Clueless Gamer: “Overwatch” With Peter Dinklage & Lena Headey  – CONAN on TBS
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Clueless Gamer: “Overwatch” With Peter Dinklage & Lena Headey – CONAN on TBS

August 26, 2019

(guitar chord)
(ding) (cheering and applause)
(bass music) – Hey everybody, Conan O’Brien here with another Clueless Gamer. Today we’ve got a big one I’m told. The highly anticipated Overwatch. This is huge, this is an epic game. So I got two of the stars
of the most epic show on television, Game of
Thrones, to play with me. Please welcome my best friends as of four minutes ago, Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey. Thank you so much for being here. (audience cheering)
You guys play video games. – I don’t but I’m ready. – [Conan] And you, Peter?
– What is this for? (audience laughs) – There was only one iron throne, so I took it ’cause it
has low back support. This is in fact a toilet. – Oooo. – Yeah, this is really
what makes it functional. This is my toilet for my home.
– [Peter] See that just broke. – And this just broke. And yeah, we’re just ripping
apart the iron throne as we go. Oh, look at that, there you go. Yeah, this is really
no expense was spared. These are made of Starbursts. Then they put some shoe polish on it. – This controls the toilet, it’s like a Japanese toilet.
– [Peter] Oh it’s like the– – Yeah, so he can wash his butt. Do you like that?
– [Conan] Ah, no, no, no. A little to the left. – I love those. You walk into the bathroom,
– [Conan] Aim the jet. – and they open, you don’t
even have to touch anything. – [Lena] That’s creepy.
– But you know what’s creepy? I was in a hotel recently, and it had that and the toilet opens every
time you walk past it, and every time I walked
by the toilet it went Huh, maybe and I’m like no. I’m just coming in to get
the floss, the dental floss and then it closes sadly like oh. And then I’ll come in later–
– [Peter] Tey do that to me, and I’m like, ah, might as well. – Might as well. – He’s, yeah see? – Hey, by the way, do you like our set? No expense was spared. Very sexy, isn’t it this room? – Sexy, yeah. – Very sensual. – It’s being inside of a vagina. Can we say that? – No, you just did,
– [Lena] You did, you said it. – And you know what, this is gold. Come on in Bleyaert
tell us about the game. – Yeah, so the game is Overwatch. It’s you know, humanity.
(Peter snoring) – Oh god.
(audience laughing) This is why I called you in? – You were great as
the dad in Family Ties. (all laughing) – Take us through all of
our hero possibilities. – [Bleyaert] You’ve got–
– Jason Momoa. – [Peter] Jason Momoa. – Oh my god he’s got the
legs of like a pigeon. Lena come to me, Lena. – Then we’ve got this guy Junkrat. – [Conan] Junkrat.
– Oh I like Junkrat. (all laughing) – He has the power of low self-esteem. Oh my. – [Peter] Ooo.
– [Lena] Oh yeah. – Oh! – [Peter] Reset, pause it. – Pause it.
– [Peter] There we go. – Oh lord. – Somebody’s been shining that. – [Bleyaert] This guy’s kinda cool, Lucio. – Oh look at that. Oh he’s on roller blades. His only enemy is an uneven surface. (all laughing) He can accomplish anything,
but oh there’s some slate gravel in the
road, I can’t help you. – Oh, okay I like him. – Yes. – He’s got nice balls. – Lovely balls. – MC Hammer backup dancer at one point. – So the idea here is you guys are going to be on separate teams. You’re gonna be shooting each other, trying to take an objective
or defend an objective. – I don’t know what you said. – I don’t know either. – [Bleyaert] Alright. – I’m a giant gorilla with a laser canon. (Lena gasps)
(laser zaps) – No, wait. (grunts) – Oh come on I just laser beamed it. – [Lena] I can’t look up. – Okay that happened very quickly. – Wait. (laser zapping)
(grunting) – [Peter] Ow.
– What? – So Peter just killed
you twice very quickly. – That’s not me, that’s the character. – Stomp on your corpse. – [Conan] (laughing) Yeah.
(ding) – (laughing) Now I’ve got four guns. – Just kill him, please kill
him he’s getting very cocky. – He really is that big (beep) gorilla. – Oh my god. (lazers zapping)
(grunting) – [Lena] Yes. – Yes! She killed you, Lena just killed you. – How does that feel, Peter? (audience laughing) – I’m so on Lena’s side. I don’t know why. – Oh yeah look at that. I’m up on a platform up here. – [Lena] Where are you? – Coming at you from above there, Headey. Wait, oh I know, I fell. (audience laughing) – No. That’s the most mundane death. A workplace accident
took you out of the game. Where, where, where, where,
where, where, where, where? – Behind you. – [Peter] Where? (exclaims and laughs) Not so easy now when someone fights back. (guns firing) – You know my gun can’t
really shoot that far. – Yeah. – That’s what they all say. – That’s what they all say. (yells loudly) Die. Hiding behind balsa wood
shouldn’t do anything. Good old balsa wood. Impenetrable balsa wood. (guns firing) (audience laughs) For you, my lady.
– [Lena] Thank you, my liege. – [Bleyaert] Yeah, so the
next place we’re gonna play is the Temple of Anubis, it’s in Egypt. You guys are each gonna have a team of two other people with you. – [Conan] What’s the objective? – [Bleyaert] The objective
is there’s maybe some stuff going on but you just shoot each other. – Shoot people, just shoot people. And we’re in a Moroccan restaurant, why? What’s happening? – I’ve got a hankerin’ for some Tahiti. (Conan laughing)
(guns firing) – That bubble I’m in is called celebrity. (audience laughing) Come out from behind that, there’s Peter. I’m gonna kill him. – [Peter] No you’re not.
– Yes I am, time to die. (laser firing) Wait, I was eliminated by Peter. (guns firing) – What? – You’re out, Lena, sorry. – Why’d you keep shooting me? There’s four other people. – [Conan] Look at him, pure evil. (audience laughing) Look at his range of facial expressions. (all laughing) A choking victim. Okay we’re gonna do
something very special now. At my request, all the
women with shiny butts are gonna fight each other. Don’t shoot anyone. Just enjoy their bodies. (audience laughing) – [Lena] Look at that shiny butt. – Can they make out with each other? – [Conan] Is there a button where they make out with each other, all the women? – [Bleyaert] No there’s no button. – Can we ask that that be added to the game before it comes out? – [Bleyaert] I will ask. (footsteps clicking) – Oooo listen to their high heels. – Oh, I love that. (sighs and moans) There’s a lot of moaning. – Can we get that, can we get that? – Can we get a loop of the moaning? (gun firing)
(sighs and moans) – There you have it right there. We just watched Peter decimate
Lena in this competition. Peter, you are the winner. Because it’s Game of Thrones, you will now be presented with my head on a spike by our George R.R. Martin lookalike. (audience laughing) Kind of me. ♫ Donald ♫ (audience laughing and cheering) – Umm the bestest. – Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing? (cheering and applause)

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  1. Forget attacking King's Landing for the iron throne, Dany should have just challenged Cersei to a game of Overwatch. ?

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    As we post new videos and speeches every other week!! Looking forward to helping you achieve your dreams.

  3. Peter never seems interested in being a part of any dialogue, whether being interviewed or playing a game.

  4. Excuse me

    Why is Conan holding a PS4 copy of Overwatch… but they’re playing the game with Xbox controllers…

  5. Why you do this to me coco!!..

    Had a very awesome laugh.
    Thank you Peter dinkalge, Lena headly.

    Great review.

  6. Tyrion knew Conan, the vain narcissist, couldn't resist his own likeness and cleverly used the moment to humiliate his adversary in his home court.

  7. My jaw hurts from laughing….
    PD is one of the greats, along with Bean.
    I started watching GOT because of SB, finished the series because of PD.
    RIP Ned.

  8. "You have to either capture an objective or defend it"
    "I don't know what you just said"
    C'mon, a five year old can understand what that means.

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