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  1. If the Cobra Kai fought in the war, America might actually win, instead of acting like heroes like all other soldiers

  2. Ralph Macchio (Daniel Larusso) in this film I imagine that he took martial arts classes to not look as bad as the first 2 movies

  3. Why would Johnny repeat words from his hot head teacher. He broke rules and regulations. It's well if last Jedi a flop let's change and fool you to make money

  4. How long did you wait for the big hype last Jedi now there's gonna be a way grab your balls again to make money.the new movie Hollywood stoll more money

  5. It won't happen, but this would have been the perfect series to demonstrate the difference between Cobra Kai's "modern" tae kwon do and Miyagi traditional okinawan shorinji kempo.

  6. "Learn the way of the fist"…..Blaaahahahahahahahahaha what a load of nonsense…..I can't fucking wait on this movie! ???????????

  7. Verne Fits
    All you said was Jesus!! Can't wait…and look how people twisted it into something else…Can't wait..

  8. "Hey sensei, is there any particular way you want me to wash these windows?"

    "Nah I don't give a shi-."

    Totally pissed-on Daniel's training!! This is golden. Stay gold, Johnny-Boy 🙂

  9. Daniel lost his way in the rat race and Johnny is there to bring him down to earth and redeem himself. Classic.

  10. I’m four episodes in and I’m hooked! Way better than I was expecting, great fun, with a lot of great callbacks.

  11. Daniel Russo who was the former champion 30 years after finish Johnny Lawrence do you know he has a daughter is best friend has a son Joy Miyagi Jojo karate ago Daniel Larusso visit mr. Miyagi the cemetery when he passed away oh I season beat up bunch of bullies

  12. Daniel is not the bully. He knows what they are about. Miyagee already said that is was bad karate cobra Kai does.

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