CNN and BBC praise BTS’s successful concert at Wembley
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CNN and BBC praise BTS’s successful concert at Wembley

November 5, 2019

kpop sensation BTS shook the Wembley
Stadium in London over the weekend of making them the first Korean artists to
do so and a media across the globe had their eyes on the concert as well
Ahriman son tells us more BTS is history concerts at London’s Wembley Stadium
over the weekend have earned the group attention from all around the world
being the first Korean artist to take to the stage at the iconic venue the group
performed to some 60,000 fans as part of their world war 14 media outlets also
praised the group’s performance right after the first of BTS is two sold-out
concerts at the stadium BBC Road BTS have made history by becoming the first
South Korean group to headline Wembley Stadium the third UK show of BTS is
career BBC added that while unlike most Wembley headliners BTS are not quite
household names yet their fan base is unusually devoted highly mobilized and
growing daily CNN also ran a lengthy feature to delve into how a boyband from
South Korea became the biggest in the world
CNN compared BTS to legendary band The Beatles but said the South Korean stars
cracking the American market was perhaps an even greater achievement noting that
most of BTS songs are in Korean and the group has only one fluent English
speaker it also pointed out that the group’s active use of social media has
built a personal connection with the fan base giving the group a huge advantage
in gaining international fame thanks to their devoted networks of fans around
the world immense on Arirang news

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  1. I wish they come to India specially in northeast country side… full of BTS fan… lots of love from India

  2. i was there and it was just INCREDIBLE i can‘t describe how lucky i am being able to attend their concert, my dream finally came true?

  3. WE ARE! ONE! 엑소! 사랑하자! ? ❤️? ? ? ??? ? ?1️⃣ ❤️?✔️ ?? 3️⃣6️⃣5️⃣ ??‍♀️ ❎⭕️❎⭕️ ??

  4. melody park THE FULL CONCERT OF THE WEMBLEY DAY 2 IS RECORDED ON MY CHANNEL ON HD (not Iphone recording) your welcome ! ???

  5. BTS anniversary is on the 13th June lets all get together and get their mv "boy with luv" 1B views ??

  6. Im literally in tears, they broke records and the ARMY is now millions strong, they deserve so much love and credit for their hardwork, they are the most selfless group and human beings ive ever seen

  7. I was there and I can guarantee it was THE best concert of my whole live. I've never seen anything like this before. Mind-blowing!

  8. I just so much ? proud of you BTS ? they're legends ?? the best ever beautiful bestest no one can match BTS I have no words to say really amazing you're deveres more than this ❤️❤️❤️??????????? congratulations ?

  9. And it’s true…we feel personally connected to them…well at least I do…if not then my life would be nothing. They bring joy ,laughter, happiness and I can’t thank them enough for just being alive.

  10. I never imagined that they will become this big. Up until now, for me it's unbelievable. I still remember that they started to grow internationally in BST era and they even grew more and still growing up to this day. I'm just so proud that I stayed with them and supporting them. I'm so so proud of BTS! I'm so glad that and happy that I entered this fandom. ???

  11. So proud of you BTS! Guys remember GOT7 are going on tour and performing at Wembley London Arena in October, so please support!!! :)))) ?????

  12. Bts helped me so much with my mental health, I suffer from anxiety and I sat next to strangers at the concert and immediately turned round and introduced myself, I didn’t get their social media but they hugged me when I cried and gave me water when I felt ill, and i was so inspired by them I’m hoping to achieve my dream of signing to a record label soon

  13. They can get a better English speaking reporter than her. The news anchor should have just narrated the whole story.

  14. I was there for Day 2 of Wembley Stadium and I still cannot get the concert out of my head! What a night that was!

  15. Is anyone else really happy they're so successful but also low-key freaking out because so much fame can affect our boys?

  16. I'm confused .. I know that Bangtan sold out the tickets.. But Isn't the capacity of Wembley stadium 90,000?? Can anyone enlighten me about this.. Why does she say they sold out to 60,000 fans.. ??

  17. Why these koreans are so excited after being praised by well known liar and fraudster BBC & CNN news agency? Lol…

  18. Sincerity.
    That is why we are so devoted. It is impossible for anyone to understand why ARMY is so devoted to BTS without learning not only about BTS' history but the history and culture of KPOP and how DISGUSTINGLY biased it is. The way BTS was treated and the things they had to hear and endure with a smile(and still to this day despite their achievements) just because they are not in one of the big3 companies. I'm glad that most of ARMY did not have to endure the extremely suffocating period of their career where we really didn't have any power or voice… It was beyond frustrating and for those of you who don't know, that is why we became known as a "loud" fandom.. it wasn't just for the sake of being loud… we were sick and tired of big3 stans and broadcasting stations, the media etc. thinking it was okay to treat BTS the way they did just because they were from a small company.

    Sincerity. That's what it was. That's what it IS. I've listened to KPOP and seen this twisted industry for 15+ years and when BTS debuted it seriously was the first time I felt like they WANTED it. Back then I would just hop from group to group as the comeback cycles came through… but after BTS nothing compared. You could FEEL the passion and it was heartbreaking because we all knew back then, even BTS knew… that success for a group from a small company was pretty much impossible… but they never gave up and we never gave up. They have so much energy and passion and sincerity that we could not just let them become another victim of the big 3 bias… And like a miracle and an impossible dream… we succeeded. And we will continue to. Success wasn't handed to them, it was earned and we fought damn hard for it. We know they have wanted to give up MANY times but they didn't they fought with their fucking lives to make it. That kind of sincerity isn't as common as one would think. And they never lost who they were, they never became arrogant or take anything for granted. They are truly a once in a lifetime.

  19. Man big hit started small and now is a billion dollar company… clearly someone created the perfect kpop group of this era

  20. That's our boys. So very hard working, humble and genuine. All age groups, genders, rich and poor can relate to them. If you haven't checked them out you should. It goes beyond the music.

  21. Isn't Korea going on with some bad situation??? But the news has more interest in Celebrities???
    And we don't care if BBC or whatever those biased channel.

  22. Well done our PRINCES OF POP ?
    We are truly proud of your continuous success and ARMYs will forever be there for you, keep making history, keep being THE FIRSTS of many record breaking history of K-POP and keep showing the world that you deserved all of this, all of it. You've proven enough but you're still grounded and humbled just the way you all are and that's why you're blessed. We love you so much. ???

  23. Love army and love BTS…We are family sharing epic moments like these…Every bts concert gives off different experience. Though I was not able to make it to this one I can feel the heartfelt love between army and BTS. This is the best and most meaningful fandom! Proud to be army….army purple Bts woo hoo

  24. I went it was amazing this was so special and I cried so much and they are go talented and I can't thank them enough ???

  25. Sorry to say this but please, Korea- BTS needs military exemption. I know this is not going to end well with everyone but as an Army and after seeing all their achievements that no other Kpop groups has achieved so far i just feel like I want to see them how far they can go. I guarantee y'all this is just the beginning, they are so telented they can do so much more. Nation's pride and Asians' pride too. ??? Thank you.

    Please don't get offended ?

  26. It’s incredible how so many of us look past the language barrier and just enjoy and love Bts’ music. It just goes to show music is a universal language and what Rapmon said at Wembley day 2 ‘we all speak the same language, and I don’t mean English or Korean.’ Really resonated. They changed and helped many many lives , as dare I say even turned some around for the better because of their efforts. There’s no one like Bts.

  27. BTS BTS I'm so addicted n I'm so so happy….?……our boys reaching to the Top ???????????????????Hey ARMY all around the world love you ???this is call ARMY power ?????????✌️

  28. Yes they broke the language barrier y cuz bts are amazing group they speak about true thing that happen to people everyday they told us they story bts are amazing group I should say family off singers and rappers they are amazing dancers and have a big heart they speeches they make are from the heart ????

  29. Tbh who hired the person speaking for this news I hate it and it’s unprofessional. I’m not here to offend anyone but it’s a professional job

  30. Im just curious in one thing. Do other group never use social media to communicate with their fans?
    Its like every news implied only bts use to communicate with their fans thats why there become more successful now

  31. Their sincerity and genuineness that followed their songs reached our hearts and soul. They were so strong that they broke the walls called language barrier and as they say “unlike poles attract”, we attracted each other creating such an amazing, powerful strong bond that makes people wonder. That’s BTS and Army… ??

  32. BTS are amazing, to be singing in Korean language and they r this huge its unbelievable but it’s happening and only BTS can do it.
    I think they are above all artist!
    Army for live ????

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