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Cobra on the Hunt! | Snake City

December 12, 2019

[phone rings] SIMON (VOICEOVER): As
we land in Cape Town, the calls already
start to come in. We literally hit
the ground running. We just got a call from
a lady saying that she thinks she might
have a cobra that’s gone into her guinea pig cage. She’s quite scared. So, I said just watch
it from a distance. If it is a Cape
cobra, obviously, I’ll be very careful. It is a very, very
dangerous snake. It’s actually the most
toxic of African cobras. SIMON (VOICEOVER): This will be
my first encounter with a Cape cobra.
We don’t get them in Durban. – Simon.
– Rick. Nice to meet you.
How are you doing? SIMON (VOICEOVER): I need to
be extra careful because I don’t know how
this snake is going to react to being captured. SIOUXSIE: Not a
good story, I hear. – Killed the guinea pig.
– [gasp] I know, it’s a shame, man. [laughter] Come inside.
SIMON: Thanks. Go ahead through.
SIOUXSIE: All right. SIMON: All right.
How are you doing? All right? SIOUXSIE: Are we
still watching it? Are you still watching it?
WOMAN: I’m sorry. I’m–
SIOUXSIE: Ah, no, no, no. You’re fine.
– I’m so– SIOUXSIE: No, no,
no, that’s fine. SIMON: No!
No, it wasn’t your fault. SIOUXSIE: Absolutely fine.
SIMON: Everything all right? Hi. The lady who owns the
guinea pigs is so scared, she sat in her kitchen sink. Which is totally unique. I thought that was great. She’s not doing the washing up. No, she’s just
sitting in her sink. She was quite upset
about the whole thing. Yeah, you can come off it now.
You’re all right. SIOUXSIE: Don’t worry.
Yeah. SIMON: So, what
happened exactly? So, we come out, and there’s
a snake with my guinea pigs running around.
– Yeah. SIOUXSIE: Ah, here, right.
– And the guineas are running. SIMON: Yeah.
– And the snake. And then I realized it
started to puff out. SIMON: OK. And then I thought,
oh, this is a cobra. SIMON: Yeah, yeah. So, that’s when I
phoned you guys to say, can somebody remove
the snake quickly? Okeydoke. WOMAN: But in the meantime,
while I was phoning you, it zapped the guinea pig. SIMON: Yeah, it will, yeah. And then it started
to pull the guinea pig into the pile of– SIMON: Oh, right, I see. SIOUXSIE: Oh, god. –into the pile of logs.
SIOUXSIE: Oh, OK. Oh, sorry.
Sorry you saw that. SIMON: So, it actually got
into your cage there, did it? No, it– it–
SIOUXSIE: They were loose. SIMON: Oh, they were out.
I see. One guinea pig ran underneath. SIMON: Right, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I see. They were loose.
Shame. OK.
SIOUXSIE: Aw, shame. OK. So, now snake is
in there, is it? Or where– it’s
still in the pile? No, it’s in there. It’s got to be removed. SIOUXSIE: Yeah, no, that’s fine. SIMON: Yeah, yeah,
I’ll do it now. SIMON (VOICEOVER): I’ve never
caught a Cape cobra before. Luckily it doesn’t spit, but
this snake can still kill me. SIMON: –the hook, or something. Let’s have a little look here. SIOUXSIE: The dead
guinea pig’s there. SIMON: Yeah, shame. Poor guinea pig. Ah. That’s the ex-guinea pig now. SIMON (VOICEOVER): Because
of all the commotion that’s going on,
it unfortunately spat the guinea pig back out. SIMON: Didn’t get to eat
his lunch in the end. The snakes down there. Can clearly see it. If you look down there,
he’s checking us out. That’s definitely a Cape cobra. SIMON (VOICEOVER): The Cape
cobra is a very nervous snake, and it will strike if
it feels threatened. Considered to be the deadliest
of all cobras in Africa, it’s fast-acting
neurotoxic venom attacks the nervous system. If it bites you, you will
start to feel drowsy, and you’ll have
trouble breathing. Untreated, your
lungs will collapse, and you will die
after just 30 minutes.

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  1. In cape Town and my family and we saw a king cobra snake but then I didn't know about you so I'm glad I now live guess what snake was used it was about 6.5 foot it was like giving you was like stretching his head out like saying be where where it was at the beach in a hole so

  2. I remembered there is a documentary video that showed a mangoosh go hunting and he saw a snake. He catched the snake's head by mouth and hit to rock twice but he made a mistake. Twice hit didn't kill the snake but the mangoosh still hold the snake's head and it became a deadly mistake. The snake slowly wraped around mangoosh and squeezed him until he dead. Do you know that video, I'm looking it for a long time ago, tks!

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