Clash Royale | OWNING FACE IN THE 2v2 CHALLENGE! (silly decks)
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Clash Royale | OWNING FACE IN THE 2v2 CHALLENGE! (silly decks)

August 14, 2019

Hey, what’s going on guys Ssundee here and welcome back to some more clash royale Now dudes as you know. I have not played this game in so freakin long, but I am currently at 3,000 trophies I’m at level 10 and here’s the deal I Currently, I have Madeleine and discord she lives on this game She has yet to buy a single gem in this game And she’s level 10 just like I am and she’s over 3,000 trophies So I asked her if she wanted to do some 2V2 battles with me and carry me through some class royale battles But get ready for some rage. She is probably going to yell at me a lot because I suck at this game, so let’s do this – Lets get in call with her. I currently have 15,000 gems let’s open up some chests Let’s do this So I guess we could start with the crown chest because there’s like five or six new cards that I don’t have that she does. I think there’s more than that I Don’t play this game often she lives on okay here. We go. Okay. We got gems that’s from the crowd Goblin Gang is it this really good? Okay, let’s keep going elite barbarians. Those are good more mortars and the hog rider, okay? So that’s our crown chests, so we have 15,000 gems Which chest do you think I should do the magical chest and super magical chest or giant chest? What do you think? What are you guaranteeing them I never buy chest. Yeah, that’s right She has everybody so I usually buy super magical chest and if you look here I get a sixty two thousand or sixty two hundred gold and 684 cards, but also 22 epics And if I get tWenty-two epics before the last card the last card is guaranteed to be a legendary Did you know that though no okay? Here? We go. Let’s do this dude. Do any of this. I just love playing She’s level 10 and she hasn’t bought a single chest yet. Okay here. We go. Let’s do this 4,600 gems Okay, we got a 6200 gold So we need 22 epochs before the last card, and then we’re guaranteed a legendary here. We go Okay, oh, we got the battle is that a good card. I mean some people use it a lot, but that’s so old you know Okay, we got the battle Ram Bombers, okay, okay? We need 22 rare, okay archer gimme some rares, please No We need 22 rares in these last two or not rares epic really 22 average in these last two cards No last chance 22 epic. Oh You got it. Is that light flashing colors now? We are Gonna get a legendary in this last card Guaranteed unless they change something about these chests What do you think it’s going to be? Hopefully something. I hope it’s the bandit. I want to test out that bandit. Okay here. We go. Please no Sparky Don’t break it Alright, I guess I can’t get too upset. It’s a lumberjack They’re pretty good right a lot of people use them or no, I’m hit or miss hit or miss okay, okay? I? Mean that wasn’t that bad we got a legendary. I’ll take it. I also unlocked the the little log carryin things was that called Yeah ramp okay, so let’s do the next one super magical chest here we go What do you – epic and then we’re going to get into our 2V2 battles like here we go Oh the heal car. Is that good your people use that some people are really good with it. I on the other hand I you’re not good with it. Okay. I’ll try to be good with it. Okay here. We go Dark goblins those are good a lot of people use those if I remember correctly right? Okay, okay, here. We go They don’t I’ve got more battle rams. Okay. We need 22 epics in these last three cards. I’m getting a lot of rare okay, epic 524 oh good Goblin Gang is good. It can be really good if you use them at the right, okay? We need 22 epics right here. Oh and I got a new execution Okay, battle is We’re gonna legendary right here. What do you think it’s going to be take a guess I wanted to be the log So you can level yours up. I already have the log you can level it up, but I want a new card I really I want I Want that I want the dough. What is it called the dasher? Yeah? I wanted to be the bandit ok ready ready That one We already have your fertile Dragon Madeline Now you do a lot of damage. I know it’s good, but I want something new in my life That’s so mean ok here. We go last super magical chest and that will get into our 2V2 battles I have an idea that. I want to test for the 2V2 battles probably won’t work, but let’s do this ok here. We go last Super Magical chest Goblin Gang is we got those we need 23 8 guys if you think we can get this legendary in this last super magical chest app hit the like button I Of the worst sellout ever okay here we go Fire spirits those are good a lot of people use these right ok ok here. We go fire spirits. We need 22 epic Minion nobody really uses those anymore. Do they no. Oh here we go more tar? Nobody really uses those anymore two chances left on these epics here we go eight okay Umbridge spell so that means eight – twenty – we need 22 – 70 13 I don’t know man here. We go blade yep That is why it was flashing that means you’re gonna legend right right right okay? So we’re not getting a legendary Let’s see what epic. We do git clone spell okay close spells not too bad okay, so there are our chests We have 2000 gems left over. I might use these on gold to upgrade carts so um Matalin let’s build our decks. Let’s do some 2V2 battles just Promise me you won’t yell at me Just get on my level Trying. I’m adeline. So you have your deck right? Yes, so so what we’re going to try to do Here’s the idea, and I don’t know if this is going to work We won’t have a deck Madeline is going to be the attacker, and I’m going to be the support player So I have what I have is I have defensive things I have defensive buildings And I have defect or offensive and defensive spells like the rate. Oh, and I also got the heal spell Should I try to use that yeah go for it? I mean, I’m I don’t know I’ve never played a game like this where I’m the only one attacking and it’s lucky I Don’t know what I should or shouldn’t be using in my deck all right madeline. So I think this is the deck I’m gonna try okay. I’m going to invite you this time. Okay a fight me invite me, so I don’t know maybe Gonna solo How do I check I’ve analyst through this? We’re in okay here. We go Barbarian Bowl okay, do you see my deck? How good it is yeah? It’s so good. Okay I have full faith okay, okay here. We go. Good luck. Let’s go to the right side I’m gonna drop off furnace right there furnace right there. Oh You did a barbarian hot knife? I’m going through a clone right there go right there Freeze spell right there. Who are we good okay? Okay? Image? We got some stuff Nice should I do a rage spell or hold off? Oh look at the damage. We’re doing now I Didn’t have any mana. I didn’t have any away back Yeah, this is why the princess is so good look at through behind and she can do a lot. Oh, okay? I’m gonna do a log I did a log just now nice night-night Without warning tower yes, okay. I’m going to I’m going to put a barbarian what on the left side Barbarian on the left side I’m going in Madeline is this deck gonna work am I it might actually work. There’s no way Good okay. Oh They come in from the other side that’s fine. That’s fine. I have I have a tornado. I have a tornado Okay, okay, okay, okay? We got this we got this you zapped a nice snap, okay? I’m going to put on the left side, okay coming forth they’re coming for us Why are they doing for her main cabin sometimes you can do a ton of damage by doing what they just did? Don’t know where I got it okay. Okay? Let me know when you’re going to do something. I have state 5 elixir Okay, well I’m going to throw in my barrel okay, and then I’m going to princess note now. I mean, okay I did that I did rage and clone. I did raise a clone. Oh We got his damages right there Okay, keep with that keepers app for when they do their uh their double-barrel Okay, I’m going to put another Barbarian Hut in the bottom left nice. That’s in cape York way to live give you a princess and get battling okay, okay, another one I? Think we’re going to get this they have nothing else to do they were told here. We go. I’m gonna try again. Oh I did a tornado. I did a tornado night. I don’t know if I did anything, what it did? Okay, here. We go Rachel Rachel. Oh man We got yes, okay? I think we got a minute 30 seconds battle and hold on oh Hold on. Sorry hold on sir. You’re approaching on now hold on cater Britches. I pretty I’m freezing I just hope I’m not be doing some you been hold on. No. I meant like hold on to your britches Sorry, hi got a mint like don’t put anything up down and so how do you plan okay? Okay? We’re gonna get ready for their burial. I had to that Okay, I did a log I did a log Yes, okay, okay? I’m gonna do a tornado Marilyn This is support Jack work. I think it actually the shows promise there Good game, adil. Don’t be a jerk you’re so mean. I always use the thumbs up. I don’t speak I can’t believe the support Deck works That’s kind of fun though, so like you do all the attack nerve-racking. I’m not used to that I bust you up you do all the attacks, and then I somewhat defend Yeah, you did good okay, okay? I want to pick up another strategy hold on so I’m going to keep that deck We will go back to that one let’s let’s do another deck. I have an idea So this is the deck. I want to try this is going to be a horrible idea, but what we’re going to do We have a goblin barrel and then we’re going to mirror the Goblin barrel, and then I’m going to clone it So we’re going to have four goblin barrels going over there, and then what they’ll and we’re going to clone it all You’ll see how we execute this plan, but we’re gonna try. Okay battle Eq up queue up Right now okay? Sharing sharing sharing okay, I got it. I got it. I’m in okay here. We go. I Never used this card, so it’ll be energy like oh it until you get Goblin Barrel Mirror and then clone. I have cloning Goblin barrel, so I’m just okay, so I’m putting gallon barrel – okay I’m gonna place a princess on the right hand side okay, and I’ll do mine on the left, okay I’m gonna headliner and everything. We need okay. I’m missing the mirror. I’m still missing the mirror Okay, there we go. So I’m dude. I just put a minor back there. Oh, and it fries your Fries yeah, we ready to do this – No I Don’t have it yet. Hold on what I’m gonna place a nice beer back there, okay? I have it I have it Whatever what detective right hand side, okay right here. I’m ready yet, go Goblin Barrel mirror and Ignite so I say I’m sorry what’s one of the frey and you went for her laughs? Man when you know I’m stupid. Oh my gosh. What’s the way look at the damage? We’re doing yeah, we did good though, but you definitely need to work on learning your core specific. You know I’m special Ed You know this about me oh Look at the damage we picked. Oh, yeah I have a princess. I have a princess. I have a princess. We’re good. I have a princess. No. They’re getting it I haven’t even my back that’s fine. That’s fine. I am cycled back to the strategy. So just save up a lick sir I’ll go left you go right. We’ll do that again Yeah, I’m not either dang it. They got it. We have time. We have time. We’re good. We’re going to double kill him right here Okay, let me know when ready just trying to cycle through. I’m just missing one. We’re right naked I’m Okay, I have tornado. We should be good here – Where’s my me ride? Okay, you have it. Yeah. I’m gonna use it that’s really quick, and then now I have it. I’m wasting elixir. Are you ready? Yeah, go, okay. Okay? I’m gonna go left side you go right, okay? Here we go here. We go. I Don’t have my clone up yet dang. Okay? I’m tapping Yeah I’m gonna put my spirit down to tank that there we go. Oh My gosh, battle and how is it working? Yeah? Nobody just use those again cuz I have some extra Huge we’re good. We’re good. We’re good. I’m going to put a princess up the left side, okay. I was gonna do that too I’m going to throw down a minor in the back to take out that elixir pump nice nice I’m going to free I Nice, okay. I’m back to me. We need to focus on all these skills, okay, Madeleine. I’m throwing all of my barrels I’m throwing all of my barrels, and then I’m going to kill you okay, so we’re going to lose this over here. That’s fine That’s why we got this Yummy doing this damn it Okay, we’re good. We’re good. We just need to defend. We just need to defend Okay, we’re good. Okay, Madeleine. Okay. Got it got it got it Okay, so we didn’t get the three current clip crowns. I can’t even speak, but you know we won. Oh My gosh that is you I actually like that the massive amounts of Goblin Bears you want to try that again Or do you want to try a different day actually we’re going to try something else. We’re not going to do that deck again We’re going to do all legendaries, and I’ve had some really surprising luck with all legendary decks just for Road Yeah, okay, okay? So queue up, and I will join you okay ready. I’m sharing right now. Okay battler We’re in you ready, okay, okay? Who do all? Legendaries all legendary and their level 9 so we’re already a little bit of a benefit okay, okay, okay? So I’m going to throw a princess on the right side whenever I get to ten Okay, I’m gonna Sparky. Okay right now. I just did it on the right oh You put a spark you’re way up there you crazy. Yeah, no, that’s not you. Oh, but we’re both lumberjacking That’s good nice. Okay, okay princess. You’re Sparky is down Okay Okay Laurel Laurel Barbara, okay, well right. I loved it. I loved it smell. No they have a thingy though I think that spits out things. I just elektra whizzer did it. I’m gonna try to bandit behind you okay, okay? I put an ice wizard, okay nice Any reason there we go. Oh Look at the damage battle yeah, there are some good damage. How are we doing this already? Okay, and there’s the right side if you’re the right side I’m going to mine to the left right I’m going to throw a Lava hound there we go I’m going to throw a lot of hound in the back left and then a princess I’m going to wait till the threat, okay? I’m going to wait till the right side gets closer, and then I’m going to princess the left side so it goes left foot it attacks, right ah There we go, okay. I’m walking I’m walking okay. I’m logging daughters Okay, look at the love around ah can’t demand it. I’m nine ‘red. I minored I might have left okay I’m banding slow ball to the redwoods nice. Okay. We got this Come on okay, ah One more hit two more hits no no nice there we go can we get the three star dome okay? I’m gonna Sparky from the back on the right wait till you get some awesome. Elixir going, okay? Okay, well now we have to defend over here forever right okay? I’m going to do that, Electro Wizard princess There we go Okay, they’re taking the right side, but that’s fine. That’s okay. Okay. I’m gonna put it in front of it, okay I’m mining. Oh nice miner. Okay lock on to the tower. Yes getting it Okay I’m going to put a lumberjack on the right go for it and maybe in it ready to go don’t run into anything nice Yeah, it’s nice it okay. We’re okay Trying to think. What should we do. I’m gonna put a lava hound no, okay, okay? I mean, I elektra Wizard rocks at live electric versus outside, okay, okay? We’re good. We’re good. We’re good. Okay, okay? I’m mining over. Yeah, okay. I’m gonna Can we get a little oh yeah? I’ve been for knowing. I’m in fur knowing what God I’ll roll and try to get them We’re so close. We have 30 seconds. No jim. I can’t we get the three coats So mentally I didn’t get in there and hit it open it. Oh Cool Did you get it? Oh? Tell Gigi Madeline don’t be a jerk Did you are you saying? I didn’t see good game okay? So the legendary deck works. I’ll take told you it’s so fun. I Was fun mel. We did good high high four all right high four No It’s four now. We’re going to end this episode here You guys have enjoyed it want us to play this again of course hit the like button down below Hit the subscribe button turn on notifications. You guys know the drill. We’ll see you next time oh

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