[COD BO3] Free for all, fight with Giraffe?  [Japanese Gaming Girl Jewelrry]
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[COD BO3] Free for all, fight with Giraffe? [Japanese Gaming Girl Jewelrry]

August 30, 2019

Good evening this is Jewelry. Good evening this is Jewelry. Good evening this is Jewelry. Good evening this is Jewelry. Good evening this is Jewelry. Things that I have an encryption key 550 about 3 times about daily double Is it a daily double once in a day? One time camouflage Let’s go on and on. Gesture, Camouflage. What is this? With these clothes on, I wear black gloves on my right hand The right hand My right hand. Is there someone else there? Daily double is once up to once Camouflage, camouflage, again Camouflage, Camouflage, Camouflage again Ruin and! Let’s use it Proximity weapons! wrench? It looks like a giraffe when It is hungry Try customizing a wrench? This I do see a giraffe With this I turned yellow, This is absolutely hungry giraffe when It is hungry Seeing, the whole picture has come to be seen Eyes are black Mr. Giraffe! Giraffe pattern Awesome giraffe Completion Let’s name it From today you are kililin Today it is hard to say kililin with kililin XP came I’m going for a free for all along with kililin Metro. Is not this difficult? It’s the only kililin I met Because it is not reflected, it is still black. How do you attack this? It looks like this Teamwork should already be in possession Kililin attack! I was able to kill surprisingly. Kililin attack! Although it is pure kililin. I normally want to pick up weapons. Do not cry Kililin! Kiririn is still here Like a deep-sea fish. It is regrettable. Good vibes Is it quite nice? Let’s use overdrive It is difficult. Because this is not giraffe yet Who? This is difficult It has to be cleared up Kililin punch! Who is this? What? Who are you? Our kirilin is not black like this Impossible, this is scary. Where did it go? That’s cool. Proximity is still difficult as usual Easy, I feel insecure for my owner Squirrel! Honesty, when will it change color It is very regrettable Until the end Who the heck this I had painted it all the way I was fighting with anyone. Overdrive ok To the end of the end Who is this? Well next time is whether I can go for a walk with my kililin What is the handle? What is the handle and who? Honestly, oh! Kililin! Hello everyone My name is kililin Hello Oh yeah yeah. Sorry, I do not mind I only have to be bothered, dangerous Opportunities and opportunities I do not mind that it is difficult. Proximity is tough, is not it? Do not tell a lie Still doing 0 kill I’ll do my best Speaking of proximity is still narrow, Would you wait around here Strategy to wait Fight offense and attack now. Kililin punch! That’s cool. I was able to kill for the first time again Out of bullets I did it. I could kill it. Oh my God, I got scolded by myself Okay, you can become a nutrient for kililin Alright, run kililin or head towards that morning sun Did you do the exit here? I suppose I should be around here, but The top guy has already killed 21 I only played 4 kills, yeah! I only played 4 kills, yeah! Kill number is not everything Humanity is not a kill number We can do it If I never give up Oh, I still have to win Kililin disturbing you there. Ooooo, nice kililin! I got lonely, I will finish Before it ends The afterimage of the kililin I have only 8 kills Even though we are 20 times dead I told you that the kill number is not everything Thank you for seeing it to the end. I was talking from before Talk of Top Five Places We are almost done recruiting, everyone Apply early. Well thank you for viewing this time. I will try hard to raise the level so that someday everyone can see it I have a sore throat.

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