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  1. Silly stupid motherfuckers. They are in college and dumb ass should be studying the reason why climate change is happening. Our solar system and entire galaxy goes through heating and cooling periods. The idiots have been brainwashed to believe its fossil fuel companies. It's a scam to get a carbon tax going in America,that will make these idiots regret they're hard earn dollars going to unnecessary taxes.

  2. *The Most EFFECTIVE Anti-Climate Change Action is to SHUT DOWN Entire GIANT INDUSTRIAL ZONES in the World such as in China etc.! Where the Dangerous Carbon Smoke caused by Discharges of These Industries referred to, on a Giant Scale and Spread in All directions and Especially has Damaged the Working system of the Atmosphere above the Earth and Finally Natural Disasters, It Happened…

  3. Basically in just one move they converted a whole Stadium of people against their ideals. Good job, absolutely brilliant XDXD

  4. 3 types of people I hate:
    [corrupted] Feminists??
    [corrupted] Climate change activists

    (I said corrupted because their original goal was to do the right thing but turned bad)

  5. Hey CBS and Protesters
    Want to get Trump and supporters to take notice.

    Bring on one scientist who has verifiable evidence that fossil fuel CO2 has caused any climate change. You can't!

  6. They really looked like they were "burning" up out there.? Nothing says global warming more then mittens, northface jackets, stocking caps and ski masks.?

  7. No wonder more and more millenials are moving back to their boomer parents home. They protest over idiotic crap rather than work and save money for a house.

  8. It’s a world gone mad!

    Fish protesting water.

    Gingerbread men protesting ginger.

    Carbon creatures protesting carbon.

    Is this science, or is it insanity?

    Do you love your children? Did you know that they are made of 18.5% carbon, just as you are? That carbon in your body came from carbon dioxide in our atmosphere through plant growth. All plants eat carbon dioxide, so more carbon dioxide means more food and lumber for us. On the grand scale of time, the Earth currently has very low carbon dioxide levels. During the age of dinosaurs, atmospheric CO2 levels were three times higher than they are today. This created the rapid plant growth needed to feed large numbers of gigantic plant eating creatures.

    Carbon dioxide has no effect on temperature because there is no greenhouse gas effect and no greenhouse gases. This is proven by the fact that you can predict the average long term surface temperature of any rocky surfaced planet or moon in our solar system by knowing just two facts: their distance from the Sun and their atmospheric pressure. The specific gaseous composition of the atmosphere is irrelevant to the equations because all that matters is total atmospheric pressure. The higher the pressure, the higher the temperature. That is why the top of Mount Everest is always warmer than the bottom of Death Valley. Please carefully read New Climate Discovery at

  9. It is good to see the chickens come home to roost at Yale and Harvard.  Their overwhelmingly liberal professors plant the stupidity seed in their students and it eventually grows into protests like yesterday's.

  10. someone has to let these kids know that according to NASA, NOAA, JMA, and others, temperature anomaly since 1945 is +0.50 degrees C. 1 half of 1 degree Celsius. Since 1995, the anomaly is +0.02 degrees C.

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