Cleaning the Diaphragm on a Hunter Valve – Quick Tip
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Cleaning the Diaphragm on a Hunter Valve – Quick Tip

December 9, 2019

Hello, my name is Bryan, I’m a Tech. Support Rep. Today I’ll be explaining how to take apart, clean, and troubleshoot a valve that continously waters. The only tool you’ll need for this job is a screwdriver. Before cleaning your valve, it is extremely important to understand that you need to turn your main water supply off. Simply turn your ball valve or whatever
main shut off you have to your irrigation system. First thing I’ve done is I’ve come to the
valve box and located the valve that continuously is watering. The first thing
I’ll do is I’ll loosen up all the screws on the top of the bonnet. Once I have all the screws loose, I’ll simply remove the bonnet of the valve. We want to ensure the diaphram is nice and
clean and that there’s no tears or rip marks in the diaphragm; That’ll cause the valve not close properly. Once we ensure that this is clean and in good condition, we’ll set that aside. We can simply take out the support ring. As you can see, there’s a rock inside the valve. This is what was causing our valve to continuously water. What we need to do is get that rock out. An easy way to do it is to simply turn the main
water feed back on for a split second to let this rock pass. We can also use our hands and simply remove the debris that we found inside the valve. We’ve now ensured that there’s no debris. The valve should now operate cleanly. So, what we’ll do is we’ll re-insert the support ring inside the valve. We’ll re-insert the diaphragm; make sure that everything is seated properly inside the valve. We’ll then insert the spring; take your bonnet and re-insert it onto the top of the valve
ensuring that it is seatted correctly. We’ll then simply tighten all of the screws. Once your Hunter valve is cleaned and put
back together, now you’re ready to turn on your main water, close the lid, and you’re set to go.

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  1. Rocks generally enter the valve when a system isn't properly flushed out during the installation process or when there is break in the water supply. 

  2. I think he put that rock in their before the film. Because theirs no way a rock that big would fit in the entrance of that valve. Yet alone get in the pipe.

  3. But my valve keeps leaking WITH the service valve off. I'm worried if I take the screws off while it's still leaking it'll blow sky high.
    Is my only avenue to shut the entire main off? That will require the city to do.

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