took the meat. That makes me happy because if you hunt something, the best thing you can do to honor that animal is use every part of that animal. I can't stand it when people go 'horny' by that I mean, they kill a beautiful animal just to take its antlers or a specific part and not use the animal to the fullest extent.

  26. I like the video. Just don’t know why you don’t show more of elk in it? Just a few second clip of his head on the ground.

  27. ilive in denver and im 12 and i love watching your vids,and i actully killed my first ever big game in november,it was a cow elk at 400 pounds,i killed her at yampa,and u inspire me so much

  28. This is exactly the kind of hunt film I like. Not just another "video" but an actual short film. Love it, keep it up. Look forward to more. More of a cinematic documentary. I've always wanted to make hunting films like this. Glad to see it. Please make more.

  29. Quality filming .
    Touching video I was truly impressed. I like to see the kill shot but the presentation of the video more than made up for that. congratulations . memories well-earned and long kept. Hand shake…..

  30. Excellent video. Nice to see what I believe is your new Decker frame pack in action. Gives me a good idea of it's capabilities.

  31. Nice video. Why don't you make videos where you simply admire the animals of the outdoors, instead of murdering them like a fuckin' asshole?

  32. What caliber is that rifle and what specific scope is that Leupold? Is it a first or second focal plane reticle? I’m on the fence on my next longer range hunting setup.

  33. Re-Watching with an eye to the Decker Pack., Casey How did you find the Decker Platform compared to the Qui ya you used last year? Would you recommend on over the other as a single pack system that can hand 3 season, winter and hunting trips?

  34. I know this is a year too late…but I would have tried shooting that damn drone down. Fucking poachers use drones to hunt. Using them to scout in off season…even seems wrong. What happened to putting boots on the ground, enjoying nature and finding animals in their homes. Glad to see you guys are true sportsman. Cool footage, scenery and hunt. Respect to you sir. Congrats on your bull.

  35. In world full of total trash "hunting" shows and videos that have turned hunting and the outdoors into a cheap, heartless video game – this video truly returned to me the feelings that hunting should truly represent. Very well done…and thanks.

  36. What kind of gear did ou bring on your hunt? I like the backpack and looking to make some purchases on Black Friday. Thanks

  37. I saw that the first hunter took a shot and got one at about 9:22 because I saw it go down. Hey now, all is fair in love and hunting right?

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