Cloud9 Bunnyfufuu 20 Questions
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Cloud9 Bunnyfufuu 20 Questions

August 28, 2019

– I don’t know string cheese is good, and easy to eat I guess. I don’t know if I would like, munch on it, or like string it off, you know. The first champion I played,
I think it was Veigar, and I didn’t know he’d use abilities so I was just walking around
autoattacking the whole game and I thought it was pretty fun, so. I’m not really sure,
but if I were to guess I would say Mata just because I heard he communicates really well
and controls the whole team and just has a really good map awareness and just lets everyone
know what’s going on. Hmm, Sneaky is super chill so he’d prolly be pretty cool to date I guess. But I’m super bros with Hai so maybe him I’m not really sure. It looks like I want
to date two people now I don’t really want that but. First video game I ever
played was probably Pokemon on the little Game Boys. Their personalities are super troll and mess around all the time and
I’m kinda the same way so I think we just get along really well. I don’t really eat carrots
so I’m not really sure but I love putting a lot of ranch
on carrots whenever I do so I don’t know if
that’s really healthy but that’s what I would do. Well this one is pretty
general it would be don’t rage because
you’re obviously playing in a bot lane with another player and one game they could be really good the next game he could be a complete idiot so it’s kind of stressful at times. Or if your support KS’s
you just go along with it they need some gold too so just let ’em KS you. We were scrimming and
I think someone farted but no one admitted to it and we had to pause the game and leave
the room for a little bit. And then five minutes
later he did it again so we had to leave the room again. And I don’t know that was
the whole big ordeal I guess. When I’m not playing League I’ll just like walk into Hai’s room and just maybe play some zombies or
some card games or just chill with him for a bit, I don’t know. Well I guess if I chose
to have a string cheese for my arms I guess I could
invent the string cheese move or something like that, I don’t know. (dance music) I would probably wish
for a lot more wishes. After I had a bunch of more
wishes I’d prolly wish, on the LCS stage I wish
I could, use the keys and then Hai could use the
mouse so we could both play. Well my all-time favorite
player would prolly be Lebron and he obviously swapped teams from Cleveland to Miami
and back to Cleveland. Well I’m kinda just
following him just because I don’t know I like him so much. Saint kinda, demanded respect in a
way Hai does as well. I kinda respected their opinion
on leading a team I guess. I’m not sure if I have
a favorite Disney movie but one that I like, The Land Before Time that one, that one’s pretty good and then, Ant Life or
Bug’s Life whatever it was that one’s pretty good too. I was playing Braum one
game and I tried like flashing away from a fight but I also hit the R key at the same time so I flash ulted backwards or something. And everyone’s like “Bunny
what are you doing?” you know so, it’s just a fat-finger I’m sorry it’s my bad. If I were a girl for a day I’d prolly just start showing my boobs to everyone. An overall C9 skin I would prolly choose maybe Wukong and put
like Jensen’s and Rush’s face together on it or
something like that. I’ve always worn boxers growing up and they’re super comfortable but recently Hai has been trying
to convert me over to briefs so maybe we’ll switch it up in the future I’m not really sure. If I were to play in
lower Elos or something I would play anything except
for support and top lane. I don’t know me and
Hai are just like bros. I’ll just like randomly go in his room and we’ll just like chill
for a couple hours and, I don’t know he’s just like the
brother I never had I guess. Err, I did have a brother but (laughs) Hai is a better brother,
don’t put this in here. (laughs)

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  1. "if your support kses you, go along with it, they need some gold too…" meanwhile bunnyfufu playing support with basically ANY champ going full ap or ad or movment speed or crit or hp and ksing whenver he can. i'm not flaming, i just think its funny. XDDD

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