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Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion – PC Game Review – brutalmoose

February 18, 2020

This video was sponsored by Blue Apron, a meal delivery service. Sign up using the link in the description and I’ll tell you more about it at the end of the video. Professor Plum: “There’s been a murder!”;’+ *Music sting, gasps* Mrs. Peacock: “Oh, he’s dead, he is.” Professor Plum: “It’s a classic game of Clue.” Professor Plum: “Who done it,” Professor Plum: “Where they done it,” Professor Plum: “And with which weapon they, uh… done it with.” Colonel Mustard: “I say it was in the kitchen with the wrench by…” Colonel Mustard: “Miss Scarlet!” Miss Scarlet: “*Gasp!* He did it in the library…” *Gasp!*
Miss Scarlet: “With a bloody lead pipe!” Mr Boddy: “Knife. Knife.”
Miss Scarlet: “Oh. Right”
*Clock chimes* Miss Scarlet: “The killer is Mr. Green!”
*Lightning, dramatic music, super spooky* Colonel Mustard: “Well, it could’ve been someone else.” Announcer: “The game of Clue!” Ian: Oh, man. What a classic. Ian: Clue, known as Cluedo outside of the States, Ian: Is a mystery murder board game originally published in 1949. Ian: Nowadays, the game is owned and published by Hasbro Ian: Who publishes other board game classics like Ian: Battleshipdo and Monopolydo. Ian: Clue has been around for ages and has tons of iterations and spinoffs, including but not limited to, Ian: A book series, a VHS game that I’m definitely checking out later, Ian: And of course the cult classic film that’s actually a pretty good movie. Ian: Today, though, we’re gathered to take a look at 1998’s Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion.
*Thunder roars* *Spooky scary music* *More spooky scary music* Ian: That was so cool! I’m into it! Ian: If you’ve never played the Clue board game before, let me go over the basics. Ian: You assume the role of one of six characters: Ian: Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Mr. (Rev.) Green, Mrs. Peacock or Professor Plumbuh. Ian: They’ve all shown up at the house of Mr. Boddy, who is then murdered!
*Dramatic music* Ian: Each of the six is a suspect in the murder and our goal is to find out… Ian: Who committed the crime, with what weapon the crime was committed and in which room. Ian: Now, a skilled detective would do things like examine the body of Mr. Boddy or maybe look for possible motives. Ian: But since none of us are skilled detectives, we immediately proceed to drag each other into various rooms of the house… Ian: And scream random accusations at each other. Ian: You see, each character, room and weapon has a card. Ian: One of each is randomly placed inside a sealed envelope. Ian: This represents the murderer, the weapon, and the location. Ian: The rest of the cards are dealt among the players. If you’re holding, for instance, the lead pipe card, Ian: You know that it’s not the murder weapon. Ian: So you venture to a room that you don’t have a card for, Ian: accuse a person you don’t have a card for of murder, Ian: by way of a weapon that you don’t have a card for. Ian: If someone has one of those cards, you’ll get to see it privately Ian: and then you know not to guess that card again. Ian: The first person to find the correct combination of the three cards is the winner. Ian: It’s not really about finding clues at all, Ian: but I guess “Process of Eliminationdo ” just isn’t that great of a board game title. Announcer: “Professor Plum – it is your turn.” Announcer: “Please roll the die.”
*dice rolling sound* Ian: Murder at Body Mansion is probably the best version of Clue that I’ve ever played. Ian: Well, I think I’ve only ever played the board game before, Ian: so maybe that’s not /too/ impressive of a claim, Ian: but this game is really, really good, assuming you enjoy the general mechanics of the game Clue. *thunder crashing, dramatic music* Ian: Each time someone makes an accusation, you get to watch a creepy cutscene of… Ian: MURDER!
*thunder and dramatic music* Ian: I think out of everyone, the cutscenes featuring Mrs. White are the creepiest. Ian: These would have really scared me when I was younger, I think. They’re very unsettling at times. Ian: Now I don’t know much about the murder victim in this game, Mr. Body. Ian: I can’t say whether he was a good or bad person; Ian: If he had a Mac or a PC; Ian: If he pronounced it “GIF” or “JIF” – Ian: But what I do know is that his house is freakin’ stupid. Ian: Look at this place; there are hallways everywhere, no two rooms are connected except for two secret passageways! Ian: Which I recognize are cool, he gets some style points there. Ian: But it’s like he took a cool-looking house and said, “You know, this place sure could use a ton of random hallways leading to windows!” Ian: “Wouldn’t that be nice?” Ian: He does have excellent taste in music, though. Ian: The soundtrack is amazing, and the clicking sound effects are extremely satisfying. *extremely satisfying clicking* Ian: The sound and visuals are what really sell this game for me. Ian: You can even interact with the environment a bit and wander around the rooms when it’s your turn. Ian: Uh-oh, it looks like Ms. Scarlet might have wandered a bit /too/ far and ended up outside of the house, Ian: What’re you doing out there? You’re not – you’re not supposed to be there… Ian: If you’re picking up this game, be sure to also pick up the patch to this game. Ian: Version 2.2 fixes a lot of game-breaking issues. Ian: When you accuse another player of murder, it’s a rule that the accused gets moved into the same room as you. Ian: Without the patch, players can be teleported outside of the house instead, Ian: and if it happens to you, you’re unable to move Ian: which can result in not being able to progress in the game. Ian: You can also just get stuck in random rooms. I kept getting stuck in the ballroom; no amount of clicking could free me. Ian: How do you get out of a room? …Just let me out! Ian: After installing the patch and starting a new game, though, I haven’t run into any of these problems. Ian: If you’re anything like me, you probably fear trying new things and love rolling dice – Ian: so you’ll have a natural aversion to the “No Die Roll” mode – Ian: But, I encourage you to live on the wild side a little and give it a shot! Ian: The die comes pre-rolled on your turn, and features some higher numbers, which lets you move around the house a bit faster. Ian: There’s also some various other, minor rule changes. Ian: Most of the time, I’ll probably stick with the Classic Mode, but it was still a good time. Ian: I also encourage giving the AutoNotes setting a shot, if you’re finding taking notes a bit challenging. Ian: It /does/ feel a little like cheating to have the computer jot down your notes for you – Ian: but the thing is, that when you’re shown a card, there’s no visual indicator as to who is doing the showing. Announcer: *quietly* “Mr Green can disprove the suggestion.” Ian: If you miss the voiceover telling you who it is, which I did /a lot/, there’s no way to know. Ian: AutoNotes takes care of that minor struggle. *jazzy music* Ian: Now there’s not much more I can say about this game; it’s just a really solid interpretation of Clue. Ian: They really got the atmosphere right, which in my opinion is one of the more important parts of Clue. Ian: I /will/ say that I seem to be the murderer a lot? Like more often than not? Ian: And I’m not sure if I was just getting unlucky, or if the game was trying to say something about me as a person, Ian: but, it was a little frustrating. Ian: In fact, the one time that I actually won the game, it ended up that I was the murderer. Ian: which means I solved the crime, only to end up in prison. Ian: It’s a little hard to feel victorious when you see your character getting locked up, even if justice is being served. Ian: But I sure hope I /served/ up a review that did this game justice! Ian: I know it’s a smaller game than I usually feature on my channel, but I want to start covering more of these Ian: smaller games, because they can be really cool, and some are really nostalgic for me. Ian: In fact, sometimes the simplicity of the game is a much-needed change of pace, Ian: and it’s part of the reason I like it. Ian: I just hope you guys found this video interesting, and that it was a treat for some Clue fans out there… Ian: Because there’s no doubt in my mind that this game was definitely a treat for me. Ian: And hey, speaking of treats, the first 100 viewers to use the Blue Apron link in the description of this video Ian: will get three meals off their Blue Apron order free! Ian: Blue Apron is a meal-delivery service that allows you to create delicious, chef-designed recipes at home. Ian: Even if your kitchen is as claustrophobic as mine! Ian: Simply open the refrigerated box and follow the directions on the included recipe cards. Ian: No need to go to the grocery store; all the necessary ingredients are included. Ian: Which is great for me, because I’m really lazy! Ian: There’s also no commitment, which means you can skip weeks or cancel at any time. Ian: If you’re looking to shake up dinner time and brush up on your cooking skills, Ian: all without leaving the comfort of your own home, Ian: well, you might just have a hankerin’ for a box of Blue Ap-er-in Ian: And if anyone from Blue Apron is listening, I know how cool that slogan I just made up sounds, so if you want to use it, go right ahead. Ian: I find that people really like it when you use words like “HANKERIN’.”

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  1. I had this exact version and it both terrified and entertained me endlessly as a kid. I would always play as either Miss Peacock or Professor Plum. The cut scenes are so creepy to this day! I'm so glad you picked one of my more treasured childhood memories for a video!

  2. Please does anyone know how to install this? I've been searching every where but I couldn't found a way to get this. There's alwayas a error. Please D:

  3. Does anyone know if this game supports Windows 7 or 10? I plan on getting it, but I don't want to buy it if it's just gonna crash, even with the patch installed.

  4. I hope you check out comments on older videos.

    I got this Clue game in a box of Honey Nut Cheerios back when I was a kid. Got a few other games like the game of life and a couple other board games.

  5. So Moosey was the killer all along and had to arrest himself?
    Now that is a Shyamalan-esque twist if I've ever seen one!

  6. Where did you find this game as well as the patches? I used to adore this game and I would love to play it again

  7. this game still scares the fuck out of me, especially mrs. peacock

    also, this game has a very underrated soundtrack

  8. For those who really like this game you should try the mobile/steam version since it's actually really good, it has some great dlc, the multiplayer is cross platform and you can even play with or without the dlc (if one player has a board dlc but you don't on your end the game will play in a board you do have but if you do then the game will be played on a board of your choice and you can see the dlc characters even if you don't have the dlc)

  9. Since Clue only cares about the Who, What, and Where, I came up with my own idea as to why the game doesn't care about the When and the Why:
    The murder took place late at night, and all the suspects were completely drunk (i.e. even if they did have a motive, they wouldn't remember it anyway).

  10. I don't know why, but no matter who I pick in the board game, I always am the killer, with a wrench. I have been afraid of wrenches ever since.

  11. I think I got this as a cereal box prize as a kid once. It was so darkly atmospheric for a supposed kid's game. The accusation cut scenes gave me nightmares.

  12. They actually made a sequel to this game. It was called Cluedo Chronicles: Fatal Illusion. While the computer renderings were absolutely gorgeous for the period in which it was made, there were several issues with the storytelling, and it was a disaster by comparison to the original. If I were BrutalMoose, I’d do a review on it anyways.

  13. I really like the style of this game, especially the stuff that makes it dated, like the CGI. I actually wish I could see more of that kind of stuff

  14. This was one of the games i played as a child all the time all the while no understanding what to do in the game at all. I was way too young but the murder scenes were so mesmerizing (and disturbing, i actually got the chills when i saw them here again)

  15. I found this game in a thrift store for 10 cents. Deal for me! cd only so i didn't get to read the manual 🙁
    (btw like if you got the game from a cereal box)

  16. i either watched my sister play this when i was a small child, or my brain just invented some memories for me. both equally likely because i had no idea this game existed until now

  17. I got this game in a cereal box as a kid. Had no idea how to play clue so I just played around, but I still had so much fun with this one.

  18. Clue, which I have never played, sounds like a watered down version of my favorite game, Mysterium.

  19. Woah I think I had this game! I played it once and got terrified of the creepy murder cutscenes (particularly the one where they throw a knife at the 'camera'), and never played it again 😀

  20. My ex step sister had this game. We ran it on XP and it would always freeze. We were never able to get through a full game

  21. I LOVED this game as a child (when I got it in a GM cereal box). I have since bought the CD and even bought didgital copies, but I can never get them to play properly, even on a WIN98 PC emulator. How did you get your CD to work?

  22. It's 2019 and I just noticed that when the game is displayed and spinning that in the background Ian is making food and recording for blue apron

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