Coin Roll Hunting Nickels – Silver and Gold Found!
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Coin Roll Hunting Nickels – Silver and Gold Found!

December 9, 2019

hey everyone its Rob again and I picked
up another Wells Fargo nickel box there’s a b-26 so Wells Fargo’s them
good for me now I’m still looking for that infamous V Nickel – I don’t have any
yet looking to get one eventually that’s the mission but I will take the
Buffaloes and Silver’s as well and I’d like to see some 30 coins let’s get this
box open and see what we find it’s always a good sign when they are
circulated coins and I don’t see any fantastic Enders but that’s pretty
common with nickels usually don’t see any Buffalo’s or V nickels or war
nickels on the ends at least on one side and let me go ahead and get started on
this hunt and I’ll loop you guys back in if I find anything cool all right guys
I’m super stoked right now I was hoping for at least one 30s in this box
I’m in my second role I dumped it out I start going through coins this dirty
reddish one catches my eye I’m thinking it’s gonna be just another ugly
Jefferson and look what it is a first year Jefferson nickel 1938 please have a
good mint mark well it’s just a filly date or filly mint but I will take it
it’s my very first ever 1938 Jefferson nickel from a box of nickels so that’s a
good score for me I’m happy with that this box is already good the patina is
kind of cool on it I like that it has this brick maroon reddish background to
it it’s not in the best of conditions overall but I’ve seen worse so I will
definitely take it we’re on the board with a 38 Jefferson in the second role
I’ll be back in if you find more find so I just wanted to show you that
was a pretty good role I got that 38 Jefferson a 54 s and a 2009 D so nice
mix of dates three of the coins I’m looking for great role let’s get back
after it okay guys we’re off to a freaking fantastic start you’ll remember
in the second role I got a 38 a 54 S and an O 9 I’m in the fourth role I’ve
already got a no 9 and look what pops up here and say Philadelphia mint silver
more nickel 1944 Wow we are off to a bangin start to get a silver already a
38 and we’ve got lots more coins to go through I’ll be back in when I find
something cool guys we’ve got a first ever I just showed you that I got a 44
Philadelphia silver I’m in the same role I’m going through it look at the patina
on this top my eye sure enough it’s another 1944 and it’s a
San Francisco mint silver we just got two silver coins in one roll in one roll
I’m gonna just check see if there’s anything else in this roll sorry I’m
excited I’m flipping coins that don’t even be flip nope that’s it but Wow
four rolls already two silvers of 54s a 38 and to 2009’s and the feel the
sixties already man well we’ll get you guys back in on this if we find even
more 6 roll in the boxes continue to put out we just scored a 1940 claim date a
1940 it’s our third one already and I found it just shown in the roll so
let’s get back after it alright guys we’ve got a little bit of a dry streak
there except for the 60s but I did get in the 14th roll just found myself a
1946 plane Chile mint so there you go we’ll catch you back we find more finds
well that was quick it had me fooled didn’t even think this
was anything special just thought it was kind of a miss colored coin as I’m
reading the date I see 1944 and it’s a little choppy and I flip it over and at
first I don’t see anything and after I inspected a little better I
see the s Wow we got our third silver nickel in the 14
rolls we’ve opened so far and we still got more coins to go do plus all those
so we’re already up to three silver nickels in less than 14 rolls I’ll loop
you back in if I find even more all right guys we’re in our 20th roll
pulling out the 60s and look what I find good look in 1939 filly so we’ve got our
second 39 or second 30s from the roll along with five of the 40’s three or
silver and six from the 50s so good box so far let’s keep it going
22nd role in pulled off the ender and right below it got ourselves a 1941
filly so makes another from the 40s and I will take it let’s see what else in
this world we got a couple of possibilities here what’s this one it’s a 1984 in the jump in we’ll be
right back all right guys next role they enrolled
over 23 and boom in 1940 1940s it’s also slightly off on the edges by about 5%
but we will take it every single time man
we’ve already got 7 40’s 7 – 50’s a couple of 30s and 3 2009 and were only on roll
number 23 let’s keep going all right guys 28th roll in I open it and this is
interesting so I figured I would bring you guys in for this one probably a
foreign coin maybe kind of interesting that it’s gold color 2005 Buffalo appears to be maybe gold-plated no it’s
got to be gold-plated or something if you guys know what this is let me know I
have no idea what that is I’m gonna guess that it’s a 2005 buffalo
nickel that is gold-plated like as some kind of commemorative piece or maybe a
company did this or a limited edition I don’t know off to do some research on it
but in the meantime if I don’t get the answers if you guys could leave some
comments below and let me know if you know what that is that’s kind of cool
I’m definitely gonna set that one aside because I have not seen that before
of course I didn’t do it nickels so let’s get back to the hunt all right
guys 31 rolls into the box end of the roll luck here we scored another or a
first 19:46 no MIT mark Philly but it’s another 40s
coin and now we have a total of eight of those last two points are Junkers so
let’s see what the rest of the box yields well we’re on our 37th roll and
looks like you got another one of those gold coins yep
exact same one as the last one so that’s pretty cool
oh I have you here we also have an ugly in there could be anything but let’s
take a look it’s just an ugly 81 always worth the look though will do be back
any fights of nails cool alright guys same role as that second
gold-plated coin towards the last few coins in the roll we scored a 1940 Philly
so that makes another 40s coin and that always makes me happy alright we’ll get
you guys around up at the end but it’s not the end see you soon 39th roll in
about six coins deep 1947 Philly as well so that’s another 40s coin let’s
keep going 40 first world in picking out some 60s
towards the end of the roll we score another nineteen forty-seven it’s in
rough shape but it is a denver and next to my other 47 we just recently got yeah
forty fourth rolled in towards the back third of the roll another nineteen forty put them over there with the 40s and
I’ll take it 47th rule in about another 1941 playmate
filly well the stack and we’ll keep on hunting
alright guy same rule that I got that 41 a second ago that you just saw we also
got a 46 plane three more left alright guys done with that Wells Fargo
box I’m gonna go to the stat sheet first just to show you what we did here so out
of the 50 rolls of nickels we got no V Nichols no Buffalo’s but it did break
its record effort one in two silvers before with three
silver war nickels total coins in the 60s was 93 its best ever 50 coins or the
1950s coins that had 17 which tied its best 11 points in the 40s which tied its
best obviously it doesn’t include the three silver so when you add the 11 and
the three that’s 14 it would be it’s best to coins in the 30s including a 38
which I’ll show you no foreign coins and six 2009’s let’s go
ahead and just take a quick peek at the finds here’s the six 2009’s I kept this
coin this 2000 because it has a kind of a really cool rainbow patina so I’ve
kept it to the side we had the two gold 2005 plated coins I’ve kept In the 50s
we had a 52 two 53’s two 54’s a 55 a 56 two 57’s 4 58’s and 4 59’s crazy in the 40s
we actually had four 1940s two forty ones three silver all 44’s we had 3 46’s and
two forty sevens and then in the 30’s we had that 1938 and that 1939 this is my
first 1938 again it’s in rough shape kind of a cool patina though and I will
take it it’s my first one a little bit in the Jefferson nickel book it’s the
first one I have of the three available that year anyway what am I probably one
of my best nickel hunts ever I got four silvers in a box before and I mean I was
I didn’t get any Buffalo’s or any vehicles but three silvers a lo series
38 a bunch of old coins a couple of gold ones I thought it was a pretty good hon
if you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up if you’re down a subscriber
please subscribe and as always thanks for watching

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  1. I've always had a fascination with electroplating coins with different metals and now I understand why

  2. What do you do with all the coins that you don't keep? Turn them back in to the bank? Won't you have to pre-roll them again?

  3. Great hunt. I love the war nickels and those gold nickels blew my mind. Congratulations buddy

  4. Pennys are my fav i actually just found my very first IH well first i found in a box actually turns out to be my oldest penny 1892

  5. One of the funnest ones to hunt is the UK 50p as they tend to release one or several commemorative reverses every year, some rarer than others (Kew Gardens is the super rare one and worth a bit if in good condition )

    Raher than searching for one or 2 particular things the aim is often to try and complete a full set

  6. I have a 1943 p war nickel that looks like it's made of clad it's circulated and looks red under the nickel is it still valuable

  7. I just can’t keep track of everything I’m supposed to look for when I’m looking through rolls! You have so much knowledge and it shows

  8. Seriously, though, what do you do with all those 40's and 50's nickels? Are they worth more than 5 cents (other than the silvers, obviously)? Do you sell them? Ultimately just return them to the bank?

  9. I feel like I’d want to roll hunt, but only sparingly just because I don’t really want to get desensitized to finding old coins. I love the excitement

  10. Several years ago, while I was working as a manager for a pizza place, I discovered an entire roll of buffalo nickels in the coin order we had gotten from the bank. They ranged in quality from really worn to fairly decent. Is it rare to find an entire roll like that?

  11. My mom gave my brother and I a gold plated set because the A holes on the ? shopping channel? said they would be valuable some day, Yeaa right, quarter, dime, nickel and a penny I think. Yea someday they may be worth ? 41 cents? I get she paid at least $10 of not $19.95 and S&H

  12. The gold plated ("gold washed" is probably more appropriate) is almost certainly from one of the "private" mints around, trying to create collector value with stuff that ultimately really isn't worth anything OR, is a similar fashion, one of the late night shopping channels with the screaming idiots trying to create the same. They've done this quite a bit with state quarters, and all that came after the state quarters….plated a ton in gold, and also did plenty in platinum. Hell, even the U.S. Mint can't really seem to come out with stuff that ends up with any decent value, barring the precious metal stuff. To top it off, the quality began sliding down hill in the 2000s. I stopped buying mint sets at the end of the state quarter program.
    BTW, to clarify for your viewers that are not numismatists, the "silver" war nickels are 35% silver, 9% manganese, and 56% copper.
    You're one of the best roll hunters I've seen on YT, Rob….I'll be poking through your site for more. Having the scope on hand is excellent.

  13. You should spend more time on the value of the rare ones that you find to get more people interested in doing things like this

  14. You know you could always just weigh that "gold" coin and if it weighs the same as a standard modern nickle then is plated. if it's three times the weight it's likely gold.

  15. I've found gold painted quarters before (1999s) it's just a novelty done by a third-party company. Its considered "damaged"

  16. I found a 1918 nickel before I knew it was old but I really didn’t think anything of it I was just like oh boy that’s a old ass nickel!! I lost it needless to say I think it fell out of my pocket when I was at the beach! I got it after getting ice cream from the ice guy!!

  17. What is special about the 2009 nickles? What did the golden Nickle turn out to be? Do you keep any from the 60's? Do you just return the "junkers". D o you always go to the same bank? What are v-nickles?

  18. At a Denny’s I went to with my mom I found an antique coin vending machine!
    What’s funny is that I saw a picture of it online like 3 hours before

  19. I just started watching your videos and decided to subscribe. It would be great if at the start you briefly explained why you were seeking/setting aside certain coins, like why 2009 nickels specifically? Some info to get those of us not in the know invested.

  20. You should really tell us a rough value when u find them. I’m not a collector at all but I enjoy your videos but some of us all clueless about the values

  21. The 2005 gold is part of the 2004-2005 Westward Journey series. I'm not sure why it's gold colored though. Must have been part of a display set or something not sure about that though. I can't find anything in the Redbook for why it would be gold. Have a great day.

  22. just started coin collecting and found a war nickel. happy to find my first ever coin in my brother’s change 🙂

  23. About 3 ish weeks ago at my work. We had found 4 FULL rolls of buffalo nickles in a row. Well, I had found one and bought it, split it with a buddy of mine. The rest were found the next morning and no one did anything about it 🙁 I was so mad XD. I think my buddy got the better end of the roll we split but, I'm still happy with any old coins that you don't see much of anymore.

  24. That 1938 silver coin looks just older than your nails but its okey, dont clean it because it will depreciated, just joking much love, and kisses

  25. Been watching for 2 weeks. I always check my pocket change now. 1940 Philadelphia nickel. So far. Thank you. This is fun.

  26. The 2005 nickel is a alloy of nickel and copper Wich is called cupronickel ,from the dyes Wich got mixed up in the mint.

  27. How RFT saved me by not being bored

    Once upon a time I got stuck in a 20min trafic I thought about what to
    Watch until i thought about RFT I watched this video and I’m no longer bored

  28. @ 9:07 the last two coins one of those was a 2004 Lewis and Clark. In the condition it was in worth about $100 why you put in junk bin

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