Coin Roll Hunting for Silver Nickels and Buffalo Nickels
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Coin Roll Hunting for Silver Nickels and Buffalo Nickels

February 23, 2020

fresh off of finding a V nickel in my
last nickel box… thought I’d hunt another! Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds
treasure and that’s right we finally got another V nickel my third
ever from all the nickel boxes I’ve hunted and now I’m juiced I picked up a
nickel box for me to hunt today and I’m picking up a couple of more tomorrow
which I’ll either use for my Monday four channel nickel battle or maybe I’ll just
hunt them again who knows either way we’ve got 50 rolls here
I’ve already popped the top of this box check to make sure they weren’t twenty
twenty or twenty nineteen didn’t notice we had a pretty crazy pink one on the
end I don’t know the date yet I want to kind of keep it as a surprise it is only
the second roll so we’ll find out what it is pretty quickly
other than that I’ve got a good mix of older Jeffersons newer Jeffersons you
name it we haven’t seen the enders on the other side and of course we don’t
know what’s on the inside just yet that being said you guys know the drill we’re
gonna crack it in a roll one and see what kind of goodies we can unveil now
obviously I’ve been looking for buffalo nickels I’ve been looking for key dates
and my key date Jefferson nickels we’d love to score somewhere silver war
nickels which I have had my share of lately and that makes me excited
obviously I’ll be checking for any of the over mint marks over dates doubled
eyes you name it for both Jeffersons and Buffalo’s so I’ll be using my trusty
nickel mat to help you along the way as well as my pluggable microscope which
helps me get up close and personal to any of the nickels on the screen of
course if you want anything like my nickel mats or my pluggable microscope
or anything else I use during my hunts I always list those items down below in
the video description so feel free to check them out I also want to remind
everyone afore I get the hunt started that about two-thirds of my video views
are not viewed by subscribers now I understand that and that’s fine but if
you aren’t a subscriber and you’re enjoying the content please consider
clicking the subscribe button and hitting the bell so you
notified when I post the next corner hunt or livestream as a final reminder I
do post videos almost every day all right
we’ve talked way too much let’s start hunting now rod rule 10 and I have found
not one old Jefferson nickel I didn’t keep this cool toner 1969 and we did
find a beat-up 2009 that’s it but I bring you in because roll 10 is gonna
give us a goodie I was hunting him and I flatten them out and look what I see
here I see a war nickel you can tell it’s a war nickel because it’s got a big
letter P right above the Monticello building on the reverse P meeting minted
in Philadelphia D for Denver s for San Francisco matter of fact
that’s the giddy we got right there on the mat so we know it’s a silver war
nickels 35% silver what year is it Paul Biya 43 that’s the most common and it is
and the good news about a 43 is we get to check it for the 43 over 42 or the
double dies let’s take a look at it under the scope so there’s a lot of
corrosion there but the 43 over 42 is actually a number two that goes like
this and you can predominantly see the two behind the three here
now that one’s pretty dirty I’ll probably have to wipe it down and take a
better look but in the meantime we’ll check for the double die as well and the
double die is also an easy one to tell because this part of the eye right here
is actually doubled out here and again we’ve got some discoloration which
making it look a little suspicious let me wipe it down double-check it and I’ll
bring it back in once we can get a better look at it
so for fun I figured I would try this ms70 why not clean it off with a q-tip
like it says and look at how much stuff we removed from it already just from
dabbing the top of the coin rolling it back and forth and it is coming off
there like no problem whatsoever now again I never
recommend cleaning coins but this is a pretty worn 1943 Philadelphia war nickel
that we’re going to be inspecting for any possible doubling so I don’t mind
doing that just thought I’d show that to you obviously if you’re interested in
that I have a link down below just be careful how to use it and use it only as
directed now that we covered that let’s see if we can uncover anything on this
or nickel alright we’ve got the war nickel under the scope and with close
inspection I am not seeing a 43 over 42 and around the eye area it was just some
scratches I’m not seeing a double die either way
not a bad start cleaned up pretty nice 1943 Philadelphia minted war nickel 35%
silver to get us started as the first find roll number 16 in the box is
starting to heat up we’ve got a couple of 59s a 57 a 54 d and now we’re gonna
have a 1941 philadelphia it’s not a war nickel I made out of silver but it’s
still an early Jefferson I was just getting ready to open up completely roll
number 19 and I noticed two things one we’ve got an odd edge like it’s an older
nickel there may be Canadian nickel I should say and a dark tone one here
we’ll take a look at the dark toned one first looks like an 80-something I don’t think
it is no it’s not a war nickel put that aside let’s pull out this alright well
it’s not Canadian oh look at this it’s a 1990 20 pence that is a cool coin very
nice we’ve got a foreign in the box early on roll 19 Ron roll number 26
we’re still getting a few coins here and there but man tell me this is it a
beautiful sight I think we got damaged omit Mort but
that is a beautiful sight nonetheless yeah let’s just double-check to see what
that is on the reverse just damaged so we’ve got a Philadelphia minted buffalo
nickel to take a peek at we’re zoomed in close I just wanted to take a quick peek
at the back decent detail we don’t have a horn or we got part of a horn so it’s
not gonna be a very high grade will there be a date there will be a date
I think that’s possibly 35 that’s a 19-15 that’s a 19-15 we’ve got a legible
date 1915 Philadelphia a buffalo nickel in the box now had it been a 15s with a
date I’d be super excited but it’s just the 1915 Philadelphia either way we’ve
got a legible date beautiful buffalo nickel we’ve got two thirds of the
trifecta a silver and a buffalo just over halfway through the box roll number
34 finally gonna have another 40s nickel and it’s a 1949 out of Philadelphia roll
37 it’s gonna get us another four and if I can get it out there it’s the 1987
Canadian roll 38 just laying it out figured I’d film it just in case but we
have an odd colored one right here it’s not a war nickel but it looks old it’s
not even old it’s a 1991 it has seen much better days all right well let’s
get back to the hunt well we have finished the one nickel box hunt and
know what for number of fines it was one of my lighter boxes I like to see about
20 to 25 fines per box and I think when you add it all together
we were just short of 20 so a little bit light on the fines but good fines
nonetheless we got three 1959’s all Denver a couple of 57s both Denver
we got a 56 Denver a 54 Denver a 51 Philadelphia the Denver is a little bit
better date but we didn’t get that one a 49 Philadelphia but nice if we’ve been
at Denver we could have checked for the D over s and a 1941 Philadelphia that’s
it for the early Jeffersons other than what I’m going to show you next
had that oddity pretty cool tone 1969 Denver and then as far as the other
finds we had to four ins a 20 pence at a Canadian nickel we had to 2009’s both
pretty trashy but lower mintage we got the one silver out of the box of 1943
Philadelphia minted wartime nickel it does not have the double dive or the
three over two and then the find of the box in 1915 Philadelphia minted buffalo
nickel about eight dollars in that condition so about a ten dollar profit
out of the box I know a lot of you asked about profit how about a ten dollar
profit out of the box not a lot but for an hour’s worth the work maybe a little
bit more than an hour either way a lot of fun we get to add another sewer to
the bucket Buffalo to the collection and a few other goodies hopefully you
enjoyed this one box hunt this time and if you did enjoy the video I would
appreciate it thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and
thanks for watching the u-turn eight silver bucket is
getting even more full and I can switch out my nikka dated 1915 P buffalo nickel
for a non nigga dated version

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  1. Let's coin roll hunt for some Silver Nickels and some more Buffalo Nickels!

    We'll be hunting this box of nickels for Silver, Buffalo Nickels, Proof coins, Old Jefferson Nickels, V Nickels and 2009's for their low mintage.

    Let's keep our fingers crossed and our eyes open for some goodies!

    Keep hunting and good luck!

    They're still out there for us to find!

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  2. Thanks wrong for getting me in the coin roll hunting it's been a really fun experience I just love your channel and just pray for you everyday and you are good person

  3. Nice hunt! Sometime, you should use the MS70 on an expendable coin and send it in for grading, and see how it affects the grade.

  4. Since December, I hadn't done anything with my old coin collection in almost 20 years. Since December, I have searched rolls in unopened boxes amounting to somewhere in the neighborhood of $7K. Living in eastern Tennessee, I have come across almost 2 dozen silver nickels, 2 silver quarters, 4 buffalo nickels, 5 W quarters, and one V nickel dated 1907. Almost 2 rolls worth of wheat cents and almost 4 rolls of my favorite, bicentennial quarters. Thanks Rob for your enthusiasm in your videos. What is funny, I haven't found more than 8, 2009 nickels. Even the box with the V nickel had ZERO 2009's.

  5. Very nice hunt and some cool finds. Yesterday I hunted my first box of halves and found a 2007s proof and a 1948d Benji. I also just received my coin mats thank you very much and have a great weekend and Gl and HH 😎👍👍

  6. would recommend not scratching your screen with a screw driver it made me visibly cringe your gonna damage it by doing that

  7. Thanks for making your videos man, I'm in between jobs. I dont have any extra cash to put in to the hobby, but you videos get me through.

  8. I'm here! I have now hunted 2 boxes of nickels and 3 boxes of pennies. I'm pretty slow because I am trying to fill slots in the books, but eventually it will get faster!

  9. Hi I’m going true oneboxt of 60 61 62 63 64 48 49 51 52 53 54 55 59 nice looking pls other Belize i ha a few prof 2016 2015

  10. Great video, Rob. Bought my first box of nickels a couple of weeks ago and pulled a 1898 V nickel. G4 at best, but I'll take it.

  11. Rob, one thing I've noticed, compared to the other CRH channels out there, is that you have really good camera and editing skills. Makes watching and staying engaged that much better. Thanks for the great videos Rob!

  12. Nickels are best, 2 nights ago I found my first buffalo. last night I had a terrible box with nothing older that 70 and nothing nice.

  13. Hey Rob! Really your channel and knowledge about coins. I just found my first Barber today in my half dollar hunt. Could you tell me what mint state it may be in? It’s got great details! Thanks

  14. If you use ms70 is it considered a cleaned coin in pcsg. Would it pass inspection or is the coin worthless if you use that

  15. I have never found a 2009. The only two coins that aren’t in my nickel book are a 2009 P and a 2009 D. I have hunted at least 30 boxes in the last year.

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