Classic Fords, Chevys and more! Some even run!! | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 31
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Classic Fords, Chevys and more! Some even run!! | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 31

December 21, 2019

– I’m looking at this, and I’m saying, oh my goodness, this is what I live for. A scene like this. And I don’t even know what he has. (car engine revving) (twangy country music) Alright, well, I’ll see you probably in 45 minutes, how’s that? Thanks, buh-bye. You must be Denny. – I was too busy looking at your car. I’ll put on the uniform. It’s a tough job, but
somebody’s gotta do it. Back to the grindstone. We’re meeting a really
interesting guy named Denny, who we heard about from several people, you gotta meet Denny, ’cause
he’s got some cool old cars. He was planning to bring
us to another building, ’cause that’s where the old cars were. I said, whoa, wait a
minute, what about this car? So what year is this Riviera? – [Denny] 63. – 63, the first year of the Buick Riviera. 401 nailhead engine, so if
you’re an old drag racing fan, you remember Tommy Ivo used to run nailhead Buick engines in his dragsters. This was like a styling
statement for General Motors. This was over the moon, as far as style for an American car. How long have you had this one? – I dunno, probably 15, 20 years. I’ve had it a long time. – [Host] Does it run? – (laughs) Yeah. – [Host] Can you start it? (car engine roars to life) Man. Alright, so you wanna sell this? – Yeah.
– How much you want for it? – [Host] So you’ll take less, like $3,500? – That seems like a pretty good deal. – 3,500 bucks. The floors look solid. That’s metal right there. There’s an Arizona plate in the front, so this is an Arizona car. Gonna open this (clanking
drowns out voice) Okay, so there’s a new front… – [Denny] Front piece– – Headlight cover, I guess,
whatever you call it. To replace the cracked one in the front. That can’t be easy to find. Extra trim. So the floor looks solid. Well let’s see what else you got. I love walking in the dark back buildings. I asked Denny if he’s a
Ford guy or a Chevy guy. He says, “Well, kinda both.” So that stands to reason… There’s a Falcon over here,
and a ’64 Impala over here. Alright, so don’t tell me. That’s a ’51 Ford. – S S, is that a 283? – So that’s a Falcon, it’s
got black painted bumper. It’s got a for sale sign on it. 260 V8, it’s a 2 barrel, probably, right? – [Denny] Yeah. – [Host] 2 barrel, single exhaust? – [Denny] Yep. – [Host] Okay, good solid car? – [Denny] Yeah, yeah. I painted it. – [Host] So, three speed on a column, you never see many of those anymore. A lot of people went
through life without even learning how to drive those things. It needs a headliner. Bucket seats. So that’s got a 260 V8. A 260 was the second
of Ford’s small blocks. They came out with a 221
for just a little while, then it went to 260, and then 289. So this is a ’63 Falcon? – [Host] What’re ya asking for that? – Five grand. Well that’s a neat-o car, wow. So you got another
building, you said, too? – Cool. (country music) Oh boy, this looks like fun. I’m looking at this, and I’m saying, oh my goodness, this is what I live for. A scene like this. And I don’t even know what he has. I know I’m in love with that Ranchero. You wanna sell this Ranchero? – [Denny] Yeah. – How much is that, five
grand like the other one? – [Host] Runs well? – [Denny] Yeah. (car engine revving loudly) – This is the second
Falcon we’ve seen today, this being a Ranchero,
the other being a 2-door. With a factory 260 V8, 2
barrel, three on the column. I mean, look at this thing. It’s got funky looking black wire wheels, good chrome, straight body, nice paint. That is a blast, man. What is that, ’46, ’47 Ford? – ’46, I can’t tell the difference. – I’m a lifelong Ford guy,
and I dunno the difference between ’46, ’47, and ’48. Old Cutlass, so you got
a ’40 Chevy Coupe here. – Five grand. Another Riviera. So that’s a ’63 as well? – I know the ’46, ’47, ’48 Ford Coupe. There’s a ’56 2-door
hard top, it’s a Chevy. But, you know, as they all did, they rusted out around the headlights. They were very rust prone cars. I dunno if it’s restorable. Yeah, I think it probably is. It’s a 2-door hard top, which
is the most desirable one. And you know, ’56 is the year… ’56 is the Chevy that
a lot of people ignore. They like ’55s, they like ’57s. I like ’56s. So this is a Bel Air 2-door hard top. It’s got a three on the column. Is that restorable, or is it pretty rough? – [Host] So how much you
ask for somethin’ like that? – A couple a grand. And here’s a ’56 4-door. – [Denny] ’56 4-door. – [Host] No motor, solid body? – [Denny] How’re the floors in here? – [Host] This is from Texas, no kiddin’? So a little bit, it’s
got some cavities there. So this is a, like a ’40 Studebaker? – [Denny] ’41 Studebaker. – [Host] ’41 Studebaker,
straight six, flatheads. Does it run? – [Denny] Couple grand,
if somebody needs it. – [Host] How much? – [Denny] Couple grand. – [Host] A couple a grand, does it run? – [Host] Two grand, for a ’41 Studebaker. – [Denny] That’s really cheap, ain’t it? 2,500 I meant. – How about 3,000? – Okay. (laughs) – [Denny] Sold. – [Host] You know, for
somebody that didn’t have a lot of money, and
wanted a project car… Does it come with all the trophies in it? This is the most fun I’ve had all day. Is there another building, or this is it? (country music) – [Host] Oh wow, another
nice, new building. Man, that’s a good body. Boy, look at that body, whoa. So what year is this panel? – [Denny] ’41. – [Host] ’41 Ford. Oh, look at that. Corvette independent rear
suspension with disc brakes. That’s a nice beginning
of a street rod, here. What’ll you ask for this truck? – Not gonna sell it, okay. Oh, wow. I happen to really like Cougars. So it’s a 302 Cougar here? – [Host] That’s a Cobra Jet? Wow. Here’s a Marti report. – [Denny] That guy worked for Ford. – So the options it’s got vinyl top, cruise, automatic, it’s got
a traction lock differential, which is posi-rear. – [Denny] Original tires, I
got two of ’em he had on there. – [Host] Ram-air induction. Power steering, tilt away wheel. Air conditioning, AM/FM stereo. Dad saved the Marti report,
that’s it right there. That proves the car is original
as you’re presenting it. – [Host] Wow, look at that. Air conditioning. – [Denny] Air conditioning, Ram-air. – [Host] And it’s got
30,000 miles, did you say? It runs well? – [Denny] Yeah, oh yeah. – [Host] How much is this? – [Host] When’re you gonna know? We’re trying to sell these for ya. – [Host] Over 50. – That’s a nice car, boy. So you bought this in Oklahoma? – And you needed to get
home, so you bought this? – [Host] So that’s a three on the column? – [Host] It’s got a 327? – [Host] 302, yeah. – [Host] A rump rump motor, okay. – [Host] So when you got
it, it had a six cylinder? – [Host] Yep. – [Host] Did you paint
this, or the same paint? It was like that, black roof. That’s what it looked like before, that’s how good a shape it was. – [Host] Ah, so look it. So it was white all the
way across the back. So this was all white, and he changed it to a factory paint job. (car engine roaring) So how much you asking for that one? 50 thousand? (car engine revving) That’s sweet. You restored this car? Wow. – [Denny] Body off, restored it. – So it’s got three on the tree, plus overdrive in high gear. – [Denny] This got overdrive, too. – I don’t want you to
tell me what this is, I’m gonna figure it out, okay? – [Denny] What? – Don’t tell me what this is. – [Denny] Oh, I won’t then. – Oh, well here it is, ’58 Buick. Okay (laughs). Alright. You know, that’s one of the
most expensive cars to restore, because of all this trim on here. Isn’t that something, wow. You bought that from a
General Motors executive? – [Host] Wow. – [Denny] Look at that. – [Host] Big ol’ nailhead. – [Denny] Chrome everything. – [Host] Man, and look
at all the accessories, it’s got the lights in here. – [Denny] 14 lights. – [Host] 14 lights, are these original? – [Denny] No, he put them on there. Put V nickels up there. All, everywhere in the car. – [Host] What’s a V nickel? – [Denny] Well, look right up there, under that weather stripping. Take a flashlight. – [Host] Oh, right here. Is that so they wouldn’t corrode? – [Denny] He was a coin collector. He had gold coins, and he had a packard, it was in a museum somewhere, and he had gold coins in that. Gold coins. – [Host] So look at this,
there’s a nickel there, there’s a nickel there. Isn’t that something? Jeez. – [Denny] They’re all under the dash, too. – Nickels? This guy had too much time. – Nickels or quarters, I think they’re V nickels, ain’t they? – I dunno. – Anyway, they’re the big size. – Jeez, this guy had too much time. Look at the way this,
the door is cut in here. The windshield comes into the door. Wow. Look at all these accessories. Man. What a dashboard, looks
like a spaceship dashboard. How many miles on this one? Can’t be 24,000, can it be? – You know, could be original. That pedal’s hardly worn. What a contemporary looking gauge set. 24,953, that could be original. Look at all, I mean
everything in here is chrome. All around the windows, all
this trim going across the roof. This guy bought every option
he could buy on this car. You think that’s original upholstery? – No, he had them seat covers made, when it was new, in California. He had them made in California. It looked like the original seat, but underneath them are like brand new. He had them, he was a fussy guy. See John Mason. – [Host] Wow, look at that. – [Denny] Owner. He was a GM, John Mason. – [Host] How long have you had this car? – [Host] Could that be an original tire? – [Denny] That’s what he had
in there, in the wrapper. That’s what he bought for it. – [Host] Okay, so it’s not original. Heck of a car. Well Denny, thank you. This has been an amazing afternoon. When we started off this morning, we couldn’t find anything. We were kissing frogs and
couldn’t find a prince. Well, this is our prince this afternoon. We met Denny, and he
showed us one building, another building, another
building, and another building. It’s one of those days you’d never imagine the way it started, and how it wound up. But today was a great barn finding day. Happy hunting. (country rock music)

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  1. I Hope Someone Bought The 63' Riveria For $3500 & Saved It!! I Would Get A Cheap Maaco Paint Job, Mechanical Restoration & Rock It Just Like That!!

  2. The problem with buying a 'fixer upper' is that you generally end up
    investing a lot more money into the car then it is worth. Restoring
    cars like this has to be a mission of love and not looked at as
    an investment.

  3. I guess you really can't claim a garage-kept, covered '68 cougar 428 Cobra-jet a "barn-find" but since these cars tended to rust out easily if left outdoors in humid climates probably the only survivors left (with the exception of SW cars, desert climates are nice to metal).

  4. There is a 71 Dodge Demon lawn ornament in Uxbridge MA next to The River Bend Farm in Uxbridge and it just sits on the front lawn.

  5. I often wonder if these are real. You would think if this guy really wanted to sell these cars he would let people know where he was. I would be there in a day if i knew where he was to buy some of these cars.

  6. Hello I’m in Michigan does anyone know how I can find this guys, I’m interested in buying a couple cars if possible???

  7. Im 18, been workin on old sheet metal since i was 13. Even have my own fully restored car that i drive daily. Just wish i had the cash for another

  8. There should be a new trend started.
    Called "The Barn of Dreams".
    Where people can view this stuff and look at the Institute of time capsules, where ppl of the baby boomer generation were smart enough,
    to hold on to this and preserve it.
    This is the only real National Treasure this country has!!!!

  9. I had 68 1/2 R code 4 spd Cougar hollman moody prepped staggered shock pace car (legend tells they made 40 of em). I tried to sell it back in the 80's at shows, swapmeets, cruise nights, couldnt get 12K, now ppl would trade me a house if i still had it lol. I bought a 68 Firebird 400 conv from a guy who won it in a raffle for cheap…He winged the garage door open…next to the firebird was an orig Thunderbolt…I lost my damn mind…didnt give a F about the firebird then i wanted that thunderbolt!! but no sale, had to settle for a fully restored (by coca cola) firebird UGH! LOL #Memories

  10. now that 56 with a 302 in it is how a old street car is suppose sound and if i had 50k i would come talk to him for sure

  11. sad that in USA you don't seem to have any muscle cars after 1974 here in Australia we have muscle cars made by Peter Brock and hsv from the 1980 till now most models are made in the hundreds till low thousands

  12. The car loaded with V nickels blows my mind, as a coin collector knowing what some of them are worth and knowing they're all worth something, just crazy to see them used as washers. v nickels were minted from 1883-1913 and are getting harder to come by everyday.

  13. All I can think of when I watch episodes like this is "What does this guy do for a living that he can afford all these cars and put up all those buildings to store them in?" I don't mean to be rude or anything, but really, what is the deal with these guys with 200 cars and five buildings at 3,000 square feet each?

  14. Less than $3900 for a 63 Riviera, Wish I was there if this car was all done up $25,000 +all day long here in Canada I just saw one go for $29,900. This man that's selling these cars is far from being greedy he's pretty fair and he's not like some people are, he is asking a fair price for some of his cars. At least they're for sale not like some of these guys who are 80 yrs old and think that their going to fix up their old cars one day, then the cars are just sitting there rotting away and a home for the mice, lol

  15. The Black "Ranchero" is an Australian XP Falcon Ute. There are still a few of them around down here as they were very popular in the 60's

  16. Hello Tom could you please send me an email address or a cell number to reach you sometime. I have purchased a project that I could use parts for thought you could give me a contact or 2

  17. There was some neat cars,… but its no secret guys with neat cars had the right wife,… and guys that didn't had the wrong one.

  18. Some of these people are so lucky to have bought these cars so cheap. 56 for 50k and bout it for 1200 bucks probably 2k in the whole build back then

  19. I like the guys who have a lot of cars but don't have any illusions about "restoring them one day", i.e. they're actually willing to sell some of them.

  20. I just discovered this channel and really appreciate the subject matter. I'm jealous. Love classic American iron

  21. AH!!!!!! I LOVE RIVI'S!!!!!!!I Have a 83 one of a kind!(at least in my year long search. I have not talked to the Haggerty people YET!)

  22. You know a nickel is still cheaper then the washer itself!!!!! I drill pennies all the time at work and pick them up off the floors usually! But, not on any of my cars YET! I guess I go through my tons of change and dig out all the 70's for my LTD^__^

  23. Tri year chevy. All you need is a firewall with a vin and a roof. All the parts out there. Try restoring a 1960 Plymouth.

  24. Drove one of those Rivieras back when I was a kid and immediately got a speeding ticket for being in it at the wrong time. The cop saw the car coming and then we switched drivers and I was the one he pulled over for what the other driver did.

  25. These cars probably caused him as little as 100 to 2000 dollars back in those days. Tom I need his number I got my eyes on a car there.

  26. The 58 Buick brought back some fond memories. My grandma and grandpa had one exactly like it, including color. Bought it new and had it for 3 years then traded it on a new new black Buick. Thanks.

  27. It hurts too much to see these rare classic cars that people supposedly"loved" rusting away in fields with trees growing through the floor boards and such. Or, sitting in a barn with crap piloed all over them and the interiors all messed up. to me, that is NOT the sign of a well loved, or even LIKED car. Then we don't se a sale orestoration of the rare classi thashould be worth thousands, or even 100 thousand dollars get rescued and restored. There's something wrong with your show's con cept. i'm sorry, but I'm un subscribing..G'bye.

  28. I would have stopped the tour and taken ranchero off of his hands in heartbeat. Like I’ll be back before you show me something else I can’t afford haha what a beautiful car.

  29. I wonder how many viewers noticed the 58 Buick was a 4 door hardtop, with no B-Pillars? That find by itself was worth the wait. And gold coins drilled out for washers??? Who does that?

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