Clash of Clans – Special 7th Clashiversary Dev Talk
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Clash of Clans – Special 7th Clashiversary Dev Talk

August 12, 2019

Hey party people!
I’m so glad you made it. You may have noticed the party
is already in full swing as we celebrate Clash’s 7th birthday. I’m your host for today’s jubilations
and joining me is DJ Judo Sloth! What is going on, Clashers.
Judo Sloth here! We’ve got some funky features,
outlandish offers, and rave rewards as we party it up
for Clash’s 7th Anniversary. Let’s get the party started! And drop banging new features. First to hit the floor,
our host with the most, the master spell caster,
the Warlock of rock, your main man, Shaman… Introducing… the Party Wizard. No, not me. It’s this guy. This hot-stepper
is a special Clashiversary guest, exclusive to the 7th celebrations. He doesn’t just look the biz
as the Party Wiz. This magnificent magic-wielder is more than
an average furious Fireball flinger. Although he’s a proverbial glass cannon,
in that he has lower hit points. Probably from partying too hard. But he also knows how to bust a move. So with faster movement speed
and even harder hits, he’d wipe the dance floor
with his funk-free brother. Make sure you’ve got
the in-game tunes turned up loud because this techno troop
brings the party wherever he goes! The Party Wizard has his own theme tune. You know, having your own soundtrack
follow you around… sounds kinda cool. Yeah, sure, but it could get
a little annoying. The Wizard isn’t the only one
in the party mood. We’ve also got the Party Warden
making a ‘grand’ entrance in his first ever Hero Skin, available through the Gold Pass
of August’s Season Challenges. But it wouldn’t be a birthday party
without presents. The Party Warden Skin
is the very first tier reward you unlock on the Gold Pass. We’ve also got amazing rewards
for the Silver Tier! For the first time,
we’ve got Gems as rewards. So finally we’ve got
a few magical surprises. We’ve got 1-Gem Resource Boost
for an entire week, a bunch of Anniversary offers
you will ‘not’ want to miss, the Party Wizard’s own Troop event, and last but not least… No, not him. Let me try again. We’re bringing
the birthday bash to your base with a special Clashiversary Obstacle. While we delivered cakes in the past, this year it’s a beautiful balloon that’ll give you bonus Elixir
when you remove it. Clash of Clans has already given us
seven years of celebrations, providing many memorable moments
and awesome interactions, bringing communities closer, and giving a voice to amazing people
who create incredible content. So before we drop the mic, here’s a Happy Clashy Birthday from some of my fellow YouTubers
and content creators to say thank you for an epic seven years! WHAT MADE YOU
FALL IN LOVE WITH THE GAME? “What made me personally fall in love
with the game?” My roommate started playing it. It looked fun.
I started playing it, and I got completely and utterly addicted
to the game and have been ever since. I love the aspects of the game, the base building, the customization
of the walls and the buildings. All of it, to me,
is just the perfect game. WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR FAVORITE FEATURE
OVER THE LAST 7 YEARS? My favorite feature over the last 7 years is the Master Builder’s invention where we can upgrade
specific defensive buildings like the Archer Towers
or the Cannons to Double Cannons, which opens up
more strategic defensive plans to come up for a successful win. So, that would be my favorite. NAME 7 THINGS YOU LOVE ABOUT CLASH! Seven things I love about Clash? 3-star attacks, Electro Dragons, Gems, Clan Wars, Giga Tesla, Hero Skins, and, of course,
the community is the best. WHAT’S THE BEST TIP
YOU COULD GIVE TO A CLASHER? The strategy I used was the face roll, where literally you rolled your face
on your device and placed all of your troops. If I was a new Clasher, I would probably
stay away from that. WHAT TURNED YOU
FROM CLASHER TO CONTENT CREATOR? If you’re good at something,
that’s more fun for you, and that was my goal
as a content creator from the beginning. I’m trying to teach my viewers
how to get better at the game, and how they can enjoy the game more, which in the end is
a really big plus for everyone. WHAT’S THE BEST THING
TO HAPPEN TO YOU BECAUSE OF CLASH? The most interesting thing
that’s ever happened to me inside of Clash of Clans
and being a Clash creator was when I was flown out to Poland to cast
the ESL competitive Clan War Leagues. It was an amazing opportunity
to meet Supercell staff, other content creators
and the whole staff of ESL. That has been the highlight
of my whole YouTube career in itself and I can’t wait
to explore those opportunities further. You have changed my life. WHICH TROOP WOULD YOU BE AND WHY? And from me, Judo Sloth,
which troop would I be and why? I would be the Wizard. He’s got the personality, the style, the character, the energy, everything. We might have some competition now,
due to… the Party Wizard. Take it away, Darian.

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